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Version: 2.0

Collars Rebirth

*Updated because I am terrible at updating I apologize ><'*


You rebuild your life after getting kicked out by your hyper conservative mother.


You play as Izunas grandchild. You're forced to move into your own place, as your mother is worried about the path you're going down in your old town. However, your new place is a condemned mess and you barely know anybody in the town you move to.

Befriend and bed the townsfolk, remodel your house and begin your new life.

Lucas/Lucy - You, the player. The actual name of the player is up to you. Izunas grandchild and Noras child, you have inherited Izunas libido and your mother is bound and determined to smother any attempt you make to satisfy it. One day you are caught fondling your friends breasts and are sent away to start a new life by your mother. You are a neko man/woman with strawberry blonde hair and ruby red eyes. Your ultimate goal is to quench your lustful desires while your mother thinks you are enduring past your inherited lust and living as a normal person.

Nora - Your mother, Izunas daughter. Most moms try to keep their children from embracing their sexual desires, but this woman takes it to an insane level. Perhaps as a result of her witnessing her own mothers actions, she makes it her life goal to defend you from becoming a deviant pervert like your grandmother. At any costs.

Lucian - A feral wolf boy that you capture while remodeling your house. He made a den in the area before you came by and tries to defend his territory. Now he has a collar around his neck and is little more than a subservient house dog. Can be turned into a futa during a specific quest line.

Mu Nuan - A panda courtesean and your childhood friend. You have always tried to fool around as teenagers, and one day your mom caught you fondling her. She runs her own brothel west of town, which is a potential job spot for the player. Born as a futa, she serivces a diverse array of men and women for money.

Ash - A transgender dog boy with vitiligo, he runs the grocery shop in town. Has a mutual crush with the librarian, Betty.

Betty - A shy, sheep girl who runs the town library. Short and plump, she pines over Ash when she isn't sticking her nose into a book or some secret kinky story.

Marcus - A country boy bull who runs the carpenters shop. Tanned, muscular and prudish, he believes in waiting on a soul mate and true love. His entire family runs and operates Harper Farms to the south of town.

Lyrida - An alchemist with a disdain for people. This black cat is over 200 years old and survived numerous witch trials in the past. She mocks the player for being a tart but still helps them out without being asked...

Sabine - A dedicated german researcher who spends her time observing and testing wild ferals in her lab east of town. She works with her lab assistant, Misha, who she has feminized over the years they've worked together.

Misha - A russian lab assistant as beautiful as she is a dirty pervert. Has a wild fetish for anthro-people, and takes pride in having sex with the test subjects and Sabine. Was an average male before Sabine hired her on, then slowly became curvier and girly over the years.

Mimic - A strange mimic girl that you can rescue from a dragon in the mountains. She has no memory of where she came from and limited memory of who she is and about her species. You give her a name and take her in as a second house mate.




Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by sgb69

Version reviewed: 2.87 on 12/07/2020

There are things RPG Maker is good for, and things it is not good for; and simulation/life-simulator type games are firmly in the latter.  You spend 90% of the time holding down the shift key so you can move slightly faster through the large maps, do a couple things, run out of stamina, then run all the way back home to sleep.  Oh and it's one of those games where you have to constantly buy food and eat, or you die.  The general gameplay needs massive QoL pass for this to be worth investing time into.

Review by ffmaniak

Version reviewed: 2.14 on 12/01/2020

This is like the 3rd collars game already. Now the new version is the core something. It is a completely different game where one plays the grandchild of the one stated here. I suggest Neko to update the character list and to point out the new features. Nevertheless it is a really nice game with more and more possibilities. I think they wanted to add more story. Also the new versions are less buggy and I understand when you do a complete re-write you do not want to write the same again ;).

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 2.14 on 03/09/2017

this is a different game than on the download site.

The new game on the download site have it where you must eat or die. But there isn't enough food to eat.  A person dies in less than a day without food.  You can find food in the pantry but not enough to fully bring hunger to zero.  Work is needed here.


Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 2.14 on 03/08/2017

OK, this is odd...  The game listed here is called Collars.  The download file is called Collar's Rebirth and seems to have only a passing relationship to the games reviewed below.

This game, "Collar's Rebirth" deals with a couple of themes I really like, notably, exhibitionism and snooping.  However, the game is a bit too tough for me to play.  The character keeps starving to death, for one thing.  His rate of hunger increase really needs to go down.  Also, the Mom character is not out of the house long enough for me to accomplish any of the cool activities, like using that bedroom door key.  Plus, if you attempt to reduce the "lust" score (necessary to continue) there are obstacles that are, for me, too tough to overcome... so to speak.

In short, this might be a better game with some tweaks, but it is NOT "Collars," the 2015 game described on this page.  

Review by Horagen

Version reviewed: 2.14 on 07/21/2015

How do best to discribe this great game.

Well the best way seems to be a Life-simulation you play a Cat-girl name Izuna you are living in a small town and own a house where she lives with her adopted sister Miko. and Although you char is not on the best term with with her she get you to get a job to stop you from slacking too much. lucky for you the papir have 3 to chose from be a ninja, phone sales or help at the local hospital to earn money for food, training books and sex toyes and when the day is more or less over remember to talk to your friends and train you stats to impress them.
This is basic where the game begins when on the morning of your first day a box with a bunch of Collars and with a mysterius letter as well address to your char. What are they for well that is for you and Izuna to find out.

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