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Version: 1.0.0

Trial of the Imps

Trial of the Imps is a Platformer built in Multimedia Fusion 2.
The main character uses a graphic of Kim Possible from a GBA game.
The transformations featured are mostly Animal transformations and Inanimate transformations.
The difficulty is rather low, and should be easy for a gamer to finish without seeing any game over screens, however a non-gamer may need to retry once or twice.
*Game contains some flashing lights!*

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Review by Alastor7

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 01/20/2016

Trial of the Imps is a great transformation game that is full of challenging levels and well-made transformation animations.


You play as Kim Possible and are tasked with completing a variety of platforming stages with themed game over transformations.  There are six stages (and a final level unlocked once those main six are completed) with five levels in each stage. There are a total of 31 transformation animations with transformations ranging from animals to inanimate objects. Each stage has five levels, with a unique defeat transformation animation for each level. For example, there is a farm stage with Kim transforming into a different farm animal depending on which level she loses on. Losing a life restarts that particular level after showing a detailed transformation animation. After running out of lives a game over dialogue screen appears where the Imps taunt Kim, with different dialogue for each transformation scene. You are allotted a certain amount of lives to complete each stage, and your maximum amount of lives are increased with each completed stage.  Each level has Kim searching for a blue arrow that will transport her to the next level. Most levels consist of avoiding traps and attacks, with some levels consisting of timed runs to the exit, along with a few literal races against one of the imps. After a stage is completed you can return to the stage and replay specific levels. This means you don't have to lose intentionally your first run through a stage to see the transformation, as you can return to specific levels once the stage is completed. However, once the game is completed the game resets, effectively erasing progress. This means the level select is re-locked until the stages are completed again. This happens once the final level is completed, so make use of the level select feature before finishing the game.


Trial of the Imps is an enjoyable game with a healthy dose of challenge to keep players interested till the end. It is organized and well-made with difficulty increasing level to level at a relatively smooth pace. It is filled with over 30 transformation animations that are bound to appeal to fellow fans of transformation. For these reasons, I highly recommend Trial of the Imps.

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