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Version: 1.04

Seal of the Succubi
by Kurohi

(Just added a Self-Hosted Link made by al4nw31 so the Play Now button should be up to date.)

You play as Raymond, chosen to be sacrificed to a haunted mansion. Lots of porn.


For those that follow the Patreon link, that leads to my non-TFG games. However I will give the same Patreon rewards for my TFG work so long as I have a method to reach you. (Basically PM me.)


(Downloads are current, even though the page says 1.0)

Gonna start putting together the walk through based on what people have found in the thread:

Main Route:
-Key in Northern Garden (Check Lilies)
-Spot Attic (East of Landing
-Master Key in Master Bedroom (Make bed)
-Get Ladder in Kitchen (Check Pantry)
-Locate Map in Attic (Box 3)
-Basement opens from Foyer
-Talk to Angel in East Room in Basement (agree to get spellbook)
-Keystone in South Room in Basement
-Spellbook in Library after talking to Angel.

1: Librarian, in Library Search closest bookshelf.

2: Enter lair with spellbook, read spell immediately.

3: Enter lair without spellbook, as female, loosen demon's cuffs and touch his dick.

4: Enter lair without the Spellbook, loosen Demon's cuffs and run away.

5: Have spellbook, be male, go looking for second spell book, look in bookshelf, then look in TV for second book. Choose Take his power.

6: Have spellbook, be female, and not pregnant, go looking for second spell book, look in bookshelf, then look in TV for second book. Choose Destroy the Demon. Chose to be a man again.

7:Have spellbook, be female, and not pregnant, go looking for second spell book, look in bookshelf, then look in TV for second book. Choose Destroy the Demon. Chose to be a woman

8: Enter lair while cursed.

9: Nymph, cursed by looking in the roses outside (can also be cursed by walking around the East Garden after you lose your callouses.) Let curse run its course.

10: Cow, cursed by drinking the milk in the kitchen. Let curse run its course.

11: ???

12: Mermaid Ending 2, swim in pool to get cursed. Be in either Lounge or Pool when curse completes.

13: Maid, Attic, Box 2. To progress the curse you need to clean rooms in any order. (Dining Room, Guest Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Landing, Foyer, West hall.)

14:Sex Doll, open box 5, let curse run its course.

15: ???

16: Mouse, search North Room in Basement for curse, let curse run its course.

17: Statue, check the statue in the Library. Let curse run its course.

18: ???


20: ???

21: ???

22: ???

Best Ending: Have spellbook, be male, go looking for second spell book, look in bookshelf, then look in TV for second book. Choose Destroy the Demon.

Version 1.04

More bugfixes, in particular the Aloe should work in the bathroom, certain sex scenes should activate properly, and the pregnancy ending should be reachable. I've also gona ahead and left the Debug mode on.


Version 1.03

Continuing bugfixes


Version 1.02

More Bugfixes


Version 1.01

Bugfixes, lots of bugfixes.


Version 1.0

Final images added

Version 0.92
Adding images
Added mechanics to help reduce encounter rates.

Version 0.91
Adding images
Maybe fixed the either bug.

Version 0.9
Added multiple transformations, racial changes, hair color changes and combat. 22 Endings. Some images in place, many more needed, and some of the worse ones also need to be replaced.

Version 0.791

Version 0.79

Version 0.75
-Modified almost every bit of text in the game
-Added a large number of transformations
-Added a map
-Added several more endings (now up to somewhere in the 20s? I think)

Version 0.5
-Main timer mechanics in place.
-2 endings added, however they are both variants on the Best Ending, more endings to come.

Version 0.26
Fixed a bug where the player could get the key from the bedroom and immediately go to the basement. Now you have to go through the attic.
Changed the hosting of images to pull from folder, which means I can use gifs, which also means there is one new image (on Ending 2 I think)

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Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 1.04 on 10/09/2020

Nice to see a game that is complete and bug free, in my experience, on this site full of works-in-progress (not that there's anything wrong with early access).

The transformations that you get when you lose are the heart of this game, being well fleshed-out and saucily written. The intro is nice, too, but the rest of it is a bit dull. It's a straightforward old-school text adventure, and nothing much interesting or erotic happens unless you lose - even the win ending is an anticlimax. Overall, it was okay, but I'd love it if interesting and/or sexy things happened other than the failures.

Review by Datzom1

Version reviewed: 1.04 on 07/16/2018

this is the perfect tf game thats simple and fun and the pictures provided add more to the game. honestly every game should be like this one. 

Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: 1.04 on 07/08/2018

Very clever game. You can deliberately or accidently trip some of the traps just to see what the end game transformation is. With trial and error, the "code" to the game reveals itself. Patience is a virtue, and most of the items or links described have some meaning, eaither as a clue for future evenets, things that need to be done to advance the story, or traps that create various transformations. It didn't take long to figure out the main story, but it was enjoyable.  Thanks.

Review by slairaartora

Version reviewed: 1.03 on 01/23/2018

A solid TF game experience. Simple point and click adventure without a ton of exposition. The puzzles aren't very difficult, but they do require some exploration and maybe a bit of luck. Not heavy on the content, but also doesn't drag. Would recommend.

Review by xavia91

Version reviewed: 1.03 on 12/20/2017

the way this game leads you is horrible and confusing, I tried some things but in the end I have no idea what is going on and ended randomly turning into a mermaid...

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