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1.12 Beta
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Tears of the Goddess

A fantasy TG adventure game on RPGMaker XP.

War is brewing on the horizon between the Republic of Mijjoria and the Kingdom of Norn. A young Nornish boy and his friend are caught in the middle of the conflict and embark on a journey to save the world.

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Review by fuzzbuddy

Version reviewed: 1.12 Beta on 05/15/2016

Far too much combat, and I wasn't motivated to finish it, but it's alright. I appreciate the amount of effort that went into writing and NPC text.

Review by IntoAon

Version reviewed: 1.12 Beta on 07/11/2015

I've found this game digging in the old, abandoned projects.

After completing what have been published, I must say I like this story, a lot. It may be a little more linear than what i'd like but anyway I found all the playable characters lovable (well, except Remy, but I guess that was deliberate).

About the combat mechanics I've not explored all its possibilities but what I've seen so far it's pretty decent and I like the differences between types of weapon. But I must point that the Fervor system it's ok at the beginning, with the swords, but once axes are used it felt as if Fervor was not accumulating fast enough. It's really slow to raise it when you make so few attacks.

I have not found any great typo or grammar mistake (but then I'm not a native English speaker) so I'd say that should be a plus for many of the players around this site.

I read in the forum that some people were considering to continue the game. It's a pity that since 2012 nobody had done it.
What we have seen of the plot has landed some good threads about some of the secondary characters that could be further developed.

All in all, even if it's an incomplete game, I'm gonna put in my favourite games folder.

Review by ptyre

Version reviewed: 1.12 Beta on 04/23/2015

it is amazing game    ! please keep update.... a story veri good i'm enjoying it

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