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Version: 1.09


Welcome to Transformation Arena!

Transformation Arena is the newest game by Odachi65. TF Arena is a Browser-Based Multiplayer Turn Based RPG, with a Transformative twist. In the game, characters slowly transform as they take damage, with the loser of the battle fully transforming into something else entirely. Fight against the computer or other players as you try to transform your opponent before you are defeated. And with the ability to create any character you like, there is no limit to the Transformations that can be made.

You can play the game here:


Features Include:

-Single Player and Multiplayer Battles

-In Depth Character Creation System, including Character Stats, Special Attacks, and Custom-Written Transformation Descriptions

-Characters created are available for all to play, allowing content to expand organically.

-And Much More!

The game is now in Open Beta. While the game is fully functional, there are still many exciting new features and refinements that can be made. The game is completely free, so sign up and give it a try! I hope you all enjoy.

You can find a discussion thread here:


The game is made in Ruby on Rails and is Open Source. If interested, you can find the github project here: https://github.com/Odachi65/Transformation-Arena

I'm in the process of a Full Scale Revamp of Transformation Arena. I'd greatly apprecaite any Feeback you might have. I've created a quick survey, please fill it out if you're interested!


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Review by Sara98

Version reviewed: 1.09 on 01/03/2017

forced to create an account its not something good. beside no one its online to play

Review by prismgoy

Version reviewed: 1.09 on 06/29/2016

I like this, I truly do. Here's an issue with browser games like these: it gets inflated. People can create their own characters and some of these said people tend to never finish them (*cough* TFGS *cough*). There's so many sloppy descriptions, invalid picture links, and my biggest pet peeve: a very unorganized search function. However, with the surplus of created characters there's more room to look for stuff you rarely find. I just hope the site dev decides to do some housekeeping and remove inactive, unfinished characters to make the list easier to navigate.

Review by odachi65

Version reviewed: 1.09 on 03/04/2015

In Response to: Nova26

Thanks for your feedback. There are very critical reasons for both the browser based nature of the game as well as the accounts. I had to list the game as HTML, since there was no “Browser Game” option, and HTML was the most accurate category. I wouldn't have done a normal "Download" link, but I couldn't figure out how to do the "Play in Browser" button in here.

On the browser end, here are the critical reasons why:

  1. Character Creation: This is the most important reason. One of the biggest (and most interesting) aspects of the game is the Character Creation system. Once a character has been created, the character can be used by literally any other player in the game. This leads to a quickly expanding cast of usable characters, which (considering how many characters have currently been created) people have enjoyed. This way the main content for the game can be organically expanded easily.
  2. Updates: One big advantage of doing this on a web-server is the ease of which I can update the game. I can update the game and ensure everyone is using the newest version incredibly easily. Plus, with the Character Creation system it means I don’t’ have to package all of the new characters or something, which would be a huge hassle.
  3. Programming: I programmed the game in Ruby On Rails, which is for Web Apps. It wasn’t intended to be a standalone game, and while you can download the code and mess around with it (using the open source link above), you won’t have access to any of the characters people have created.

On the Account End, here are the critical reasons why:

  1. LEGAL Reasons: The game features some adult content. Since characters can be created with any pictures they please, I decided to openly allow adult (read: pornographic) pictures into the game. Because of this, it is Required by Law that I have some way of verifying that the User is 18. That’s why I have the “I am above 18” button on the front, and the account system keeps track of that. All forums etc require the same thing.
  2. Programming Reasons: One of the more critical aspects of the game is maintaining game state, obviously. While I could technically save some data in the session, if you were to lose your session you’d lose your game. Thus, I need some way to permanently save your games, and thus you need an account. There are a bunch of other secondary programming concerns as well.
  3. Security/Support Reasons: Currently, the game only allows access to the Rules Page without an account. This is helpful for keeping track of security issues and hacking attempts, and (more importantly) allows me to provide support MUCH more easily. It's significatnly harder for me to handle individual issues with the game without having an account.
  4. Features: The game has many features that are tied to your account. You couldn’t create characters without an account. You couldn’t receive messages, make comments, join multiplayer games or more. There are many features that wouldn’t function, and in the case of how I programmed it, the game as a whole literally wouldn’t function anyway.
  5. Account is Free and Private: The Account is Free. While it technically requires an email, it doesn’t even send any emails to it. The game will never send you an email, unless you request a password change. The game only requires username, and your Email is completely invisible, even to the Admin.

Sorry if the account is a problem for you, but to be frank I don’t really see the issue. Thanks for your feedback though! If you want to discuss it more, feel free to talk about it in the discussion thread. I’d be happy to explain in more detail if you want me to. Thanks!

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 1.09 on 03/03/2015

I must question why I'm *forced* to create an account, if I want to play Single Player... on my computer... browser... Say ? I thought this was an 'HTML' game ?

Also, why no 'real' option to download, and insead just a link that redirect to the page that essentially tells me to create an account to play ?

Review by MartinaKrejci

Version reviewed: 1.075 on 02/06/2015

The transformation arena is not only a game.

It is also environment to realize your fantasies creating your characters and to let others to enjoy your work.

It is an evironment for small roleplay using messages during the game itself.

And, of course, it is a game where you can use a tactic and try your luck in well done game system.


The game changed slightly in the short periond after it was rolled out and most glitches was removed. Using it is much more ergonomic after controls was changed, options of characters was enhanced to allow differ things 'before' and 'after' transformation and messages can be finished and all show in a longer log, not only the last message like at the first case.

I would say, the aurhor made great job on it in a very short period and made th game very playable.

You can use the game in several modes:


  • Game with any character. You can play the game without creating your own character. There are plenty well done characters in the game and it is nice to investigate them.
    • Against AI ... it is good when noone is around or if you know your time at the game is limited or shattered.
    • Against another player ... it adds another dimension to the gaming. And allows slight chat or roleplay.
  • Create your character. It is good to learn about how the game goes and to book enough time for that. You can create one or more characters with 10 stages of transformation. Each stage has its own description what happened, description of the current state of th character and a picture. In fact there are 11 of them including the starting point. It is good to take a longer time, think well what the character will transform to, spread the transformation into stages and finally, decide about illustration method. Still I saw various:
    • hand made pictures
    • reused illustrations
    • reused photos
    • SecondLife based shots
    • IMVU based shots
  • Combination of both .... when you create your character, you want probably test it too;)

Well, I think the game is an uique deal in the transformation community, I like it and I recommend it much.

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