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Version: v2-0.1.3a

Version: v2-0.1.2a

Version: 0.5.6

The Weekend
by tufty

Take the role of Casey, a young guy in his late teens on a short weekend trip to visit his older sister.  Much to his surprise, he is swept up in a mystery which pushes him into new experiences and forces him to make some difficult decisions about who he truly is.


This game is:

  • a character-focused CYOA story.
  • an explicit story.  There are frank depictions of sex and sexual situations
  • a non-binary story.  During some or all of the story the main character may have different gender preferences than you.  If this offends you, this game will probably not be very enjoyable.

This game is not:

  • a freeform sandbox.  This is a guided story that follows a narrative structure.  Player's choices direct that narrative, but there will be points in the story where the player may not have a choice that reflects what they would do in the presented situation.  In addition, your avatar, Casey, is a premade character with their own thoughts and feelings that may not match the players exactly.
  • a slow transformation game.  The protagonist goes through a MtF magical transformation very early in the game, and is biologically female for the majority of the game.
  • a kink or fetish exploration game.  Other than the initial transformation, the story is pretty "vanilla" for this site.

Thanks for playing!  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.


  • Fixed bug preventing two of the dream sequences from showing up.



  • finished Friday
  • Friday night dream sequences
  • a bit of Saturday morning


  • complete rework of Friday
  • new art for player and NPC avatars

For now, I've removed adult themes that are in v1 but not yet in v2.  As I post more updates I'll add those tags back in.

v1 of the game (v1-0.5.6 and earlier) has been discontinued.  I'll leave the old download link up 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by FakeNameyFakeNamey

Version reviewed: v2-0.1.3a on 11/11/2020

Trying not to spoil anything, but I think one thing this game highlights is how underutilized flashbacks are in 'reality warping' narratives. I think those are some of the scenes that most stand out to me as really exemplary for this particular game and have me curious to see how it further develops. I also think that even having a baseline level of art for the changes really helps things. 

One little thing is that in games like this I think it can be kinda automatic for the player to pick 'pink' or 'blue' choices based on what they want the end-goal to be. One thought would be that maybe every now and then there can be multiple 'pink' or multiple 'blue' responses to make the player think a little more about how they're playing the character, particularly as they get further 'into' the chosen arc.

Review by MariusP94

Version reviewed: v2-0.1.3 on 11/10/2020

One of the best-written games on the site, and it's definitely a refreshing change to see a game with an actual plot focused around the PC's TF, instead of said TF being an excuse for "You're now a girl, so go fuck everything in and out of sight". There's so much more to this game than just the sex scenes, and it's what sets this game apart.

Glad to see it's still getting worked on, and I look forward to seeing where it goes in future.

Also, props to the author for leaving the pre-rework v1 up for people to access.

Review by TotallySane

Version reviewed: v2-0.1.2a on 11/05/2020

Really impressed by the new version. Loved the old one, but this is definitely an improvement, imo. Although the story doesn't progress as far. 

Seriously, I cant say enough how much I love this game, the story is just so great. You can slowly step further into femininity and get to the kinky stuff, but it isn't just slutification. I wasn't blessed with english as a first language, so I'm grasping for words, but its very tasteful. There are html games on this site that I love with a similar amount of "likes", that are great, although its sometimes a lot of text that I start skimming a little, not so with this, every paragraph is a joy to read.

I don't care if the updates are slow, your game is amazing. Considering I played this for the first time over 5 years ago, I think I can wait a few more.

Review by Soniya

Version reviewed: v2-0.1.2a on 08/25/2020

Update: More like a suggesstion, by any chance can you let the person playing this game choose the name of all the characters. That would be lovely.. 



Oh, I just loved this story. Perfectly written for my point of interest. Few of the best topics are:


1) Rest of the world treats her like a lady born at birth

2) A elder sister helping her recently turned younger sister with acceptance of new gender. 

3) Efficient girls talk, with Amelia on regular basis.

4) A gentle push towards your orientation. Not compulsion but a polite yet firm way of suggesting on change of your sexuality

5) By far the best threesome I have seen. I love the way it starts and how Sophia joins it.


So eager to see the next updates. Love your work Tufty. Hugs :)

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: v2-0.1.2a on 07/20/2020

The Weekend V2 is here. V1 was excellent as a story and had progressed further, but technical limitations of the code made it impossible to continue. So it was begin again with new tools or call a halt. 

So is V2 just a code rewrite or a change in story? Both. The broad strokes of the original story for Friday remain intact (V2 has not reached Saturday yet) but the structure has changed somewhat. In terms of length, the storyline is a bit longer in terms of sequential passages, but it has lost some breadth. A lot of the hand-drawn images have also gone for now, although in time we should see them added back in.

In V1 you would often be able to express a lot of nuance in your feelings about the situation. You could embrace it as something you welcomed; something you were unsure about but wanted to explore; something you went along with because your sister was so supportive; something you weren't sure about; something you rejected because your sister was being too pushy; or something you rejected because you wanted to remain a boy. Plus you could acknowledge an attraction to men or insist you mentally remained only attracted to women (although your body was not so sure). In V2 there's rarely any opportunity in the current passages to do more than pick between accepting or rejecting the mental and physical change as an entire package. You can't shut down Francis by telling him you're attracted to girls. You can't be as sullen with your sister. I found that a shame because it was rare in V1 that I couldn't react quite the way I woudl have liked to, but there is more of that feeling of being in a binary choice so far in V2.

The mystery surrounding your transformation is less mysterious and treated more perfunctorily (at least in the Friday storyline) so there's more of a drive to explore what you've got because tomorrow it could (should) be gone. The emotional content is being driven more by your female body's hormones than the shy virgin boy still inside the head. Which I found a bit jarring, but others could get a real kick from. For me, it felt that there wasn't enough processing time between the realisation that you're in a girl's body and the focus on your proximity to a handsome man's cock. I thought V1 did that aspect better, with more emphasis on involuntary thoughts of being held, kissed and caressed and your reaction to that first.

Either way, The Weekend is a great story and I'd heartily recommend playing both versions and making up your own mind as to which works better for you.

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