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Version: 0.5.6

The Weekend
by tufty

This game let's you take the role of a young guy going to visit his sister for a short weekend vacation.  Obviously, things don't go exactly how he's expecting.


The theme is a single, instant MtF transformation very early in the game and the repurcussions that follow.  There is very little (if any) fetish content.  Sorry if that's your thing!

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Review by wx448

Version reviewed: 0.5.6 on 10/14/2018

This is a lovely story.

Review by Pappagobbastoppa

Version reviewed: 0.5.6 on 09/26/2018

[Minor Plot Spoilers Ahead]

This update is delightful. I'm starting to get a picture of the depth of narrative that has gone into this story, and it intruiges me. 

So much detail has gone into elaborating on the gender 'experience' to compare and inform what goes on with the other side, to both sides. 

There's titilation and erotica, yes- but even more than that, there's plot that breathes into the world that this is set in, much like an overarching narrative in a hollywood movie. There's a sense that the city's best-guarded secret is not quite a secret to its most attentive citizens. And through that, I think this story shines. While many other stories about transformation or gender change happen with the suggestion that the main character has stumbled upon a previously unknown trick of power and magic- 
Here, it almost seems like the entire town is in on it, in one form or another. Operating with their own wants and goals on what to do with this strange, mythical power. Like any people WOULD, given such a revalation. There are cultists who don't seem like cultists until they themselves reveal their intent, and dirty old men who seem to cross the line into misoginists, disguised as entrepreneurs looking to reap profit with the influx of new women that this power creates. And then, a third power, the still-lingering echoes of the magic's origin trying to cling to its physical influence on the world even as its experation draws near, trying to work with the hand that time has dealt them; the outright rebelliousness or inwards melancholy that the magic's lineage has deteriorated into. 

So much has gone into making the player character's experience with the world feel exploratory and relatable. It begins like a very light and comfortable experience, only to peel back the layers close to the game's current ending point- clueing us in that there is a depth to this story that hasn't been often considered when writing gender change fiction. And this story does depth well. 

I am excited and pleased to see where this leads, but even unfinished as it is, there are several branches to enjoy, and a high quality of content to explore. 

Review by bloxxerman1

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 06/23/2018

I have loved it so far, the whole game is very different from most on the site detailing the transformation from male to female as a force pushing you into the job of "sex is my life now...." While it is relatively fun this game greatly details what is more likely to happen in detail and with great clarity. After playing it multiple times over the time it's been up, enjoying every second of it, I do hope the author doesn't abandon the project and gives a good long and complete story. Its sad to see some projects with good stories like this one just get abandoned.





  • Great story.
  • Shows in detail what life is like for both sides to the same coin, allowing people of any and every gender to relate and easily understand.
  • Extremely fun, allowing you to pick multiple paths to express yourself




  • Not finished

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 06/12/2018

Play this if you want an interactive novel of a (gender swapped) girl on holiday with people you'd like to meet, places you'd like to go, and things you'd like to do. As with many other games, it doesn't have enough  content outside the core story, but the core story is so well written that the game is pleasure to read.

Review by Lone_

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 06/06/2018

Honestly This game game is awesome

Most of the work in this site is increible kinky and dull, and this one goes away from that.

It handles the transformation aspect, in the psicological sense, in a very realistic way. Its not like the most games on the site that literally says you are a gurl now, so you must fuck penis on sight, it handles it so well that you can feel literally how the protagonist feels in both ways, as how he sees the world and how it and how it sees him now that is a girl and also you expereience teh hange of perspective that he experiences with the change.


In the images regard, this game manages to deliver some impresive artwork, and, for what i can see, original pieces of art that sinergizes well with the text, so well in  fact that i never had to overlook a picture or the text once, since none of those feels intrussive between each other.


The writting is actually pretty good, it can feel a little heavy sometimes but its descriptive and very well written, its descriptive, complete, and doesn't depends on the images to be, it almost never feels dull or cloged with non sense, it comunicates well the tougths and feelings of the protagonist and the things happenning around him.


It also has its kinks here and there, but i think of them more like a plus, for the msot part is mostly "vanilla" since it doesnt have true hardcore despictions, but the scenes that i saw were very well written, descriptive and overall interesthing.


Give it a try.

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