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1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets
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Version: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets

Version: 1.0.4 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets

Version: 1.0.2 - Full

Version: 1.0.2 - Update, needs v1.0 media

Version: 1.0.0 - Update, needs v0.98 media

Version: 0.98 - Update, needs v0.93 media

Version: 0.93 - Update version, needs v0.9 images

Version: 0.9 - Update, needs v0.8x images

Version: 0.8 - Update from v0.79 - WebM

Version: 0.75 - Lite - Please see note in synopsis

Escort Dreams

This is an open world bimbo game with a focus on game mechanics and visuals. As of v0.98, it contains 976 individual WebM clips, totalling over 100 minutes of video content. As it is a sandbox game, there will be a lot of repeat actions. Main actions always have a variety of clips to be used to keep it entertaining, and the clips will change to reflect your current transform level and abilities.


Download notes

Download "Version: 1.0.2 - Full" first and extract the files somewhere.  Then download the "v1.0.5 Escort Dreams HTML Only" file, and put it in that same directory where you extracted the other files.


Lite Version(not updated), only non-animated GIFs, low resolution

v0.75 - 25MB


Latest Version: 1.0.5


Desperate to escape the degrading sexual abuse of your family, you take to the streets to whore yourself out and save up for clinical transformation procedures. The focus is more on GIF visuals and game mechanics as opposed to long pages of text. Each action has visuals for each stage of transformation, as well as various selections for each so repeat action will typically not look the same. Money will be required to make all transformations and guess what you'll have to do to get it...

You, the player who is trying to transform into a female whore.

Mother, father, sister - All of whom will take advantage of you sexually and tease you any chance they get

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets on 04/18/2021

v1.0.5 (full assets):

This is a very high content game for its current release. As a sim-game, the nearest comparison to it is Free Cities but you are focused almost entirely on your avatar and the changes they are going through. Programming in the game is mostly solid but for something of this high level of content and current release version, there are a few little quirks here and there that might catch you before you learn the cause/effect behind the game engine.

Interaction in the game is high with many different NPCs you can meet and deal with, along with many different things you can do in the game: some are even time-sensitive. Writing for the game is okay and the images in the game fit the scenes well (but are a BIG cause for the size of the Full Assets download of course). Transformations in the game are all geared towards one goal - full transgender reassignment - and they are frequent and varied in their causes; if you are careless then you will have almost no control over your changes, but if you are cautious and keep your money earned well spent you will have no problems at all.

In the current version I have seen many possible bad endings, but I have not seen a completion of the Lactation or Pregnancy transformations path yet (likely a future update) as either a bad ending or good ending. In all truth a multi-branching "good ending" is likely still in the future development.

Right now this game is highly recommended but you'll only get the real experience out of the game by going to the effort of getting the Full Assets download. I have played both versions and it is the one that makes the most sense based on the current text description quality available.

As of last check this game might be abandoned as it has been many years since there was an update.

Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets on 05/01/2018

okay I played this its sissy game of guy who can't you abduct his sister throw her back of car and drop the car watch it burn I know there are guys who play this say why isn't that options because this just game people, text based game if that optional I am certain your parents as loveless as they are they want to put your ass in prison and mourn the loss very bitch shitty person I don't know how she born into world.


Even for some reason the sissy people in my world they got stronger and fought back but that just crazy.. to see he chooses to become woman -> you know woman you get screwed by different ladder scale you got bitches, you got really sultry foxes and then you got virgins who holy than though which category is transgender is going be in prostitute what hell? I guess only way way to make quick buck get out roof of folks but then there also incest related.


I believe assets are probably only one you need to worry about where it is...and where pick up at...author needs to find good place to drop it off at hopefully where we could probably pick up seems there lot issues...in that.


Other issue is game feels kind of short.

seem too quick if you get pregnant you can never get bun out or raise it have child which I find that would be something see...mighty interesting pyramid. -> I for one if there are any more updates like to see update on that aspect where they able raise the child even possible to make so you can raise her or him to become possibly successful. Or just make them legacy trait if child get bullied by dear auntie...I am sorry your going have come up with multiple of other reasons...there got be way to send your bimbo sister to some dark club and never see her again she too creepy to have around. I rather see it she was given to some cannibal and they were happy eating her but that endign will never happen we live in reality if there were cannibals they use everything and there nothing left for people use..or find evidence she ever existed, just paper trail be left and your family would have run from scary dude who want to collect more people to eat.

Review by hoodcore

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets on 01/03/2018

https://gofile.io/?c=fwZcnv heres a link with the photopack
actually  a very solid game. 

Review by Kahaan

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets on 11/01/2017

The game has a lot of good qualities, but there a drawbacks which is the fact that the only goal seems to be paying off the debt while getting thorougly humiliated and fucked.

There is little on which to spend the money earned other than more bimbo transformations or hypnosis etc, or tests for VD or Pregnancy. But I would like the options of accelerating the downpayments beyond the $600 every Friday.

While entertaining for a short time, I hope there is more to the game than endlessly fuck and suck again and again and again and again.

If this game is ever updated again, I would suggest a conclusion to the pregnancy status (and possible lasting repercussions of it) as I have played as a pregnant character for years with no change or birth.

Might I suggest that the ultimate end of the game become something along the lines of saving up to buy a building and renovating it into a brothel for transient gendered persons looking to score some cash from willing customers? Possibly tansitioning into something similar to the game Free Cities ...

PS: If you never seem to get clean in this game, get tested for VD, because there are some which will prevent you from cleaning out orifices; resulting in the message that you've not bathed in X days.

PPS: If there are players who do not wish to make weekly trips to pay for the treatment, there is a cheaper way of getting breasts or changing gender without ending up as a slave to debt; simply spend a few days in the gloryhole until you get a few VD (the number of days may vary according to the difficulty setting), and without bathing wait or masturbate at home until Bimbo has been raised to a sufficient level; at which point the VDs should start to transform you. Once you have changed as much as you like, head to the clinic and get cured of the VD. The transformations will remain, but if you wish to earn money I recommend returning home without delay and shower several days until Bimbo and Luck have returned to acceptable levels. (A sufficiently Bimbofied person will foregoe any contraceptives and is less likely to accept or remember payment for sex)

Review by Dracornis

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets on 03/19/2017

a great game


but I have a wish:

if this game gets an update in the future:

can we explore the kidnapping part more?

i think this could be a totally valid path to continue, with more options, being forced to many things and so on


please ^_^

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