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The protagonist enters a reality t.v show in the hope of aquiring ..."Fame and fortune".

But it goes quite badly wrong.

This is the final version - Unless any massive bugs come to light.

Its been a long journey to get this finished...


Not been fully spellchecked- contains grammatical errors.

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Review by Skitterskulk

Version reviewed: 1 on 10/18/2018

I sure wish I could save.  It would reduce the frustration of being in a good place then a random event screwing it all up.  I also wish there was a way to reverse the getting large breasts event... not everyone like huge tits.

Beyond that, this is a fun game with a lot of twists and turns in it.  replayability is high.

Review by Hirorubie

Version reviewed: 1 on 09/03/2018

Alright so the game IS beatable, but it doesn't really have super rewarding ending, just a few pictures you will have seen before of the girls and a brief description.

Brief corruption guide:


 Level one - buy the Technological tools and trap the kitchen when no one is in it, go in when she is there and watch her open it
 Level two - buy the Strange powder and pick up the soap in the bathroom, you can trap it from your inventory and put it back on the same turn.  Then go watch her use it                                                                                        Level three - buy the hypnotic orb and put it in the television, again when no one is around and watch her use it.


 Level one - buy the Strange powder and walk around with it, eventually you will run into her in the hallway and have the option to use it on her.
 Level two - buy the Technological tools and visit her room with her in it, take the MP3 player.  I don't know if you can trap it in the same turn or not, but if not just trap and give it back.                                                           Level three - buy the hypnotic orb and pick up her clothes from the garden.  Put the orb in the clothes and give them back to her, i forget if it's in her room or the gym area.


 Level one - buy the Strange powder and join her in the living room.  Watch the movie and spike her popcorn.
 Level two -  buy the Hypnotic orb and then pick up the squirrel from a bush in the garden, give the squirrel the orb and use it while spying on her from the peephole.                                                                                             Level three - buy the Technological tools and trap her laptop in the living room when no one is around.  Then go watch her turn it on later.


Level one - Buy Strange powder & after you have completed level one of sarahs corruption, you can take soup from the kitchen.  Spike it with the powder and give it to her in the kitchen.
 Level two - buy the Technological tools and take the speedometer off the gym equipment. Trap the item and put it back.  Then watch amy use it later                                                                                                                    Level three - buy the hypnotic orb and eventually you will run into her in the hallway, she'll be stupid enough at this point to fall for your point blank attempt.

Congratualations, you've won!


Some general tips: if anything too bad happens the first 4-5 days i would just reset,  spend the first few days using turn 1 to cam, turn 2 spy on sarah in bathroom, turn 3 spy on emma in room, turn 4 watch movie / masturbate with emma depending on corruption.  The further along Emma is the more likely she'll interact with you when acting slutty, but she will also start to make you more slutty.  

getting the girls to at least tier 1 - 2 corruption seems to slow them down and keep them off your back, if you knock them out of the competition they act like super sluts and turn you on through stupidity.  The most dangerous thing to do is to push emma past tier 1 too quickly, as at that stage you can get good votes by spying on her without getting any increase to your sluttiness.  

It appears that the sluttier / less IQ you have the higher the chance for permanent effects to take place, and they start snowballing how quickly you descend through the ranks the next time.  70 IQ is as low as you can go without soon getting a game over, i try to heal at around 80, or after the first IQ lowering event at 80.  

sluttiness gameover happens when you are completely nude and go to sleep / have a bad event happen.  Probably want to heal while you are in a thong.  because you are a few bad events away from GG.  


Other major random events -  sometimes the someone will force you to desire to get a breast enlargement costing 50 votes, you will get it the next time you go to the shop even if you go negative.  This can obviously get you killed

a random NPC will appear and she is basically a joker, if you run into her she casts a super bimbo slut spell that can have very bad effects.  It almost game overed my win when she turned me into an exhibitionist and me nude all the time, only the face and the beginning of day report let me know how close i was to game over.

good luck soldiers, the sluts are defeatable.  though don't feel too bad if you end up joining them.

Review by Kahaan

Version reviewed: 1 on 08/30/2018

I agree with the previous reviewers.


This game is clearly not possible to win, it is a game where you WILL lose, it's only a question of how quickly and how much damage you can do to the other contestants. You can scrape together enough votes for perhaps five or six purchases before the transformation has progressed to the point where the player is immobilized to their room in a masturbating frenzy, and that is if the player is persistent. However, most of the purchases will only be useful for undoing the damages caused to the player by the other contestants (who grow in number every few days and all seem to gang up on the player), but even that is only as useful as wading into the ocean and demand the tide turn around.


And even if the other competitors are focused on one another, the smart house itself seems intent on attacking the player with hypnosis (this could on my part be the result of a misunderstood competitor attack masked as the AI) forcing the player to waste votes on breast enhancements the next time they attempt to access either their inventory or the shop.


There is no noticeable difference between "normal" mode and "nightmare" mode, at least not in gameplay.


The addition of an "undo" button, which is very common in Twine games, would significantly improve the player odds as the random events which frequently occur in the walk between rooms could be avoided simply by undoing the move and trying again.


In short, this game is not for those who think they have a shot at winning.

Review by xenoscope

Version reviewed: 1 on 07/31/2018

We need a debug function, an easy mode, or a save system. I want to view all the available content in this, and I can't do that if I keep getting randomly hypnotized 10 times an in-game day. Other than that, it's a good mix of writing and imagery.

Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: 1 on 07/31/2018

There's a lot of clever interactions in the game, but be very clear about your role in the "game"

This game is clearly not aimed at me. My problem is that I take these kinds of games seriously. If I'm in a "competition," I want to win.

But that is not your role in this game. Your role in the "game" is to be transformed and bimbofied.

Your biggest problem is one of the competition, who I call the "evil genius model" (EGM). Your ability to defeat her in any real sense is near zero. Yes, you can hypnotize her at some point, but she will always have the upper hand, and will always recover.  Early on, she can photo bomb your camera time, denying you in-game money, and you can never pull a similar stunt against her.  EGM effectively denies you any money until your entirely transformed (MtF). Furthermore, your ability to randomely hypno anyone is very limited. Meanwhile, nearly all of the other contestants can hypnotize you, randomely in the hallway and seemingly at will. You can occasionally execute the random hypnosis, but most of the time, it's a fairly comnvoluted discovery process.  

Walkthroughs of the game do indicate that you are able to hypnotize EGM and others at points during the game. And it's possible for you to knock others out of the competition. But, a variety of in-game factors (such as one contestant buster that work against you but not against the EGM) lead me to believe that "winning" the game is just not in the cards for the MC.  

If that doesn't bother you and you thoroughly enjoy the backstabbing elements of the game, or the bimbofication and BE elements, you'll really enjoy this game.

Personally, I was frustrated by my inability to get  even with the "evil genius model" on a regular basis.  For me, the booby traps that seemed obvious could not be executed for days or weeks at time. The interface just wouldn't let me.

So, you're lack of success at certain things is a feature, not a bug. I say this just so you are aware of that going into the game. 

Also don't play the game if you've got Epilepsy. He wasn't lying with that warning. LOL!

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