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Alteratio - A Dungeon Beyond Worlds

What is a Role-playing game?

When you, The Player, play someone else, The Character, in a different world.

How does this work?
You, the player, attempt to immerse yourself into the shoes of someone, the character, who is either predefined or someone of your making. You experience their emotions, have their mental state, and do what 'the character' would do.

What kinds of characters are there?
Characters exist in many forms, but some examples are:

  • Someone similar or exactly like you, the player.
  • An ideal that you find interesting or appealing.
  • Someone based off of another person.
  • Something that you, the player, would like to be.


I state these questions and answers to inform you of the type of game I am attempting to present here:

An Immersive, Role-playing experience that you get to enjoy in a way of your choosing.

What I mean by that is, you play the game with a character you create from the ground up -

  • Backstory, race, class, abilities, skills, perks, and your description.
  • After you finish, you should have at least a sliver of an idea of WHO you'll be playing.
  • Then, you play the game as that person, experience everything they experience, transform when they transform, be shocked and mentally cope with those transformations, and deal with the consequences of your actions.

That's my goal anyway. Now, there are some things you should know before reading beyond this point, because this will be the deciding factor for /many/ to PLAY this game or to IGNORE it:

  1. I made this game for my personal enjoyment, because there isn't a game out there that does what this game will, in my opinion. I'm happy if you enjoy the game, but don't be hating on it if you don't like anything about it. As long as you CRITIQUE it, I welcome it, but irrational and unreasonable haters aren't welcome.
  2. This game's mechanics are for SLOW TRANSFORMATIONS. If you're looking for some quick 'enjoyment' for a game, this definitely isn't that. This is meant to be played for hours, not minutes. Sometimes, things will happen quick, but expect it to be something akin to "Your chest feels... Off." ; "You chest feel...bigger? And definitely more sensitive." ; "You chest has started to have a slight itch of irritation, and the area around the areola is red and puffy." Etc.
  3. Continuing with the above, you're not suppose to BLAZE through this and get whatever your heart desires (A specific appearance/mind change/equipment/whatever). This is a game of consequences and influence - you won't always be in control of everything that happens. The game is DESIGNED to emulate the feeling of helplessness while you are immersed in your character. These questions should arise when a TF occurs: How do I react? How would I REALLY feel about this? Would I be freaking out and finding a way to reverse it?
  4. This game contains:  First-Person, Immersion, Role-Playing, Survival, Transformation, Violence, Magic, Demons, Mind-Manipulation, and Erotic/Sexual Situations. At least half of the transformations are random, causing you to either progress / regress with that TF path, giving you direction and possibly making you uncomfortable playing with a TF you do not desire. That's the point of the game!
  5. None of the Fetishes/Sexual Content/Transformations are finalized at this moment, but the Tags I posted are things I myself want in the game. Nothing is solidified, so don't think I'm guaranteeing anything.


You've been warned.


With that out of the way, some game mechanics to expect:

Rogue-like Transformation Role-Playing Game (RTFRPG):

I already explained the character creation above, but other things that are implemented are Health, Mana(Debating this), magical items, randomized dungeons, and a single life. There will be a save feature to resume your game, but once you reach a 'bad ending' (which is hard to achieve) its game over.

Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue (HTF for short):

You'll have resources to manage. When you walk into Alteratio, you might have some supplies you buy, but what happens when you run out of food, or even water? Are you going to chance trying anything in this world? And what could happen if you sleep, or even collapse from exhaustion near a monster's den or anywhere for that matter?

Progressive Transformations:

When you begin a transformation of any kind, you immediately open up a 'path' for that specific tf. From now on, if you ever get a TF that IS that specific TF, or even a similar TF, it'll progress you further down that path than it did before. Ex. If you have a Male to Female Path open, anytime you either get an +1 to Androgynous/Female/Herm/Shemale TF, you'll progress at a +3 instead.


Welcome, to Alteratio - A Dungeon Beyond Worlds!

You are an adventurer - someone who has broken the bonds of their normal life to search the world for something better. You did this, for whatever reason (you'll have the choice to choose between which background you have!).

Over the course of your career, short or long, the rumors of a place called Castle Rahkuin have reached your ear.


Years ago, a group of adventurers traveled to Castle Rahkuin to put an end to the Mysterious Lord who resided there. Their reason for this were unknown, but in the end they seem to have defeated him. In the process of looting all of the treasures that his domain held, they seem to have encountered a door that sucked them in, and they were never heard from again.


Since then, many have traveled there, curious about this door. Many adventurers have entered the door, willingly, but very few have escaped - those who have come back /changed/, but tell of riches that would put a kingdom and dragon to shame.

You are traveling on your way to Castle Rahkuin to explore this 'dungeon', gather what riches it contains, and escape.



But are you prepared to enter a world you know nothing about?

What lies beyond that door?

Can you escape while being yourself?

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.0.3A on 09/07/2017

no download link

Review by Spook

Version reviewed: 0.0.3A on 04/28/2015

nine stat points and 45 skill points for level 1 is entirely too much and overly complicated . It would be really wise to either stick to the classic six (str, dex, con, wis, int, cha) or somehow make it less stats. (Have CON set in stone, for example.) The most you should have is seven (the seventh being "luck" or something.) but that's always a mess and i highly discourage that.

Review by redplauge

Version reviewed: 0.0.3A on 04/28/2015

as of 0.03a there is almost nothing. a bit on char creation, 4 rooms and literaly nothing else.

website and game concept seem interesting. and the game layout is decent, tho theres not a lot of content to see what or how it is to work.

can not give a real rewiew for a few more updates when some real content should be out

Review by Dracilla

Version reviewed: 0.0.1B on 02/04/2015

Will need to see where this goes or if it goes anywhere, but the last game to have this much forward ambition layed out and actually went somewhere (The Underworld by SkyCorp) hit us with a paywall as soon as it began to gain momentum effectively killing the game on the spot.  I like the concept and the depth allows for alot of possiblitity but will ReaperOf666 be the next SkyCorp or will he be the next Fenexo?

(Or the newest Ashlin and is never heard from again :p)

Review by TheHighborne

Version reviewed: 0.0.1Aa on 02/04/2015

Literally nothing there at the moment except the game engine itself (which of course is very capable, but this means nothing for the game). The author seems to be very ambitious, but the past has shown that big promises in conjunction with early releases often lead to a vanishing of the author instead of a solid game. I wish him all the best, but I remain very sceptical.

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