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Version: 0.8.8

Version: 0.8.1

TTTF (Time Travel Transformation)

A fun game with some sexy images that centers around time travel, with a heaping helping of transformational fun.  If anything doesn't make sense, it's because time travel is hard gosh darn it!  Also, please imagine I came up with a much clever-er title.

Transformations are almost exclusively male-to-female TG, with a sprinkling of mental changes throughout.  That's what I like, so that's what's there!

Current content should be fairly complete for what's there (don't you hate "beta" games that just end?), but there's enough room for more that I won't call this complete.  At last count, there are 10 endings, with some piggy-backing on others.  Enjoy!

Update to 0.8.1 is to fix a few bugs found by early players and to add a room image I missed.

Update to 0.8.8 is to significantly expand the functions of the remote (by popular request) and to add another major plotline using the time travel dynamic (hopefully this will be expanded one day, no guarantees) [Note: actually uploaded the correct version this time!].

You are an average 20-something guy with average looks, average smarts, and an average summer job.  Wait, no!  You actually work for a brilliant inventor, who has a fantastic new machine that will literally travel through time.  He's thinking of calling it a "time machine."  Travel to the past and/or future, then watch as hijinks ensue!

???: Player character, written in second person.  Use your own name, or make one up.  That's part of the adventure!

The Prof: Professor Orville Blue, local inventor and eccentric character who built the time machine you'll be using

Others: Yes, there are even MORE characters!  You'll have to play the game to meet them all!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by RainbowSpirit79

Version reviewed: 0.8.8 on 01/27/2018

Overall I liked this game, A shame that it has not been updated in so long.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.8.8 on 10/11/2015

Not bad. I quite enjoyed the twist to the story and the items relevance wasn't too difficult to figure out for the multiple endings.

I would have liked it to be a longer game, but that's just a bit of nitpicking.

Review by digitalsurrender

Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 02/16/2015

I'm really enjoying this game! It's a great balance between light-hearted humor, exploration, and straight up gender transformations that we all love. PLEASE KEEP EXPANDING THIS GAME. I want more transformation path options. More areas to explore. This game is a refreshing change (no pun intended) from so many mediocre and barely-started games found on this site. Please make it bigger! I want more. :)



Review by FifthJirk

Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 02/09/2015

Great game, I am always glad there is a new game in RAGS. This one certainly earns my like. Looking forwars for more. 


Review by master-ka

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 02/08/2015

hilarious idea and nice concept to start a great story ... i hope you keep working on it and i'm sure, we will have some great fun with your game!

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