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Version: 0.1.3

The great Battle of Endarion
by Yaxy

War engulfes the Planet Endarion and you are one of three men struggeling to survive this.

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Review by Sapphic

Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 04/22/2015

Typos. Typos everywhere.


But really though, I like this game's concept but the typos make it somewhat unreadable. My suggestion is running it though any word program like MS Word, but I'm willing to cut you some slack since I realize how big of a pain it can be to use Twine since it doesn't tell you when you spell something wrong.


Other than that, really looking forward to future updates!

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 04/22/2015

1) There is no content yet, and according to my own experience, there won't be enough interesting content in about two or three years at this rate. It is currently at the select background part, and you can use the bathroom, see to the animal or doing thing that make no sense. There isn't even a description on doing these things.

2) The writing is so so. There is a lot of slack to pick up. Well, the up side is, what is already there make sense.

3) Finished three paths in under 3 minutes, including the downloading.

Review by TheHamster

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/16/2015

Respekt - a typo I found that I laughed so hard at, keep it. please

Review by GateKeeper

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/15/2015

Very short at this point, and things are a little vague at this point.


That said, its a sound story concept, and with a little fleshing out, the writer could really bring the world alive. 


Will be keeping an eye on this, hope to see the game fleshed out a bit, and to watch the game grow.

Review by DutchHeathen

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/15/2015

In it's current state, it is not worth the time for download. It seems like the author is not a native English speaker, so what little text there is, is riddled with typo's and with what I can only assume are botched translations. I found it hard to read, and so I didn't really understand the majority of what the setting is, or what the scenes should be telling me. Also, each of the three current branches are only around 5 pages at the moment.

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