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Version: 0.7.1

Version: 0.7

Version: 0.6.1

Version: 0.6

Version: 0.5

Version: 0.4


Please avoid this game if you are easily offended. There is heavy adult content.


This game is in progress. There are many bugs and it is incomplete, so while you can play you can't win (unless you count some bad endings as winning).


Note: This game was developed in RAGS, and may have incompatibilities with the latest 3.x version.

You are doing your daily run through the forest near your home, when you capture the attention of a mischevous depraved leprechaun.


As a result, you are left (in a somewhat different form to your usual self) to battle against whatever the demented creature puts up against you.


But not everything you find is an enemy...

There's you, the leprechaun, and a host of creatures from his demented imagination!

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Review by obsidian

Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 01/30/2019

Hi Natrix,

I've answered your review in the discussion thread. Feel free to continue the discussion there.

Noknet - Sometimes losing even has benefits. Losing to a goblin is a great way of getting rid of cursed clothing. But as you progress you meet new and different monsters, and can find better gear. Some of the encounters have effects afterward - if you get powerful enough to meet the farmer then whether the maids have made you lactate or not makes a huge differene. The intent was to have a final face-off with the Leprechaun, but I got discouraged before adding that last encounter.


Arothe - I considered porting it to HTML, but it's a massive effort and I just don't have it in me at the moment.

Review by Arothe

Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 08/04/2018

Frankly, RAGS is obsolete and really needs to just die already. I know it's rude to ask/suggest, but if you could port your content over to something more universal (like html or Ren'Py) I'm pretty sure more people would want to DL this.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 07/29/2018

It's an odd game.  There is a trick to resolving Natrix's dilemma.  The first trick is to keep moving, and resting in different places.  The longer you're in one place, the more likely it is something will find you...which sort of makes sense.


The other trick is that sometimes it is okay to submit to some of the creatures.  As far as I can tell, submitting to a Hucow is completely harmless.  She just wants to be milked.  If you milk her, she goes away and you're none the worse for wear.  The Milk Maids are fairly harmless as well.  They want you to lactate.  Once you're already lactating, though, I haven't seen any penalty to submitting to them.  They play with you, they go away, you rest.  They say something that sounds ominous - that you'll be one of them soon...but at least so far, there seems to be no harm done.  Compare that to, say...losing to or submitting to a goblin. 


My critique would be more that after a while, this game gets into a rut.  You seem to be aimlessly wandering around, running into the same creatures in the same places with nothing to show for it.  You change clothes, you get stripped nude, you have unsatisfying sex with an old man, you find some random potions...but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Review by Natrix

Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 07/29/2018

This game has great potential and I really like the style of it.

Unfortunately it's nearly unplayable unless you like neing stuck in a loop of constant loss as it's nearly impossible to rest up your stamina and willpower. When, not if, one of them hit 0, you're pretty much screwed.

Review by Azzam

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 09/23/2015

I really enjoyed the previous version of the game, but this new update has severly diminished that enjoyment. The fights now take at least twice as long, and I don't see any real benefit to the new "defend" option - you're really just giving up a turn. I enjoyed the different transformations and consequences, but this time it just takes too long to actually get to any of the content. I now find that I am fleeing far more often, and not bothering to search, because I want to avoid many of the combats.

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