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Version: 2024-03-16

Version: 2024-03-12

Version: 2024-02-25

Version: 2023-11-22

Version: 2023-11-11

Version: 2023-07-21

Version: 2023-07-10

Girl Life - English Community Version

Girl Life is the largest free porn life sim / role play simulator, with TG starting option, bimbo and Succubus transformations among many optional features you can make your experience as gritty and real or crazy and magical as you want. Using the old QSP platform the game is text based supported with real porn jpgs and mp4s. We promise more events than anyone will ever fully uncover exploring many different kinks and loving romances. Will you be the virgin book worm just trying to get by and earn your degree or will you slut it up and end up a washed up whore? The choice is yours.

Based upon ETO (This IS), made by DeGross, EfimovRA, etogame

Girl Life - English Community Version stated as a project with the goal of creating an English version of the original game ETO, which was either only available in Russian or in a broken English version. Now that most of the text is properly corrected, progress has shifted to cleaning up code, adding new content, making the game prettier and various bugfixes and additions made by TFGS-users.


As it became a larger community effort to modify Girl Life, it went onto Github and now to TFGS Git Lab to be more easily accessible to anyone interested in contributing. This repository can be considered as a base, which can be forked, edited and then merged with again by the game devs, in order to add your own content or fix the existing.


Link to our TFGS sub-forum 

Link to our Discord channel

Link to our Wiki on Google sites



 To play QSP based games you will need a QSPplayer, for Girl Life you will need on that supports MP4 playback such as those below

Version 1.9:


 This is the 1.9 version of QSP video made by sonnix (choose the applicable version in the linked folder).

 If you have trouble playing .mp4 files you may find the 0.4.2 version of infinte's player for Windows works better for you (but the tool tips will be unavailable).

 For Android follow this link to l3ger0j's repo


The panel configuration in QSP can be altered to suit your playstyle. Just press Ctrl+5, and the panels became easy to manuvere.


0.8.6 QSP file and image packs as torrent (from SeaAnything): Torrent


All image packs and the sound pack are here : Mega.nz (link)

For new install you need 0.9.2 main pack

If you have 0.9.0 images then you need the 0.9.0 to 0.9.1 and 0.9.1 to 0.9.2 update packs


For image pack Instructions click here


Mirror of image pack on Yandex: Here


How to start this game up:


1. You need the Quest Soft Player, which you can download above.

2. For release version: Download the complete image pack from the top of this page and the sound pack if desired. You will need the main pack 0.9.2


3. For dev version users:  Download the complete image pack from the top of this page and the sound pack if desired. You will need the mian and update packs for 0.9.2 plus the weekly updates since the last official release.


4. For both players: You will need to download the game itself either from here for release version or gitLab/thread/Discord for the dev version.


Installation guide on our wiki: here


5. Extract all downloaded 7zip-archives. If you do not have a program to unpack zipped files you can use the free progam : 7-zip

6. Make a new folder wherever you want the game to be. Move the "images" and "sound" folders from your extracted directories to that folder as well as the glife.qsp you downloaded from the link on the left side of this page.

7. Inside of the folder you created should contain: A folder called "images" (inside this folder you should see sub-folders with the names "characters", "locations" and so on and a jpg file called "avatar.jpg"), a folder called "sound" (inside this folder you should see a bunch of mp3 files), and the latest Girl Life .qsp file (A .qproj file with the same name as the latest Girl Life .qsp is optional to have). Here's a reference picture: image


8. Start the game using Quest Soft Player and you're good to go. (if you don't want to hear the sound in qsp player go Settings -> Sound Volume -> pick anything but No sound then pick No sound (QSP has a bug in it where it thinks the default is "No sound" but it's really Initial volume so to fix it you have to pick something else then you can pick no sound) If your QSP player is in some other language other (most likely Russian) use Alt + L to switch to English.




Information regarding programming and editing in QSP: Home and Faq




The development version is on our repo here: TFGS GitLab builds posted to this thread regularly (*)

(*) Development versions may be unstable and cause game corruption. You've been warned!


This is a TFGS community project and many people from here have been involved in the development, so credit where credit is due:

mjsmagalhaes | Mortedonna | OvdS | WDog | Ramia73 | Sweet Little Sister | unit501Przemar | Benteparle | centerflag982 | Maruda | moosecall | acien | Drugas | Ekay | Lantera | Veedanya | illume | nutluck | Malen | Vaelon | DrCat | rachels | JulienJaden | Akossi | Violet Kitten | 3xpurt | julzor | sovietmercader | KeyMasterofGozer | Jefke | Sicaa | GwenTFGfan | Vengeance11 | Anyabgkjdgbizgblzdgbr | hornguy6 | Hooded Silence | DerrythLove | BBZ01 and a lot more...


--- Chinese Translation 汉化 ---

Translation team / ETO汉化组成员:ranceking、xiaomiza、rebya、icevapour、imvyzui、fin、doubi、5864572、Pygon、Pudding Chinese Translation release 1:  (2017/6/17)
Simplified Chinese:  Yandex
Traditional Chinese: Yandex

Quest Soft Player (QSP) is NOT Quest

QSP and Quest are two different programms. QSP originates from Russia and Quest from the UK.


Admin warning: Girl Life images packs far exceed 1gb in size. (You will need to use Mega client or Mega app and Chrome in order to download them)

City Start

You live in the city of St Petersburg. There are many wonderful things to see and do, but you must also earn your keep and pay your rent. Will you serve as a waitress and get by or explore the red light district and find exotic ways to make yourself rich? The choice is yours.

School Girl Start

You are a schoolgirl in the most lustful town in Russia. Will you study hard and keep your purity for that special someone or become a sex addicted whore? Or anything in between, the possibilities are endless. No magic.


Both starts can select magic and this will make the PC a magic user who's power is unlocked through sex. There is a whole additional storyline to explore and new chanracters to meet and interact with on the magic path.


You are Mikhail Kuznetsov, either a fairly average, 35 year old businessman or teen friend visiting their pen pal, who finds an artefact that changes everything about him and his life.  Features magic and leads in to either the City or School girl setting.

-- Game Description --

Girl Life is an open-world game in our current time, for you to explore as you are thrown into a new life. You can either start out in the middle of a larger city, where you'll find yourself finding a job to pay your rent and bills. Or you visit high-school again and make new friends there. Go to the nightclub at weekends, train at the gym, go on a shopping tour or whore yourself out, it's up to you.

There are barely any decisions in this game that are final and most events tend to be obvious towards their outcomes.

Far too many to list, see the Wiki link under walkthrough for an incomplete overview.

Please check the constantly-updating Faq in our Wiki hosted on gitLab or our Wiki on Google that everyone is free to update at will.

For any other problems visit our Forum here on TFGamesite.

-- Change log -- 

Link to a complete change log list here.

Review by DylanCorp

Version reviewed: 2024-02-25 on 02/26/2024

It blows my mind how this game went from a RPG CHYOA to an EA 'lesbians are the bestest thing ever!!!' pigeon-holed type of game. It's absolutely no wonder why the best developers and mod creators abandoned this project. I just can't with this 'game' anymore. Y'all have fun.

Review by user210

Version reviewed: 2023-11-22 on 12/01/2023

I have played it for more than 10 hours and I never jerked off to it. This game is not porn like other games where you are in for some quick session, this is a true Life Simulation game for a girl. And it is quite marvellous. You have to care about your periods and cycle. You have to take care of condoms, pills. pregnancy test, and other things. Yes you can skip them altogether like me and many other players by becoming succubus but they are here.

You can get married, have child, have incest, have multiple freaking incest babies, become a Dominatrix, sub, or even a Switcher. You can model, train for modelling, sing in streets, upload your performance to YouTube kind of, perform live stream, and many more things I have not found. There are 3 Main areas in the game, 1 City, 1 Town, and one villiage with another smaller one. Each of them have their own characters and stories. You can even spend hours by not triggering a simple event because you never tried for it so  you will have to go to wiki to find ways to trigger some interesting events.

There is no fixed starting point but there are three general storyline. First is a normal girl, then we have a girl who found mystical beings, then we have a boy or man turned into girl due to mystical beings. Third one introduces magic fastest and is quite logical. For each of these points you have 3 time stamps or three variations on top of it, first start at school, then after school, and then at university. So in total 9 different beginnings. 

But if this is your first gameplay go to School starting, it is tiring but quite interesting. It was fun to see the world how a teenage girl may look. There are gossips, popularity contests, people trying to prey on the MC, MC trying to corrupt innocent people (For example I got a girlish boyfriend from school and he has small dick, maybe 3-4 inches, and crossdressed him and peg him every day. Another example is that as a Succubus I corrupted an innocent girl, I also corrupted stepfather and little brother so that I can have sex with them and replenish Succubus hunger when I want as Succubus can not even get pregnant so what's the harm). There are many things to do in School, you can be Nerd Queen to Beauty Queen, to Bimbo Queen of the school or just become invisible presence.

This is a solid 10/10 game. It is not erotic by any means but it allowed me to see the world from the viewpoint of women. Honestly after playing this people on this site who are only crazies for Sissy and M2F will learn how tiring the life of women are. They have to shower, shave, massage, use moisturizer, brush, and put cosmetics, all of them take time and if you don't do it you will lose attractive points. Of course after becoming Succubus it is easier, due to innate succubus charm lowest I have gone to is 9/10 attractive scale and a single shower can easily push the leve to beyond 10 or attractive state beyond max limit of 200. Overall due to so many things I had to do in this game like using tampon and looking for outfits and managing budgets I have come to appreciate the efforts of women. I liked Sissyfication as a form of corrupting Men into Women but it is not easy as a women, yes women are beautiful but there is a price attached to the beauty we Men don't really see and honestly this price is tiring, very tiring if I am this tired from only a game.

If you are searching for a more erotic game but with more Open World type go to Clean Slate where some things are done better. Clean Slate is not life sim like this. There is only 1 City, things are not on the scale of Girl Life but there are more erotic elements and real super powers to fly and even become a Vampire with real power. For example Succubus in Girl Life is not that powerful Some scenes. But if you become a Servant of a Vampire Clean Slate transforms, if you go into day and roam around your mood will worsen due to sun and even get skin rashes due to long exposure. In indoors and during night you are very powerful, you are able to hypnotize people, get their money, feed on them, and toss them away. You can even make the women bullying you into your slave and many more things. Overall Clean Slate and Girl Life are both big Open World Games, Girl Life is becoming a full fledged life simulator and Clean Slate is becoming Open World Erotic Adventure game with a lot of elements like having portal to parallel universes, mystical beings like gods and demons, there is full fledged satan in the game and many more things to enjoy.

Personally I like Clean Slate better but Girl Life is above and beyond it in the scale and Life Sim elements. There is no better Girl Life Simulator game than this one in the entire history of humanity, it is actually quite scary and commendable to see so many perverse minds gatherering and creating one of the monumental game in human history which only a few will have chance to play. If anything play this game for 3-4 hours and see the world like a women does, you will not become a feminist but you will come to appreciate them more. 

Review by max02

Version reviewed: 2023-11-11 on 11/11/2023

the game crashes every time I choose to start

Review by malihabaleesha

Version reviewed: 2023-03-25 on 04/09/2023

I've played this game for years on and off, and it's probably one of the best life sims I've come across. If you don't like life sim games, however, then it's not for you (kind of like it clearly isn't for some of the other reviewers). 

You can do almost anything in Girl Life - build whatever life you want. You can be an A+ student dedicated to volleyball and to to university on a scholarship. You can turn tricks and live on the streets, or you can become a model. Pornstar, stripper, masseuse, retail employee, singer, dancer, dedicated D&D player... there's really no limit to what you can do here. And there is an immense amount of content to sift through (a decent amount of it specific to certain jobs and paths, so experiment). I really don't know what some of the other reviewers were playing, to be honest. From platonic relationships to romantic interests and a ton of locations across multiple cities/locations, and you'll have to play quite a bit before you run out of things to see. 

With all of that said, as I mentioned above, this is a life sim. You simulate life. You buy clothes (if you want - you start with some, too), eat, shower, and sleep. If you're spending all of your time grinding, you're missing out on a lot of content. It's not difficult at all to eat breakfast, do your own thing all day long, get back home around midnight, eat, and sleep. This takes like a real-world minute to get through. Play the game as a sandbox RPG and skip consistent work or school schedules, or use the cheat menu to turn off things like hunger and sleep. You choose between multiple starts, too, including one that removes you from school entirely if you so choose. 

As far as development goes, I've been following this game for many years. There are new releases frequently (every few months or so) as well as a modding community with even more content. It can be difficult to find all of the information about all characters and outcomes simply because the game is massive, and once you're through the native-written English language content, you'll find even more in machine translated Russian. Don't worry, though - this isn't a game where there's one scene of native-written English content (I'm not sure how to write this, so please excuse me - I'm not trying to be offensive) and 90% of the rest of the game is machine translated. You're looking at hundreds of scenes and dozens of characters with content that reads fluidly. 

If you have time to sink into a game and enjoy role play, you might love this game. If you're looking for something to get you off in five minutes or less, you'll likely be disappointed. The game rewards exploration. It's not a text-based game like Newlife... it's something else entirely. 

Review by Saprophyte

Version reviewed: 2022-11-20 on 02/24/2023

A nothingburger. Spend hours of gameplay to grind your way to a couple lines of uninspired content. Utter waste of time and disk space.

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