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Version: 2021-09-14

Version: 2021-05-21

Version: 2021-05-18

Version: 2021-05-10

Version: 2020-12-27

Version: 2020-12-22

Version: 2020-12-21

Version: 2020-08-27

Version: 2020-08-13

Version: 2020-08-10

Version: 2020-07-20

Version: 2020-04-10

Version: 2020-04-02

Girl Life - English Community Version

Based upon ETO (This IS), made by DeGross, EfimovRA, etogame

Girl Life - English Community Version stated as a project with the goal of creating an English version of the original game ETO, which was either only available in Russian or in a broken English version. Now that most of the text is properly corrected, progress has shifted to cleaning up code, adding new content, making the game prettier and various bugfixes and additions made by TFGS-users.


As it became a larger community effort to modify Girl Life, it went onto Github and now to TFGS Git Lab to be more easily accessible to anyone interested in contributing. This repository can be considered as a base, which can be forked, edited and then merged with again by the game devs, in order to add your own content or fix the existing.


Link to our TFGS sub-forum 

Link to our Discord channel

Link to our Wiki on Google sites



 To play QSP based games you will need a QSPplayer, for Girl Life you will need on that supports MP4 playback such as those below

Version 1.9:


 This is the 1.9 version of QSP video made by sonnix (choose the applicable version in the linked folder).

 If you have trouble playing .mp4 files you may find the 0.4.2 version of infinte's player for Windows works better for you (but the tool tips will be unavailable).

 For Android follow this link to Mr BoboFace's repo


The panel configuration in QSP can be altered to suit your playstyle. Just press Ctrl+5, and the panels became easy to manuvere.


All image packs and the sound pack are here : Mega.nz (link)

For new install you need 0.8.4 main pack

If you have 0.8.3 images then you need the merged dev pack and any feature lock packs


For image pack Instructions click here


Alternative download on Google Drive provided by Julzor. Here

Mirror of image pack on Yandex: Here


How to start this game up:


1. You need the Quest Soft Player, which you can download above.

2. For release version: Download the complete image pack from the top of this page and the sound pack if desired. You will need the main pack 0.8.4


3. For dev version users:  Download the complete image pack from the top of this page and the sound pack if desired. You will need the mian and update packs for 0.8.4 plus the weekly updates since the last official release.


4. For both players: You will need to download the game itself either from here for release version or gitLab/thread/Discord for the dev version.


Installation guide on our wiki: here


5. Extract all downloaded 7zip-archives. If you do not have a program to unpack zipped files you can use the free progam : 7-zip

6. Make a new folder wherever you want the game to be. Move the "images" and "sound" folders from your extracted directories to that folder as well as the glife.qsp you downloaded from the link on the left side of this page.

7. Inside of the folder you created should contain: A folder called "images" (inside this folder you should see sub-folders with the names "characters", "locations" and so on and a jpg file called "avatar.jpg"), a folder called "sound" (inside this folder you should see a bunch of mp3 files), and the latest Girl Life .qsp file (A .qproj file with the same name as the latest Girl Life .qsp is optional to have). Here's a reference picture: image


8. Start the game using Quest Soft Player and you're good to go. (if you don't want to hear the sound in qsp player go Settings -> Sound Volume -> pick anything but No sound then pick No sound (QSP has a bug in it where it thinks the default is "No sound" but it's really Initial volume so to fix it you have to pick something else then you can pick no sound) If your QSP player is in some other language other (most likely Russian) use Alt + L to switch to English.




Information regarding programming and editing in QSP: Home and Faq




The development version is on our repo here: TFGS GitLab builds posted to this thread regularly (*)

(*) Development versions may be unstable and cause game corruption. You've been warned!


This is a TFGS community project and many people from here have been involved in the development, so credit where credit is due:

mjsmagalhaes | Mortedonna | OvdS | WDog | Ramia73 | Sweet Little Sister | unit501Przemar | Benteparle | centerflag982 | Maruda | moosecall | acien | Drugas | Ekay | Lantera | Veedanya | illume | nutluck | Malen | Vaelon | Blatte | rachels | JulienJaden | Akossi | Violet Kitten | 3xpurt | julzor | sovietmercader | KeyMasterofGozer | Jefke | Sicaa | GwenTFGfan | Vengeance11 | Anya and a lot more...


--- Chinese Translation 汉化 ---

Translation team / ETO汉化组成员:ranceking、xiaomiza、rebya、icevapour、imvyzui、fin、doubi、5864572、Pygon、Pudding Chinese Translation release 1:  (2017/6/17)
Simplified Chinese:  Yandex
Traditional Chinese: Yandex

Quest Soft Player (QSP) is NOT Quest

QSP and Quest are two different programms. QSP originates from Russia and Quest from the UK.


Admin warning: Girl Life images packs far exceed 1gb in size. (You will need to use Mega client or Mega app and Chrome in order to download them)

Transgendered Start

You are Mikhail Kuznetsov, a fairly average, 35 year old businessman who finds an artefact that changes everything about him and his life. Features magic.

School Girl Start

You are a schoolgirl in the most lustful town in Russia. Will you study hard and keep your purity for that special someone or become a sex addicted whore? Or anything in between, the possibilities are endless. No magic.

Cursed School Girl

Marvel as we recklessly squish both of the above into one start. You are a schoolgirl who finds the amulet and not much changes, except the magic, actually that''s quite a big change.

Cursed School Boy

You are Peter Ivanov, a fairly average teenage boy who, while trying to escape a bad situation, ends up in the body of a schoolgirl. Now you have to deal with a new body, new desires, and your new life in the most lustful town in Russia. Features magic.

New Town Start

You're controlled by your overbearing mother and can''t take it any more. It is time to find a new life in the city away from her influence. For the first time you can make your own decisions and mistakes. No magic.


-- Game Description --

Girl Life is an open-world game in our current time, for you to explore as you are thrown into a new life. You can either start out in the middle of a larger city, where you'll find yourself finding a job to pay your rent and bills. Or you visit high-school again and make new friends there. Go to the nightclub at weekends, train at the gym, go on a shopping tour or whore yourself out, it's up to you.

There are barely any decisions in this game that are final and most events tend to be obvious towards their outcomes.

Far too many to list, see the Wiki link under walkthrough for an incomplete overview.

Please check the constantly-updating Faq in our Wiki hosted on gitLab or our Wikia page that everyone is free to update at will.

For any other problems visit our Forum here on TFGamesite.

-- Change log -- 

Link to a complete change log list here.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Wendy

Version reviewed: 2020-04-10 on 04/25/2020

I figured I should actually write a review for this game. I've played it many times and in general have the same likes and dislikes each time I play it. 


If I had to rate it overall I'd give it an 8/10. It really is a good game with a lot of work put into it. I'll try to break my review down into sections.


Note: My review covers the schoolgirl start exclusively. I've dabbled with the other starts but didn't find them to be as fun as the schoolgirl start.




Pro: Lots of content and story paths. I've played this game probably half a dozen times or more and I still find new content all the time. 

Con: A lot of it is shallow. For example, you might upset Christina and become her little slave but it leads to a series of repeatable events rather than a continuing storyline. Some of the content is hard to access. For example, there is a man you can meet in the fair in the City Park who says he'll call you but in all my playthroughs he's only called me one time. 


They devs are constantly updating and adding new content or deepening existing content so it's hard to truly knock them for it. This is a labor of love and it shows. 




It uses real porn not art or 3d renders. This does mean that often your character looks different during sex scenes but it'd be unreasonable to expect them to have tons of scenes with the same girl. I think it's only fair to say it works as intended. In general the scenes are hot and well used for the moment they're in.




No complaints here. 



This is hard to accurately review. Lots of different writers have worked on this game. Some content is, I believe, simply translated from the original Russian. Some is all new content. In general the writing is very good. When it is not it tends to stick out and I suspect most of these cases are Russian translations as opposed to original work by any of the devs.



I personally don't much care for GSP player. I find it awkward and clunky. I also don't like the dynamic theme the game defaults to because at night it can be hard for me to read the text but that can't be changed so I'm fine with that. I've also noticed that on occasion the way fonts are colored or highlighted can make them hard to read. However, having played other games with this player I must say Girl Life is by far the most useable one I've played. I also adore the cheat menu after having done many replays. I like to skip to the "good" stuff instead of grinding so can go in and tweak things to my liking. 

Review by vitegram

Version reviewed: 2020-04-10 on 04/11/2020

The game is big, with a bunch of characters and features, but it has two troubles that turn a decent game into mediocrity.

The first is the protagonist's cardboard, with a transfomation start (other options looked superficially). There are no psychological breaks. It turns out like this.
On the first day - "I'm a man, only pants."
On the third day - "Oh, what a beautiful dress, it is convenient to fuck in the ass in it."

The second is magic and fights in general. They are generally not needed in this game. Absolutely alien to the general concept. Something like bicycle pedals for some reason screwed to a horse.

Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: 2019-09-08 on 12/12/2019

It was not bad game with all mods working with one another only mod I could not work well for me was Prostitution mod, the chances of getting caught were too high there no way of finding new area where "role" sveta character can't just get bad chance or good chance it was something to think on, 

Or Fact of matter good thick make up percentage, to very poor thick make up its something for developer group to think on.


I had to find that older module of player meaning anyone trying to play it had use 4.2 it only thing that got video working and you may need to figure how to get video working in latest player so video, sound and picture works.  Some pictures did  not load.


Anyway I have admit I liked this game it made me really feel part of game with sound effects I kind wish Dance Friday night and Saturday night had different songs, they continue strange loop, there no slow songs, or cha cha song or anything and there events like people are so drunk they probably puking on dance floor. Nothing those events occur. Other event that doesn't occur is toilets are never addressed. 

Toilets you do not have strange encounters either women or men which I find if Sveta was attacked on both it make her more wary to enter restroom and have team devs think about "bear" mace or "home made Mace" or chance to buy expensive regular mace. Or cheaper variety would be string confetti.

Something people think about the only tools most russian women have is karate, fist and kick why not allow some karate and nunchunks. :D

Cheap wine, or other liquor is offered at kisoks would be nice. 

I feel there should more details in some those options besides age. 

Nutrition I noted that be worst thing to think of what is Regular food? Is it mystery monday? 

It looked most of time she ate buritoes, and it looked like junk food. Food wise is there healthy options for Sveta to eat?

Likes: fills void when you can't date can't be with anyone and is good masturbation material. 

Graphics if videos were bit more entertaining more sperm gush out baby. There no booby clutchy moments I was thinking when she was making her nipples massage she didn't get spied on by stepfather which annoyed me.

Sound: makes game amazing, I can imagine if there was short spell of sound raining but not too much. If we click on weather we see movie it would be cooler. Click link of her eating hearty food it associated with making eggs, sausages. something sizzles.


I dislike there are no car sounds. just highway noise whenever you get close, Train noises?? No farm sounds. Horse sounds or pigs. 

Wolves would make her fear more believable. If Sveta had car she couldn't take her family on any outings anyone find this weird?  Other crazy how come boyfriend gets go to places and Sveta doesn't decide where and what they going to do?

Orgasm climax is black or white screen anyone find that weird. Or it ends too quickly??

Side quest mod request:

Horny girl expositionist?  Sveta jogging in nude.

Possible only can happen in city in her main home town her mom would know, if happens in old town and suburban area would she get found out. 

Review by DarthSparda

Version reviewed: 2018-11-05 on 11/09/2018

An amazing piece of gaming!  So much content literally have to start multiple games to get everything.  But with that being said it lacks a guide even with the blank wiki pages that this game has you will have trouble finding anything.  Not saying that it's a bad thing but I feel really bad by skimming on through the story when something that someone worked hard to add to the game is there and you have no idea it was there in the first place.  I would like to support this game but not finding a patreon account for it.  Please keep up the great work with this project!!!

11/9/2018 An update from my old review.  Great work to the whole team that worked on this latest version I'm just overwhelmed about the amount of detail that went into this.  Found some bugs with this new version but they were already reported in the forums for this game.  I'm very impressed at the rate that the team works on bug reports keep it up.  Keep doing what you guys are doing because when I think this game can't get any better you guys just keep coming up with new versions that blow my mind away.  Thank you for this amazing game!!

Review by Heskillia

Version reviewed: 2018-10-29 on 10/30/2018

It was quite a lot of file to download full files for image.

But dare I say it was worth it!

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