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Version: 2019-09-08

Version: 2019-08-27

Version: 2019-04-16

Version: 2018-11-05

Version: 2018-10-29

Version: 2018-05-28

Version: 2018-05-19

Version: 2018-02-02

Version: 2017-09-13

Girl Life - English Community Version

Based upon ETO (This IS), made by DeGross, EfimovRA, etogame


If you have any questions or issues, please post them here: Girl Life - Community Version - TFGS Forum


Our Discord channel: Here


For image pack Instructions click the highlighted link

If you do not have a program to unpack zipped files you can use the free progam : 7-zip


Important, as of the 0.7.0 release (2017-09-13) a new QSP player is required. Links below:

For Windows use this: QSP player. This is the 1.8 version of QSP video made by sonnix (inc. Mac version).

If you have trouble playing .mp4 files you may find the 0.4.2 version of infinte's player works better for you (but the tool tips will be unavailable).

For Android follow this link to Mr BoboFace's repo

(The new versions of QSP can be used with the current release version, older builds of Girl Life and other QSP games)


All image packs and the sound pack are here : Mega.nz (link)

Mirror of complete image pack on Yandex (0.7.0) (must be merged into a folder named images): pt1 pt2


There is also a Torrent but I don't know how to do a magnet link so just copy/paste the text in blue to your torrrent download manger

0.7.0 qsp file, image and sound packs and QSP-video.0.4.2 player:



The panel configuration can be altered by the player, to suit their playstyle. Just press Ctrl+5, and the panels became easily moveable (Ctrl and other numbers are displaying/removing the other panels).


Girl life Wiki on Wikia

Wiki on gitLab: Home and Faq


-- Change log -- 

Link to a complete change log list here.

2019-04-16 (0.7.5):

  • Willpower seeding
  • New fight system
  • More maid events
  • Hunter fixes and new events
  • Plus, lots of little things and fixes


2019-04-16 (

  • Bug fix release, no new features


2019-04-12 (0.7.4):

  • Willpower added
  • School chat revamped
  • School break system revamp
  • Much more, see the changelog



  • ---


Next version: 0.7.6. Few things we are working on:

  • Family revamp

Development version: TFGS GitLab builds posted to this thread regularly (*)

(*) Development versions may be unstable and cause game corruption. You've been warned!



-- Game Description --

Girl Life - English Community Version stated as a project with the goal of creating an English version of the original game ETO, which was either only available in Russian or in a broken English version. Now that most of the text is properly corrected, progress has shifted to cleaning up code, adding new content, making the game prettier and various bugfixes and additions made by TFGS-users.

Girl Life is an open-world game in our current time, for you to explore as you are thrown into a new life. You can either start out in the middle of a larger city, where you'll find yourself finding a job to pay your rent and bills. Or you visit high-school again and make new friends there. Go to the nightclub at weekends, train at the gym, go on a shopping tour or whore yourself out, it's up to you.

As it became a larger community effort to modify Girl Life, it went onto Github and now to TFGS Git Lab to be more easily accessible to anyone interested in contributing. This repository can be considered as a base, which can be forked, edited and then merged with again by the game devs, in order to add your own content or fix the existing.

There are barely any decisions in this game that are final and most events tend to be obvious towards their outcomes.

This is a TFGS community project and many people from here have been involved in the development, so credit where credit is due:

mjsmagalhaes | Mortedonna | OvdS | WDog | Ramia73 | Sweet Little Sister | unit501Przemar | Benteparle | centerflag982 | Maruda | moosecall | acien | Drugas | Ekay | Lantera | Veedanya | illume | nutluck | Malen | Vaelon | Blatte | rachels | JulienJaden | Akossi | Violet Kitten | 3xpurt | julzor | sovietmercader | KeyMasterofGozer |Jefke and a lot more...


How to start this game up:

1. You need the Quest Soft Player, which you can download it above. (Mega link or from our GitLab repo)

2. For release version: Download the complete image pack from the top of this page and the sound pack if desired.

3. For dev version users:  Download the complete image pack from the top of this page and the sound pack if desired and the update image pack(s).

4. For both players:  mini update packs are released weekly for the dev version and incremental releases each have an update pack with major releases seeing a new complete image pack.

You will need to download the game itself either from here for release version or gitLab for the dev version.


If you need further instructions take a look at this wiki page.

5. Extract all downloaded RAR-archives (you may need software like winrar or 7zip to do this if you don't already have some such). You may or may not also have to extract the qsp file (depending who did the update).

6. Make a new folder wherever you want the game to be. Move the "images" and "sound" folders and "avatar.jpg" from your extracted directories to that folder as well as the glife.qsp you downloaded from the link on the left side of this page.

7. Inside of the folder you created should contain: A folder called "images" (inside this folder you should see sub-folders with the names "characters", "locations" and so on and a jpg file called "avatar.jpg"), a folder called "sound" (inside this folder you should see a bunch of mp3 files), and the latest Girl Life .qsp file (A .qproj file with the same name as the latest Girl Life .qsp is optional to have). Here's a reference picture: image

8. Start the game using Quest Soft Player and you're good to go. (if you don't want to hear the sound in qsp player go Settings -> Sound Volume -> pick anything but No sound then pick No sound (QSP has a bug in it where it thinks the default is "No sound" but it's really Initial volume so to fix it you have to pick something else then you can pick no sound) If your QSP player is in some other language other (most likely Russian) use Alt + L to switch to English. 


--- Chinese Translation 汉化 ---

Translation team / ETO汉化组成员:ranceking、xiaomiza、rebya、icevapour、imvyzui、fin、doubi、5864572、Pygon、Pudding Chinese Translation release 1:  (2017/6/17)
Simplified Chinese:  Yandex
Traditional Chinese: Yandex

Quest Soft Player (QSP) is NOT Quest

QSP and Quest are two different programms. QSP originates from Russia and Quest from the UK.

Transgendered Start

You are Michael, a married and successfull 35-years old man. One day, you are sent out by your boss to investigate tomb beneath a contruction site, only to find out that magic exists.

With option to skip the Intro.

School Girl Start

Live your life, because there's no fancy magic in this small village. Go to school, maybe get a boyfriend, learn about the (dis)adventages of still living with your parents and find out what else is going on in this village. Graduate, move to the city, do whatever you like and see what consequences come around the corner, without fearing to face an angry wizard hell bend on worlds destruction.

Cursed School Girl

Much like the Alternative start, but starting with you receiving a magical influence from the idol as per the original start. This has elements of both of the other storylines with you starting at school and having access to the magical extras.

New Town Start

You have lived your life as your overbearing mother has dictated with no fun and no interaction with men. Having saved some money without her knowledge you finally have the chance to be free in a new city far from her influence. No magic.

Far too many to list, see the Wiki link under walkthrough for an incomplete overview.

Please check the constantly-updating Faq in our Wiki hosted on gitLab or our Wikia page that everyone is free to update at will.

For any other problems visit our Forum here on TFGamesite.

See here: Link


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 2018-11-05 on 01/22/2019

As another person pointed out, there is a lot of rape in the game.  Walk through Central Park at night and you'll probably get raped unless you can defeat the rapist.  That happens randomly, so the only way to avoid it is to not do that...UNLESS you use a new option in the cheat menu to win every fight automatically.  That's not a bad idea, actually, because the fights are basically "click here again and again" anyway, so using that cheat will not make you miss anything.  Your character just won't get raped, and you'll be able to rob the rapist and go on with the game. 

The schoolgirl side of the game is the most developed, which means you'll be playing as a high school student.  All the models are over 18, from what I understand, so this isn't child porn - but if your character consents to sex with an adult, that's another instance of (statutory) rape.  If they wanted to avoid this, they could magically turn the school into a junior college and increase the character's age to 18 from the start, but I doubt they will.  Oh yeah, and there is also incest available (stepfather and stepsiblings), but the game doesn't force that on you.

There's a lot of other content in this game that people may find...distasteful: sexual slavery (with beatings), forced impregnation (this one comes with a dose of unintended racism - the men are all well endowed black men who sound like they are barely intelligent enough to be human) and so on.  That one at least gives you a couple opportunities to say "oh hell no - get me out of here" if that's not what you were looking for.

Review by DarthSparda

Version reviewed: 2018-11-05 on 11/09/2018

An amazing piece of gaming!  So much content literally have to start multiple games to get everything.  But with that being said it lacks a guide even with the blank wiki pages that this game has you will have trouble finding anything.  Not saying that it's a bad thing but I feel really bad by skimming on through the story when something that someone worked hard to add to the game is there and you have no idea it was there in the first place.  I would like to support this game but not finding a patreon account for it.  Please keep up the great work with this project!!!

11/9/2018 An update from my old review.  Great work to the whole team that worked on this latest version I'm just overwhelmed about the amount of detail that went into this.  Found some bugs with this new version but they were already reported in the forums for this game.  I'm very impressed at the rate that the team works on bug reports keep it up.  Keep doing what you guys are doing because when I think this game can't get any better you guys just keep coming up with new versions that blow my mind away.  Thank you for this amazing game!!

Review by Heskillia

Version reviewed: 2018-10-29 on 10/30/2018

It was quite a lot of file to download full files for image.

But dare I say it was worth it!

Review by nastya

Version reviewed: 2018-05-28 on 09/18/2018

PLEASE TONE DOWN THE RAPE or at least have an option to turn it off. Like others have said, the chances of these things happening now are pretty big, and not everyone likes that kind of content. I'd also say something about the scenes with Bandit, but these don't happen randomly AFAIK, so they're avoidable.

I've been playing this game on and off for about 2 years now - not for long though, because for me it's something that I play for a few hours then I stop as it gets repetitive. It's simultaneously addictive and repetitive.
There really is a ton of content, at least compared to other NSFW games (and I'm talking about commercial games with 3D graphics even). It is like an RPG where you make a character and change her stats. It's also Russian in origin so you get to experience life as a Russian woman, I guess. There are plenty of gopniks, in fact, in my observation most characters are gopniks, so yeah, be prepared to be talking to a lot of jerks. Despite my name, I'm not actually Russian, just interested in the culture. I have no idea if the country is represented well or not.
Girl Life is kind of pessimistic in my opinion because a lot of bad things might happen to your character. She can get addicted to drugs and get abused (many times) for example. She can get called names because of her sexual promiscuity, her bosses will treat her like shit, etc. These features are not necessarily a con, it's just that sometimes you want your character to lead a good life, I guess. I realise they might be fetishes as well, so not trying to kink shame here.

99% of the events lead to sex - consensual or not - and if you plan to have a goody two-shoes character who doesn't want to engage in sexual activity unless she has a boyfriend, it might be hard. I couldn't avoid sex even while trying my best, but then I don't know every secret or trick to playing this game well. Of course, this game is meant to be erotic but I usually like to play as a virgin, shy girl.

I hate to compare things but make it like Newlife where you can at least refuse sex - and in the case of rape, have a way to turn that off or at least tone it down, like mentioned before. I have had my character run away and fight some idiots, but I didn't get that chance all the time. I started a new playthrough a few days ago ("New In City") and I got abused on my first day.
I still don't know how some jobs work - I couldn't get my character to turn into a camgirl using the New In City start, but maybe that was my fault, as she was already a pornstar and stripper.

I wish there were more features - romance would be amazing, since the boyfriend system is kind of lacking right now. I'm waiting for the crime update as it might bring cool stuff. Add more things to the school, and non-sexual activities.
One thing I've noticed is that money either goes too quickly or I am doing something wrong. It's not uncommon for me to have 0 Rubles, and there are NPCs that steal my cash all the time, such as the gopniks.
More jobs would be nice.

The translation has greatly improved from what it was before, and things make more sense. You should add interactions with your family, even in the "New In Town" start - your mother could call you asking if you want to come back home... maybe the player could go back if they met a condition - if they lost all their money and had no way to pay rent.

I don't really understand how the appearance and confidence systems work (might have to check the forum). I had to use cheats to get into the modelling and pornstar jobs because I was apparently too ugly and not confident/exhibitionist enough. It was also kinda stressful having to shave all the time, put on makeup, etc for the stripper job and even after cheats I didn't get that much money or had chances for private shows.

Gadyukino was empty last time my character visited it. Not sure if that's changed but yeah, it was boring.

I like the way how your character gets addicted to drugs, it's rare to find a game that portrays addiction so that's cool. I also like the basic needs stats like hunger and thirst, even if sometimes they're annoying. Thirst goes down way too quickly though, I find myself spending money to buy drinks at restaurants or bottled water and sometimes that doesn't bring my thirst level up (glitch?).

Add more drugs and effects if possible, including psychedelics, cocaine and weed. I would like more effects from heroin (and an overdose). Like, actual withdrawal that drains your health or mental status instead of just text saying that you are ill. Maybe your character could be more confident on cocaine. IDK?

I'd like to see more friendly NPCs, and an actual friendship system (unless something changed and I haven't seen it?). People that treat you well, not snobby girls, jerkass strangers or stupid gopniks.
I haven't tried prostitution yet so I don't know how it works - is there a way to cater to your customer's fetishes? And maybe have female clients?

In regards to the images and sound, I don't use them (there's a way for text-only even if it's clunky) so I don't really care, but they were ok the time I tried them. The only complaint is that some images/videos have nothing to do with the text but that's normal.

There might be more things but I don't remember now.

Thanks for expanding the game.

Review by MiranCat

Version reviewed: 2018-05-28 on 07/20/2018

Great game, very fun with deails! Need updates please! More content will be more epic! Adding romance and more serious relationships will be fun too!

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