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A City Crumbles

The idea of this game is that it is essentially a large sandbox with a variety of quest areas. If I develop it further thier will be a series of ways to win by following different quest lines. For now however there is only 1 quest line which leads to 'winning'. That being said there are several other areas which you can explore including a large quest area with a short story which doesnt lead to a game win / loss. Currently winning and losing are disabled anyway and the game will continue.

This is a VERY early version although there is already several hours of gameplay. There are likely to be issues so expect bugs. Also ive been working on this for quite a long time Its been a lot of work. The Codebase is about 120kb of text and the game files are another 65kb or so. I have been itching to get something out so ive kind of rushed the last bit so i apologise for any problems ive missed or any descriptions that have been rushed (some room descriptions are badly guilty of this). Ill put out a small spelling / grammar updates of some of the newest sections (such as the intro text) in a day or two.

The game runs on a completely custom engine which has been designed to allow custom content to be added easily (for the most part). Eventually if there is interest I will put together guides on how to make your own creatures, places and so on. The idea would be that people could pick and choose and plug in the exact extras they want on top of the base set needed to make the game function.

There isn’t really any serious sexual content in the game. There is no reason why there can’t be any added eventually but it’s not something I’m really any good (or really that comfortable) writing so it would likely depend on other people becoming involved.

In a City Crumbles you live in the city of Tretam. Several weeks ago the army closed off the city without any real explanation and you’ve been stuck inside. You’ve been living off your fathers survival rations he stored in the basement but they have now run out and you have been forced to leave your home to scavenge for supplies.

Command List
Look  leave object blank to look at the room. If looking at an item use its numeric ID. You can use part of a characters name. so look vic to look at victor
N E S W U D EN EX – movement commands. Full exit names also accepted
Attack  - Attacks a creature
Wait – Waits a round. If in combat. Will move combat forward a round
Prof – Lists all species proficiencies.
Help / com – show help menu and show command list
Get < item> pick up an item by its id. Get all picks up everything
I – show inventory
Home – Set a room as your respawn point.
Talk  - Talk to a creature
Quest – Displays any active quests
Eat / drink. Displays a list of items and their numeric id eat /drink will consume it
Use  - you need to type I first to see the list of item ids. Will use an item.

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