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January 2011 (Winter)
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Trials of Taihra-Firanae

Trials of Taihra-Firanae is a transformation game created in the RAGS engine by AnonymousMan.

While on a week-long getaway in a cabin in the woods, a deadly snowstorm traps you and your friends in the cabin. A bout of boredom reveals a leather-bound book that claims to be magic, and the consequences of using it are far more far-reaching than you imagined.

The Player

The player is an otherwise normal guy, with a variety of potential jobs available to choose from at the beginning. Through the course of the game, the player gets to discover a variety of new and occasionally unique viewpoints.


A goddess summoned by a magic ritual who claims to be able to help the player with his/her predicament, but only if the player completes three trials.

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 06/08/2021


An excellent game. There are multiple paths to take in the game with various endings (some good, most bad) and the puzzles in the game aren't too difficult if you are careful. The risk of getting a bad ending is almost minimized by them being "flagged" to you as a possibility based on the decisions you make; it is very rare that you can get caught on a bad end path and not see the risk of it triggering coming before you're caught.

Photos in the game are all appropriate for the moment and the story. Sometimes you're a little railroaded to keep the story going, but for the most part I doubt as a player you'll care. Transformations in the game are varied but triggering some of them can be difficult as you run the risk of a bad ending path on many of them.

Pity it isn't finished and the third act still needs to be done.

Still, it is a very enjoyable game. Recommended.

Review by Fallen

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 08/01/2016

I'm really liking this game but i'm a little stuck at the sphinx's riddle

Review by Kahadai

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 07/28/2016

The plot of this game is rather average, but the transformations have a wide variety. Unfortunatly, it is unfinished.

Review by fuzzbuddy

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 12/17/2015

I like the game a lot and am impressed by the multiple paths players can take. I wish it were longer, but the content that's there is very interesting.

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 12/15/2015

I only played through the most kind and brave path, but after seeing how the story evolves, as well as one ending where I accidentally grew a tiny bit too big, I can say that this game offers a good dose between temptation and doing the right thing. I hope to see this story end one day...

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