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Version: 1.0.0

YonYon's 塔の上の神 (God of the Top of the Tower) English

After reaching his 30th birthday, our hero wishes he could at least have lost his virginity. As fate would have it, a certain goddess overhears his wish, and decides to grant it... Though perhaps not in the way he would have liked.

A note on gameplay: In general, the girls who appear in town give useful hints. It's generally not worth buying equipment (except perhaps the status resist equips), concentrate your money on buying new skills. You can grind out the best equips/attacks, but it's really not worth it. Each enemy falls into a specific attack pattern as described by one of the girsl in town; floor one to ten has one pattern, floor 11 to 20 adds a new pattern as well, etc. Once you learn Foresight and Finesse you can generally avoid even taking the first hit from enemies before they fall into the pattern, so focus on fulfilling the contracts of the people who appear in town after the fifth and fifteenth floor to make the game much easier. The cow in town tells you how combat works, which attack is strong against which, etc, how to get money/equips, etc. The readme also has some advice. (In short, talk to everyone in town before trying to climb the tower!)

The hero must climb all 50 floors of a tower to reach another goddess, who holds his only hope for undoing a hasty wish.

Doteo, a 30 year old virgin and airhead.

Kizao, his friend, also 30, straight man and victim.

Virgin god, a cow.

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Review by ManicMoonMan

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/16/2020

Decent game. Definitely worth playing.

There's not much of a plot, but the dialogue is very self-aware and fittingly irreverent. Big plus. This aspect of the game really develops about halfway through after the introduction of another character.

What really stands out is the gameplay. It's the most interesting implementation of the RPGM engine I've yet seen: a "rock-paper-scissors" counter system with quite a bit of flavor added. This means that there is no RPG button-mashing at any point in the game, and the player is constantly engaged in pattern recognition and reasoning. As might be expected, there is a large element of chance involved with this system which can be extremely irritating early in the game, but this can be almost completely eliminated by equipment and abilities. The random encounters are all optional, and can be ignored once the important upgrades are acquired - if for some reason you become tired of transforming NPCs into women with magical wrestling moves.

Fetish content is ubiquitous - though mostly superficial - for both the MC and NPCs. Nearly every fight can involve some combination of BE, MC, and TG. Before/after images included for TG.

Thank you to the translator for making another interesting YonYon game available to Western audiences.

Review by Midnight Tea

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/08/2015

I really liked this one. Kind of reminded me of a Shadow of Mordor, but with with TG/TSF as its central conceit. It's pretty grindy as people have noted, but I never once get tired of seeing pretty new (procedurally generated) faces being created from defeated enemies.  Thank you, YonYon! Thank you djweish!

Review by Sapphic

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/07/2015

I laughed at this game at first, it's what some would call "A comedy of errors." But after having to grind through the first twenty floors just to get enough money to get the best gear I stopped laughing. THe combat system is jacked in the sense that you have to let them hit you to figure out there pattern to beat them. Also, the game dosen't tell you how the combat works (i.e what PC attack beats what NPC attack) The pictures aren't worth all the grinding since there just pictures of an anime girl that is slightly relatable to the anime boy you fight.


Game could have been better: 5/10

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