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Released by YunYun and translated by Shade credits to them thanks guys. I thought this game was fun and decided to share YunYun's and Shade's work with you guys.

Our hero, Kosuke, suddenly wakes up in his friend Yamada's
house, which he can't easily escape from. As the game
progresses, more information on how he came to be there
in the first place starts coming back to him.

Kousuke: Our protaginist a guy who wakes up with no memory of how he got here, you need to be wearing Kousuke's old outfit and have the male doll to change back to normal.


Yamada: Supposedly the one pulling the strings behind all this.


Female Kosuke: Kosuke after putting the girl doll in the pool and entering it, she still looks a bit like her old self.


Blonde Girl: Kousuke after putting the blonde doll in the pool and entering it, she's short enough to fit through small doorways and light enough to walk across really fragile floors, supposedly there's something written on her ribbon but it's too small to read.


Mature Girl: Kousuke after putting the beutiful doll in the pool and entering it, she's as tall as male Kousuke and about the same weight she also has a somewhat mature figure.


Yamada?: Kousuke after gathering the seven doll parts taking them to the hyper repair doll to make the familiar doll and putting the doll in the pool and entering it, Kousuke now looks exactly like Yamada and could easily fool one of her dolls into thinking it's their mistress.

Fall in the middle hole at the start then open the chest and PUSH the door (may take a few seconds to move).


Go upstairs (if you want to restore health just sleep in the bed) open the top door and check the chest TWICE to get a bottle and a doll part.


Now go through the left door and check the farthest right wardrobe to get a stick and take the farthest right outfit (you will need this later).


Now go through the right door and use the stick on the furnace to get a torch (you can also get an easter egg if you use the torch on the furnace multiple times) then fall in the hole.


(The room below will be lit by the torch) Now push the boulder to the exact spot where you fell and leave it there (if the boulder gets stuck somewhere push the button to reset it).


Take note that the boulder room is in the shape of the number "38" go two rooms to the left to find a room in the shape of the number "27" (2738).


Go upstairs and go left to the room with the red chest use the code from the two rooms mentioned earlier (2738) to open the chest and get the blue key open the blue door at the bottom of the room and check the shiny spot in the grass to get a magnifying glass.


Return to the center room and go right to the room with the doll and walk over the hole (covered now by the boulder from below) and grab the doll.


Go throught the blue door at the bottom (you can sleep in the bed here too) and take the battery out of the clock now look at the note next to the chest and imagine a colon in between "password" and "before" (I've used this password: "before") to get the password "before" and use it to open the chest and get a doll part.


Return to the center room and go up use the torch on the pool to get the stick back (you don't need the torch anymore but you do need the stick) and place the doll in the water and then enter the pool to become a girl.


Now go to the bottom room and put the battery in the doll to open the door (She only opens it if you are a girl) and check the blue chest to get a doll part then take the battery out of the doll(you may need to exit the room and return to remove it) and go back to the center room.


Now go left and use the school uniform on the curtain to change clothes then go back to the center room and examine the mirror TWICE to get a mirror key (obtainable when you become a girl) and a doll part (It was in the school uniform's pocket).


Now change back into your normal clothes at the curtain and put the uniform back with the other outfits.


Now go back to the pool and fill the empty bottle with water to get a 2 pound water bottle then go back to the room with the clock and examine the wardrobe next to it and take the 5 pound maid outfit (You do not need to wear it).


Now go up to the furnace room and open the door at the top with the mirror key, once inside use your weight combined with the extra 7 pounds of weight to drop through the cracked floor.


Now check the doll to get the blonde doll and then press the red button to open the door.


Now return the maid outfit to the wardrobe and use the water bottle on either the mirror or the pool to empty it then switch the blonde doll with the girl doll and get in the pool to become the blonde girl.


Now it turns out there is something written on the blonde dolls ribbon but it is too small to read so go to the mirror as the blonde girl and use the magnifying glass to get a code (753).


Now go to the dressing room and grad the outfit second to the left (skimpy outfit) and go ahead and change into it (you will need it later) then go up through the door using the mirror key.


The floor in this room is fragile only the blonde girl is light enough to walk across it (make sure the water bottle is empty, you don't have to worry about the skimpy outfit because it only weighs 1 pound) so make your way over to the doll and grab it to get the beautiful doll and then drop through the floor.


Now put the battery in the doll here and use the code on the blonde girls ribbon (753) to activate it and repair the floors (make sure to leave the battery in the doll FOR NOW) and exit the room (The blonde girl is the only one short enough to go in and out of this doorway).


Now make your way back to the room with the fragile floors and walk across the newly repaired floor segment to open a blue chest containing a doll part.


Now go back to the pool and use the beautiful doll to become the mature girl.


So in the room where you got the magnifying glass you will find a pit, but there are spikes down below so you can't go there. However a perverted man says he will help you if you let him touch your breasts (you will need to be wearing a revealing outfit so make sure you have the skimpy outfit on) but your breasts are not big enough and a note says: "Boobs should be larger than 100 centimeters" (IMPORTANT WARNING: You can trade your old clothes with the pervert for a bunnysuit that weighs the same, however you cannot trade back and though you can still continue YOU CANNOT GET THE TRUE ENDING if you don't have your old clothes).


Go to the room with a chest on a pillar and as the mature girl use the stick to get the chest down and get a doll part.


Now go to the room where you found the blonde doll and read the note next to the vials, it turns out the vials contain a breast enlargement potion but it drains your health with every step, luckily in the furnace room there is a antidote (but it also returns your breasts to normal) so make sure you are at full health and drink the potion (as the mature girl) then carefully walk to the room with the pit (if you are wearing the skimpy outfit and your bottle is empty you can walk over the cracked floors to conserve health)


Now make sure you are close to the pit and carefully walk left and right until your breasts are at least 100 centimeters then approach the pit and let the pervert touch your breasts, if you did it right you will throw him into the pit.


Now carefully walk to the furnace room and drink the antidote in the bottles then sleep in the bed to get back your health change back to your old outfit put up the skimpy outfit then go back to the room with the pit and jump down.


Now open the blue chest to get a doll part and then open the red chest to get the super battery press the green button to open the door then go to the pool switch to the blonde doll and change back to the blonde girl.


Now go to the room with the repair doll and take the battery out and replace it with the super battery to upgrade it to the hyper repair doll, then give it the doll parts (if you followed this guide correctly you should have all seven) to get the familiar doll.


Return to the pool and use the familiar doll to become Yamada.


As yamada head towards the exit and put the battery in the doll to both permanently open the door and move it out of the way so you can take the battery out and access the pit behind it.


Now go into the next room (there is a cosplay outfit in the wardrobe) and check the clock you will get a clock key and the clock will read 4 o'clock so sleep in the bed to return to the original clock room put the battery in the clock and sleep in the bed until it reads 4 o'clock then use the clock key to get the male doll.


Now make your way to the pool and switch to the male doll and get in (while wearing your normal clothes) to become Male Kousuke again then go to the now permanently opened exit and leave to get the true ending.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/26/2021


Tough call. The game has a lot in it, but it is a railroaded adventure to even have a shot of getting through all the potential bad endings and reaching the true endings.

Story-wise the game is thin: you get the game world with an introduction, some interactivity to tell you about the items and location then you move on or hit a bad ending. Interactivity in this game is standard fare for an RPG Maker: not much else to say there. Transformations in the game are focused, but plentiful. A lot of them though are tied to bad endings or how you work through the events of the game.

Difficult to say more without open spoilers but if you play through this game you will have fun if you can figure out the puzzles in each location.

However I'm willing to bet that like me you'll give up and go for the helpfully provided walkthrough before an hour has passed.

Worth a look, but be aware of what you're going into.

Review by Mizu

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/10/2015

This game's quite interesting. I wasn't able to figure out the puzzles past where the current walkthrough ends ('turn into a girl'), but from what I've played through so far it's a fun little game that's translated quite well from the original language of Japanese. I'm looking forward to when the rest of the walkthrough is posted, so I can see the different endings beyond variations on Ending 1 and Ending 3 (exit as a girl in all the different clothes in the changing room/your default clothing/the bunny girl outfit; exit wearing the maid uniform, respectively).

Review by benwolf0

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/09/2015

it a fun game but i was geting stuck at parts

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