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Super Villainy

A young villain struggles with one simple dream. To conquer the world. Embark on this quest as you manage your lair and fend off attacks from pesky super heroes! Transform your enemies! If things go wrong you might just get transformed too!

A young villain struggles with one simple dream. To conquer the world. Embark on this quest as you manage your lair and fend off attacks from pesky super heroes! Transform your enemies! If things go wrong you might just get transformed too!

Dr. Transformo: The villain (hero) of the story. This is you!

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Review by zanakitty

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/16/2017

I was enjoying this game a lot till the heros came. every time a hero would come get take me down to 1 defince lose theni would have to buld more defence at which time i no longer have monny so i rob a bank then before i can do any thing else a new hero would come I was almost never able to do any thing aftter that just traped in a loop till i said i'l bait the hero i had 1 defince it gave me +3 so i should have had 4  the hero recked 3 but in sted of having 1 left it got rid of my real first so i had -2 was then attacked after 1 turn and had to run. other than that it seems fun.

Review by Prios

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 07/17/2015

I managed to use all the techs on myself once each in a single game, and then used the plasticizing nanobots on myself one more time. This is, of course, the best ending. World domination is for chumps.

Uh, actual review, right. Basically all there is to say is that this game is over-the-top hilarious and it knows it. You should totally show it to all your non-pervert friends without telling them what it is (other than "you're an evil dude named Doctor Transformo" which should be enough to sell anybody worth having as a friend). No, really, I'm serious.

Make sure you try robbing banks and research labs when you have no techs left.

Review by Casssz

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/10/2015

I keep coming back to this game. It's simple, not as lengthy as some larger games, but it's executed so well for what it is that it ends up being more fun than some more ambitious games. I just wanted to extend some praise to the author for creating a simple, fun, and well-written game with a good amount of content that also doesn't feel unfinished. It has a nice but not overwhelming element of randomness, making it more of an actual game rather than simply an interactive story, making it good for multiple playthroughs. Would love to see a sequel, expansion, or simply more like this.

Review by Kahaan

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/11/2015

Game version 1.0.0

The game has lots of potential, and is fairly entertaining as is, but there is room for improvement.

One thing is that most of the descriptions of sexual acts of any kind other than self transforming into the opposite gender is fairly bland. Perhaps adding some options for the monthly party and some more details of that sorts of fun the character has as a result? Maybe even adding the hazard of accidentally being hit with your own evil tech during a bank job; foiling the job but providing a lot of fun, or maybe even the option of joining the fun if a superhero manages to show up before the bank job is done to appear the victim and slip away in the orgy.

Some more detail about the superhero breaking through defenses would be good. As would adding the option of creating a harem or some sort of brothel arrangement with 'sluttified' heroes. Heck, maybe even add the option of breeding your own army of rats to do your bidding with the transformed heroes as breeding stock.

Perhaps some random comment during the monthly summary stating that the henchmen put on a play of some sort using midget slave superheroes as the cast, or raising money for your cause (disguised, of course) through an orgy with the slave superheroes as the entertainment.

As I said, there's lots of potential in this game, but room for improvement.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/10/2015

I think this game is brilliant. It is only a mini game, but it is easy to waste your time on it. There are three areas you have to maintain 1) your balance 2) your tech, and 3) your defense. If you do not have enough defense you lose to the hero. every tech allow you to get away from your loses, once.

the more defense you have the less cash you have. the more cash you have the more tech you can research. the more tech you have the less defense you need. it is you who is going to work out the combination.

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