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Version: 1.24

Miss Adventure

A RAGs-based life simulator featuring the adventurous life of Sonja Ventura.

The 'final' version (1.24) of the game has now been released.

Thanks for playing! :)

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.24 on 11/30/2021


Tricky. I found this game difficult to get into at the start as you can easily end up a bit lost as you search around the game world to identify what is where, then figure out where you are meant to go. It was also very easy to speed up time  passing and then find yourself starving from not eating, etc. But once you get through the steep learning curve, there is a solid game here. Interactivity in the game is high, but this RAGS game will involve a lot of backtracking and you can find yourself lost if you are not careful. Writing for the game is solid and you'll know where you are in the world at least along with what is going on. Images in the game are suitable and fit the scene being told. Transformations in the game are many, but it is a slow progression until you really get into it as you learn the game world.

Worth committing the time to. Cautiously recommended.

Review by DiscipleOfVirginia

Version reviewed: 1.24 on 10/01/2018

Seems interesting! I too am not a fan of the whole bald thing lol. 

Review by renonymous

Version reviewed: 1.24 on 11/08/2015

Miss Adventure is a game about an average woman looking into her sister's disappearance who finds herself thrust into the role of a super heroine, standing between a powerful organization and their quest for world domination. From my least to my most favourite features, here's how I rate the game.

Erotic Content: Although Miss Adventure does have quite a few nude/intimate scenes, they're all over the place--in more ways than one. The game's predominant kinks are mind control and submission (personal favourites); however I would say, oh, 90% of all bad ends forego any attempt at erotic exposition and instead rush as fast as possible to clinical expositions, showing the protagonist's bald (why? why is she always bald?) and braindead fate, and letting the player go through a few of her new daily routines. However, the scenes where efforts were made to be sexy (fuckyeah Officer Rand) are quite hot indeed.

Gameplay: Miss Adventure has combat in RAGS (fairly uncommon, I'd say) and it's done in a very enjoyable way. The world has a vast feel. Not only are there dozens locations with multiple uses, but the protagonist herself has as many stats to track as most AAA rpg characters. Its many interactable objects also lend strength to the player's immersion--except for the ones that quickly become tedious (undressing, showering, and dressing every morning; opening the fridge and eating twice a day...) I like that quests require some thought and can be worked on simultaneously despite many of them feeling railroaded. However, sometimes it feels like Miss Adventure can't decide whether it's clue-driven or not. Several parts of the game lead the player to a puzzle which would be ten times more fulfilling if only there had been a clue along the way. Instead these "puzzles" tend to become trial and error, forcing the player to tab through whatever bald end is consequential to failing the puzzle and reloading the save until the player guesses right.

Overall: Miss Adventure has hours of playtime. Yes, some of this is due to a few bloated mechanics slowing down the story's pacing, but there legitimately is hours worth of enjoyable content to explore in this game. If you like "sim" games, you should absolutely check out Miss Adventure. If you like to go on vaguely erotic adventures for free on RAGS, you should check out Miss Adventure.

Review by tiyc88

Version reviewed: 1.24 on 10/31/2015

I think this game is pretty good so far.  However like other people have said it can get a bit tedious with uncessary clicking.  For example if you can't store anything else with the fridge what's the point of having to open it and then eat.  Why not just make it eat after you right click since that's by far the most used option.  This game has taken some odd choices in where you decide to put realism in.  I find that it often has you do tedious tasks but then it does things like make a ton of store not open at certain times when in even a small city these types of store options would be available.  It puts an annoying constraint on it and also pulls away from the realism.  e.g. mall shops being bizarrely closed on the weekend when that's typically the busiest time.  I think on your next game if you clean things up it has the potential to be a really great game.  Anyway keep up the good work.

Review by AlchemistLuc

Version reviewed: 1.0.8T on 04/01/2015

This is a great game overall, although I still feel like I haven't found all of the content yet.

I had serious difficulty in figuring out how to keep gameplay going at first, because it wasn't seeming like I was getting paid. But then I found out that all of the payments were going to the bank, and that sorted that out nicely! That said, it made it hard to keep going until I figured this out, since I thought the amount of cash I had on hand was controlling my progress.

As others have said, the eating mechanic is a little repetitive, but I haven't found it to be too bad.

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