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May 2011 (Summer)
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Version: 1.5

Version: 1.4

Intern Affairs

Intern Affairs is a transformation game written in the DayDreamer engine by Fever Dreamer.

You are , a college student; you just finished your last exam and returned to your apartment which you have to yourself for the summer.

Suddenly, you realize that you forgot that the job fair is today. Unless you want to spend the summer flipping burgers -- and that won't be easy...not after the way you quit last week -- you'd better hurry.

When you arrive at the job fair you realize you forgot your resume and almost no one will even talk to you about a job. By a stroke of luck, several people offer you jobs on the spot. Little do you know, these jobs are more than they appear.

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Review by anoneemuss

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 12/30/2013

I can't stand the engine, and the game unlike some other daydreamer driven ones does not compensate for the bad experience.

Review by Jesse

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 11/01/2013

An enjoyable puzzle-adventure game, with many, many fun bad ends.

Review by Anja

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 03/06/2013

I love this game, in that it features more unusal transformations and photographs. Not only that, but I always appreciate Fever Dreamer's custom sprites for clothing and transformation layering, which bring a further appreciative touch to the game. This game can also be described as two games in one, the first having a large range of bodily transformations, the second being mostly furry transformations, though still enjoyable with the custom sprites.

From what I've seen so far on the site, this is currently my favourite game. It is indeed challenging, but wandering blind through the game is half the fun, with all the types of endings, though save-scumming is advised nonetheless. I hope to see more games which deal with transformations like pussy-mouth, and other more interesting pleasure-doll kinds of transformations.

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