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Version: 0.0.5

Version: Demo

Curse Bound
by Fudgel

The game takes place in fantasy world similar to elder scrolls or warcraft or whatever is it I made it up to be. You are Jack, part of a Thief guild. One day you receive a letter from an old friend you have not seen for years and take them up on the offer to do a mission, together, like the good old days. You make a stop at a small town not far away from the meeting place a day before, have a drink(s), pick up a waitress AND that’s where things start getting weird and horny and you get transformed

I already included the QSP player into the zip file, but just in case here is a link to it:


Run QSP player and press Alt + O to open a game file


Mac users:

I do not suggest using the Mac QSP player for this one, because I made it with the windows one. However someone (who permission I did not ask yet to voice them out) on TF forums was kind enough to provide me with information on how to cleanly fix this little dilemma:

Wine is a Linux program that you can use to run windows programs under Linux. Some nice people wrapped this up and ported it to OS X, and once such port is called Wineskin http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php

The way to use it is well documented on the site. It's not as simple as click and drag, but easy enough for someone with basic computer literacy to follow.

If however it will not look like this, then we still got a problem: http://oi61.tinypic.com/1zx9lxc.jpg



Well~, besides the fact I’m 5 days behind on my promised release date, I also don't have much content to present in my opinion. Well I did, it's just some of it behind a broken code now. I still have go through every conversation line to add the text coloring, but that will take days. Anyway enough of my gibberish

The current changes since the last/first release:
-3 side characters to meet in Town, their introductions and other stuff they will be part of (No special scenes with any of them yet)
-slightly changed and then continued the pillory event (it's available at day 5)
-eye color choice. Possibility to change hair color, hair length and hairstyle at the salon. All of these but the hair style can be seen in the “Appearance” tab of the Protagonist window (besides the Appearance tab nothing got changed in protagonist tab)
-a smallish pet play choice at day 4 morning, when picking non-sexual path
-day 5 added a small chunk since where it left off
-not sure what else, you’ll probably find it yourself or it will find you
Still no stats like “submissiveness” or “libido/horny” scales. I will be adding those when there is more content to go on
The content pretty much ends on day 5 again, once you go to the pillory. After that nothing more I'm afraid

13/09/2015: Development Progress since 0.0.5

-13/09: Apologies for keeping silent lately, the process just slowed down nothing more. Once the update is tidy enough to be released it will

Body modifications:
-3 full transformations now adding up to 4 forms (Atm with a hint on what powers they will have)
-Body size modifications: breasts, thighs, the workds

Game mechanics (still in works):
--Corruption: long term game stat that affects the ending
--Job related stats: atm only waitress and has no effect at the current stage. But this and others will affect the wages/salary
--Mind stats: Humiliation, Nudity, Others to have some sense of progression and serve as goals in some parts
--Sex stats: as both history and impact on, working in brothel which is not even made (well, there is the slums one)
--Powers: Knew I was missing something, and after playing around with 3 different forms while going through my story notes it felt right to add this. Each of 3 forms will have one direct and one indirect power. Since the current update is big enough and needs lots of testing I will leave it for the next one to properly implement it

-Reputation Stats:
--Reflects what non-friends heard about you and think of you. Changing/Unlocking some random events and couple other things

New characters:
-Danny (Quest event now until a point): he is the Janet's assistant. Opens lots of content, body modifications and full transformations
-Niki a resident of the slums. She has two stages to her. Unlocks tattoos and piercings

-Glory Hole (optional): I did not plan to put anything like this so early into the game, honestly I did not know how to. But damn the bar restrooms are just so perfect for it and I needed to blow off some steam at Jackie. It has up to 6 days worth of content so far and probably I'll leave it like that for now, so I can write other stuff

--Public areas: 1 park event. 1 public toilets event
--Slums: 2 events. One of them has a big progression tree unlocking slums brothel and more
--Night content: what can you NOT do at night. 2 events so far

-Daily Feeding/Blowjob scenes
-After waitress job: reward and punishment scenes depending on how good or bad you performed during service. Same concept as before, just with actual follow up
-Made a couple town walking around events- which are up for change, damn
-Wrote up a special bath-scene for day 5 as Jackie's last welcome to his new life

Fixes and Content remakes:
-Managed to fix that crash after Waitress work on day 5, finally making it possible for the game to loop perfectly from day to day
-Cleared couple other bugs people reported in 0.0.5, thank you very much for pointing them out
-Was said the morning brown color was too bright, making it hard to read white text. I'd suggest darkening your screen but even I think it's a hassle at times. I tinkered with it and for now added an option to turn it into days color Blue by choice. If someone having trouble with background colors feel free to mention I will just add an option to turn them all off


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 06/27/2019

I've played v0.0.5 (roughly 3 yrs ago) & i thought i'd see if it was updated yet..  sadly i'm thinking this is pretty much abandoned/discontinued since it's been close to 4 yrs since the last update came out.  Also i agree with bananaflyman- the story needs more description to be sensible enough to enjoy it because as it is- crap storyline at best.

Review by bananaflyman

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 02/10/2019

It's a nice erotic romp with unique setting, excellent art and decent grammar and spelling(though author could use an editor).


A good story it however is not. Seems to me like the author started writing the story with clear goal in mind but after he/she was done with the prologue he/she suddenly decided to take it to a completely other direction. I'll try explain this as well as I can without spoiling the game experience for people reading this. Story starts with the protagonist comforting an evil lady who has apparently enslaved his former companion that he has very good relations with and offers what he values the most to save her. Later on he finds out that she was never actually there and he was tricked and meets up with aforementioned companion, tells her what happened and they start their quest to try to break the curse. However the very next day the protagonist finds out that his friend actually had something extra tucked in her pants(UwU) and now apparently wants to "help" him by enslaving him, humiliating him, and trying everything in her power to turn in him into a total cumdump slut because she finds it hot. Very reasonable way for a friend who was helped by her former companion, was never mistreated by him and wasn't described as a sadist to react. Especially after she found out that the whole reason for protagonist being cursed was his selfless sacrifice to save her(even though she was never in danger and he was deceived).


See what I meant? To me this devalued the whole experience. All of this could had been perfectly made sensible by explaining that the protagonist's friend was being influenced somehow by the curse but no, let's just completely remake her whole character in the middle of the story and make it as random as possible. The worst part however was how the protagonist immediately turns into a complete submissive and just goes along with all of it, again an another thing that could had been justified by explaining that it's yet another layer of the curse.


6/10. Give it a try but if you're not into involuntary theme or just turned off by bad story then skip.

Review by Chaoseater

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 03/05/2017

A very good game from my perspective, great story and content, might be my favourite game so far and i hope new updates are coming along!

Review by xaxa

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 01/24/2017

By far one of my favorite games on this site.

I know its been a while, and sadly Fudgel hasn't been around much, but I truly hope to see this be continued.

Review by Mightykitten

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 05/30/2016

This is pretty amazing, how much detail you get and i wish you return

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