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Version: 15.04.16

Version: 0.1.0

Corrupted Dreams
by vestige



Corrupted Dreams is a kind of life simulator. No time limit and if you don't spoil anything really badly, no game over. The game is visual type with fix, random and special events. Lots of character, lots of options.

The game takes place in the future. You start the game as a member of a big family and you just got a new job. You are the new principal of the biggest school.

But after you go to bed, strange things happen. A woman will appear in front of you and just makes you a slave. You're between powerful forces that there is no chance to object. Your life will change as well as your goals.

I don't like version numbers so from now on the date is the version.

This version have a fast corruption html (corrupted-dreams-high.html) for those who doesn't have the patience : ) Later with more event I don't give that option.

Every text is fixed... if we don't missed something (Thanks infielders3)
Some GUI update
Skip Intro option
It's possible to corrupt every family member (Some of them is a little slow)
You can read everyone's mind
Conversation with: Ivy, Billy, Nathan
New events: Male Arouse in bathroom, 1 Special at the second day morning, Ivy's maintain, Twins learn in the Living Room, the basic for Karine's Garden event (not much yet, Conversation and Mind Read) (Remember, some event become weekend only in later updates)
If you play with someone at the midnight, after that you automatically go to sleep
And maybe other things what I don't remeber yet : )

2121, the world has undergone tremendous changes over the last 100 years.

In the first half of the 21st century life has become almost incapable, humanity urgently needed to avoid the total collapse. Everyone knew that the wars, hunger and greed can only lead to one end. The topography of the Earth has been altered, torn and next to the stupidity of human, the wrath of the nature brought death as well.

The more active countries got together, they formed an independent committee and launched the Hestia project. The wars slowly stopped, and scientists have worked day and night to restore the nature. The social separation disappeared, greed and envy erased from everyone's head. The balance was restored.

The standard of living was restored, and the average age has increased dramatically. Maybe it was something to do with science, but it was basically speaking, humanity has entered to a new evolutionary level.

New system was introduced, and new life cycle names.

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Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: 15.04.16 on 03/07/2019

Boring I thought it at first but then played it for two or three hours later still very slow...after what two weeks in game character still can't possess mind of Nathan or dominate the mother...I dominated Billy, twins somehow dominating Mother will be hard pressed... I mean she should but she keeps loosing power points like rapidly. There no means for her assist Nathan in his project I have no idea what to do, Nathan never in his Room so she can assist is he at school or...at work because that never pops up.


Game overall needs more options, like she female character while you had her means to midnight wanderings, and not posession more less like cause some insecure mayhem. But give more options expand story line.


Salvation, Corrupted, or return to fold I was thinking it...Lunacy...

Not everyone has those moments where you end up at hospital and never wake up because demon succubi betrays you in the end.<- highly likely this is end.


Salvation option is when you love your family more than anything and destroys the hold from demon and sends her back. <- would like to see that in this story, but that if.

Corruption hold enslaves everyone. <- you get that early on...

Return to fold it was all a dream how scary...you were sick how strange. However does leave you some strange incest monologue with one relation who is worried about you... <- this would be cool if this was ending...sweet incest action but cut short like mom walking in with food stray or bot.

Might make more exciteable if author expanded like into park, maybe added library, and office space so we aren't just heading home, had car go around? feels like there loop we are indeed missing. Mall, and something like job that Nathan and Alexandria work at.

I kind wonder if Alexandria is into doping her brother Nathan at all? Or she has no desire to see him go off be with Emily...this so bizzare fiction. Something I would rather go assume it would never happen in real life.

Review by gergory

Version reviewed: 15.04.16 on 12/19/2017

I got into the game and I had no gosh darn idea how to do anything. Some guidance would be much appreciated. In addition, it's pretty clear that whoever is doing the writing either doesn't have English as their first language, or hasn't done very much writing.. I'm not saying this to be mean, just to be honest. You need to find someone to proofread and/or rewrite a lot of the text. I found it rather distracting. The pictures were behaving oddly for me, either taking forever to load or not loading at all, but that could just be because both the computer and wifi network I was using to play the game were crap.

So yeah. It needs a LOT of work.

Review by dman123321

Version reviewed: 15.04.16 on 05/15/2017

Great game and artwork, but i'm a bit lost in what to do, seems there is no way to earn money (the goald for the robot seems to be 3000 or smth to fix her up, but there's no way to earn money - the outside (west rosebay) has no content); There is no way to interact with Nathan if you are playing the girl path.

"Manage the school as the proper principal" is nonexistant. Please fix - this looks like it's an awesome game :)

Review by David057

Version reviewed: 15.04.16 on 03/30/2017

game is good so far the downloaded version the photo's of the charactors and the room's don't show like the online version and how can you make money to fix Ivy in game most of the time you stuck at home plus when are you going to add some new update's for this game. Has anyone found a way to corrupt Ivy let or found the spare parts and money to fix her yet she the last family member I need to corrupted

Review by Nemo

Version reviewed: 15.04.16 on 01/23/2017

Very very nice design and graphics.  The author has obviously spent a lot of time designing the layout and supplemental graphics.  They are top notch.

Gameplay could use improvement.  There is a great deal of repetitious clicking on buttons representing different areas in the game, but you most often find the space empty.  Probably about one in 5 clicks will result in finding someone in a space you may interact with.  Then you must revisit the space multiple times to progress the interaction, viewing the same text and graphics multiple times before something new comes up to show your progress. For awhile I thought the game was broken as I would go back to a space, interact again with the character there, and nothing would change.  I'd get the same text and graphics I got during the first pass.  When you do hit something new, it's invariably high quality and good design, but the rewards could be easier and more frequent.

More content would help, but I think the things that would make this game a good deal more rewarding would be faster progression and an improved mechanic that lets you know if there's any point in clicking on a space.  For example, a grayed out button for an empty space.  


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