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Version: 0.863

No Haven
by orcm

This game was designed for RAGS or! Using any other version of RAGS and especially any beta version will certainly result in messed up text if not outright crashes. As of 0.803 you may have some success with which will be nippier at the cost of needing to update the text to html each playthrough, and formatting issues mainly with the boxes. 

No Haven is a side game to the dungeon crawler Whorelock's Revenge (formerly Deeper Dungeons: Enhanced). Here you have command of a small group of slavers initially and from there you can send out your men, woman, assorted fantasy races, monsters and so on out on various assignments to earn gold, supplies and slaves.

The current state of the game is currently in beta and is in active development with a great deal still to come. For a smut game this is both complex and heavily based on managing a whole bunch of RNG. If you are having problems understanding the gameplay please read the in game documentation for help which is available and I'm always ready to answer questions on the forum here or elsewhere. Well aware though that this is not going to be for everyone so if you're looking for a more straightforward experience this may not be for you. 

Please visit the discussion thread for further details.

If you're having trouble with rags or if the file claims to be invalid please check out the help guide on my tumblr. This now also includes links which can potentially improve the rags engine. 

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Review by Zharkhella

Version reviewed: 0.805 on 09/19/2018

I really like this game. It has quite a few different options to work with. Items of note I have noticed is that the rags engine doesn't seem quite up to the challenge of the game after playing for a few hours. You need to save and restart the engine to keep it from crashing. I think it might have something to do with multiple characters to track and overloading the buffer on the text window with all the history being available. THe seond item I've noticed is that Futa's cannot perform lesbian training. IF that is intentional, then I think cunnilingus training needs to be added to the available training items.

Review by Surume

Version reviewed: 0.7551 on 09/09/2017

Thank you, I really enjoyed your game No Haven.

  • I like how the traits influence the missions. I assume without the suggenstions it's nearly impossible to play.
  • Early in the game you need to fine tune everything. Later when you have more slavers and all have high experience bonuses, it's more like repetitive mass processing.
    Maybe you could add at this point some kind of extra long assignments, so the player can focus on a smaller group?
  • For sure I used the Outstanding Assignments option most of all.
    Perhapse you can make this info a little bit easier to access? This would save lots of clicks!
  • I like the idea of nick names. However, they should show up in the lists at the very beginning and maybe even determine the sorting order.
    This way you could better build up specialists, e.g. Diplomat Steve.

I encountered only a few minor errors.

  1. In one case a slave somehow showed up in the slavers section. This prohibited proper interaction, so I sold her.
  2. As I tried to get some corruption on my character, the accompanying slave got the 'Leader of the Encampment' title added.

Review by KoterKarl

Version reviewed: 0.7521 on 07/21/2017

Grab for cash? It's free. This type of game is not what im usually into but there is a lot of effort put in this. The only negative thing I can say is that RAGS is the wrong platform. The menues and the loads of text you have to read in order to do your everyday tasks of looking through your assignments show the limitations of the RAGS engine. I didn't put enouhg time in this game to go into more detail to comment further but the last review I read didn't do the game justice.

Review by Reroc

Version reviewed: 0.7521 on 07/17/2017

Review for v(0.7521)

I haven't tested the scenarios yet, but I think I have a decent feel to the game. I've played to self-sufficiency on normal difficulty twice now (20/20 slavers), (10-20 slaves), no resource shortages and losses are rare. Took me a while to find the resource tab on the bottom of the screen - made everything that much easier. 

+ Character and game customization is expansive, both in the creation and play phases
+ Fun and challenging to manage your favorites and their fates
+ Traits actually matter
+ There is a learning curve
+ Resource management genre
+ Hot and tasteful
+ Weather system and world events affect the game flow

The content is focused on early/mid game in the current build - which is fine considering that it is a WIP. However, I am left desiring more from the endgame. 
I found a few things worth considering. 
*Some content should approach the player. As of now, you get what you choose. Random encounters at the camp or during the journey to spice things up?
*Some routine actions outside of your camp so that managing larger groups becomes more feasible. Supply trade and exploration should have the option to automatically repeat the task. One to three days of rest so that you can cancel it, though. 
*There should be a way to retire slavers without selling/slaving them or 'worse'
*Characters should have some types of relationships (friends, lovers, rivals etc.)- some effects and scenes when both are around, but a negative trait or event if a loss occurs? 
*If, by some miscalculation, the camp does indeed end full and they choose to use the slaves, the list tends to drag for a long time. Some option to hide the details? 
*The biomancy and corruption seem to prefer tits over asses. This is wrong. 

All in all one of the more solid games on the web and definitely on the top of the food chain. Can't wait for more. 

Review by Mugg

Version reviewed: 0.7202 on 05/26/2017

So I've been giving this little piece a good chunk of hours over the course of the week, and I've really come to enjoy the premise. I think, as has probably been posited before, that it could do with a different platform, but for what it is it's remarkably well constructed. I've only actually had one bug happen with a team of 18 rapscallions and 13 bae's (One of the slavers got bugged out after returning from the Quick as You Like race, and ended up counting as multiple encampment positions). Nothing game-breaking, ended up sloffing her off at the docks to stop the morale loss spam every turn lol. Felt kinda bad afterwards, it really doesn't pay to play this as a person with any kind of a conscience... :p


Anyway, I found myself really, really enjoying the game when the scale was smaller, and I could plan around the timers on the rest of my team and personally go out and be involved in missions and trainings with specific girls with every result remaining critical. When I knew the personalities and statuses of every slaver and slave under my watch. I'm finding as the teams get bigger now and missions are flying around faster and more frequently, I can't really get involved anymore for fear of letting a huge lump of people gather and start chewing through resources like nobodies business. I'm not sure if there's a cap on how big your encampment can get, but even right now with like 4-5-6 bitches on supply duty we're only barely staying above a negative supply per turn situation. I probably could be doing better about keeping scouting missions rolling to ensure we always have a source of supply generating missions, but I feel I'm keeping everyone busy well enough regardless. I'm not sure if there's ever supposed to be a point where you become sufficient and things just snowball like in most rpg's, but in a way I do kindof enjoy the idea of keeping that out of reach, as irritating as it may be for my self-esteem lol.


I also haven't had much of chance, with this basicly being my first playthrough to experiment with much of the magic options that are in the game. I have a few people with corruption and biomancy and whatnot, but I feel like I never get a chance to squeeze them in lol, I kinda wish that stuff could be off the 'global cooldown' like sending people off on missions; maybe only if they're trusted enough (aka high morale?) I know alot of that stuff is probably relatively incomplete as well, but I feel like there's alot there that could be experimented with that's not overly accessible with the current state of the game unless you specifically build yourself out for it.


Another thing that I'm not really sure about in the absense of a proper wiki for the game is how you actually achieve the end of the game. Like, is it a level based thing? Is it a randomly proc'd mission from discovery into the deep mountains? Also, speaking of levels, how do you level your character to achieve additional traits, or is that not possible? Would seem weird to have alllll those traits implemented and then not be able adapt past your initial build lol.


Guh... Without this further just devolving into a Q&A, I'll say well done. Looking forward to seeing how the game develops and where its final form takes it!



 - Mugg

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