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The Club: Interactive!
by Josiah

At a certain strip club, it's YOUR turn to be the star! Whether you want to or not! 

This game has a Pokemon theme, with large Male to Female content! One day you go to a strip club, and things can either end peacefully or you could be wrapped up working at the club!

This game is based off of my story on FA, which I HIGHLY RECCOMEND you read first. I know having to read something first kind of sucks, but I don't cover every detail about the club in each path. Reading the story will give you a basic idea of what to expect from the game, and might answer any questions you have. Read it here! And if you lack a Fur Affinity account, feel free to download the story here.

The game is finished! There is no more planned content, and only typos might be updated in the future. Download it at the link below or grab it right here.


Version 1.0.1: Added hyperlinks to Pokemon names the first time they are mentioned. This is for ease of access to those who might not have 

Based on your reason to go to a strip club, many paths unfold for you.

The god of lust is a horny person, and when one of their many offspring develops sexual powers, they put them to good use! One of these offsprings has opened up a strip club, where she seeks vengance on any sexual offenders in the city of Goldenrod. Any people unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to end up at the end of her wrath soon find themselves in a world of sex, turned into overly sexualized men and women to dance for other's pleasure.

This game gives you, the reader, a chance to be one of the few that ends up in her club.

Alice: Alice is a lopunny pokemorph who runs the club. Latent demi-god powers give her the ability to change the shapes and minds of people around her.

Elektra: This pikachu babe was the focus of the story this game stems from. After a drunken stupor causes him to assault a stripper, Christopher soon found himself working as one! She now quite enjoys her happy life in the club with her lover Belinda.

And many more!

It's a twine game! There is no correct way to play this game.

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Review by Fur-man

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 07/12/2017

this game is a great bit of fun I hope he makes more

Review by TheeSpongeman

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 06/04/2016

Hope you know your pokemon, because if you don't, you're going to wonder who the hell is what. (Which was my case.) I haven't played Pokemon since the Red and Blue times, so it was annoying to have to constantly check what the hell who was what. And I'm not much for furries, butI stilll have to question how somebody finds a Smurgle (or something like that. It's got a long neck and hides in a rock) can possibly be sexy. HOWEVER! That doesn't mean this is bad. On the contrast, there are many choices, and most of them have consequences you would expect to follow. Sometimes you can get an ending real quick, and other times you could be reading a good 10 minutes before you hit a new choice. In other words, it can be a real short story or a long one depending on your choices. The writing is also pretty decent. So go at it furry lovers.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/27/2015

This is a many-short-endings-AIF. I have done 3 endings in 10 minutes. Writting is OK. The themes focus on the transformation and they are reasonable enough to look interesting. Not bad.

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/26/2015

It's decently written, but the fact that it's so Poki-centric makes it hard to really get into if you're not already extremely familiar with the game.  If you never actually played any of the Pokimon games or watched the cartoon you're probably going to be left wonder what most of the characters look like.


The one thing that really bugs me about this game is the rape content.  Not that it exists, but the way it's presented.  First, apparently one drink is all it takes to turn your character into some sort of intoxicated rape monster who climbs onto the stage and molests the dancer.  WTF was in that drink?  And then there's the issue of the club owner having apparently either forgotten to hire bouncers or set up any other sort of security or else instructed it not to engage until after anything has happened (as opposed to, say, grabbing you the moment you tried climbing on the stage and tossing you out the door).  And that's ignoring the part where the dancers have the powers of their respective Pokimon types, I mean, what, do they all have Vulnerable: Drunken Douchebag or something?


It's a cute game and all, there's just a little too much fridge logic at that part for me to fully enjoy it.

Review by BlueMoon

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/26/2015

A fun game with good writing, interesting ideas, and a surprisingly and pleasantly large amount of content to it. Gameplay's similar to something like Lily's Better be Nice, if you're familiar with that, in that it's a choose your own adventure story without stats, but with choices that completely change the path of the story and lead to a large amount of different endings (Don't know the exact number, but there's more than 40 at least). Like other reviewers said, there are a lot of different pokemon here, and I had to search at least a few of them up on google images to get an idea of what they look like, but if you don't mind doing that or have a good knowledge of pokemon, it's not too annoying.


Overall, probably one of the best games I've played on here in recent memory. Absolutely reccomend playing.

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