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October 2011 (Fall)
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Version: Day 3

Witchery Hills
by zet

Witchery Hills is a choose your own adventer graphic novel created using Game Maker for the Fall 2011 contest. Gameplay is very similar to X-Change.

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Review by Spino2308

Version reviewed: Day 3 on 07/14/2014

Please please continue with this it looks freaking awesome


Review by naminenam

Version reviewed: Day 3 on 05/31/2014

i love what so far has happened in the game i wish more would be done hopefully the person who started this will continue it at least that my hope

Review by anoneemuss

Version reviewed: Day 3 on 12/30/2013

this was a fairly fun start, but that is all it is, there is not much game to play, unfortunately.

objectively this ought to be rated lower due to the lack of content.

Review by jethrojab

Version reviewed: Day 3 on 10/10/2013

Witchery Hills is probably one of the best TF games i've encountered, despite being on hiatus until further notice; I believe the creator is currently working on other projects. 

The VN-style, being a personal preference of mine, definitely contributed to my enjoyment of the game - the art assets seemed well implemented, the UI was functional with no real complaints to be had, and there were very few typos or other such errors to be found. 

It was both refreshing and fascinating; the game sets up a believable and intriguing plot (insomuch as a game with both magical and TF elements at its core could hope to aspire to), and yet it is obvious that it doesn't take itself too seriously - the origin story is a bit of a laugh, at least. Another factor that I very much appreciated was the lack of focus on the erotic content - compared to other, similar games (i.e X-Change), the plot is far more believable and the erotic content was, while present, completely non-focal to the development of the plot, nor was it something that occured with great frequency. I found this to be quite refreshing, as so many similar games simply foist as much sexual content on you as possible, devolving it from something that might have been genuinely interesting into pornography that half-heartedly tries to attach a story to it. 

One of the most enjoyable elements of this game, in my opinion, was the magic system - as primitive as it was in this early build, it still felt fantastic and, despite feeling ever so slightly gimmicky, gave me a sense of agency that most other games on this site do not, and would be something that I would very much like to see further implemented in later builds, should the author see fit to continue work here. 

All in all, Witchery Hills was, depite its lack of progress, a very enjoyable game, and is one that I will definitely be keeping my eye on in the future; I sincerely hope that I will one day be able to see this game in its completion. 



P.S: The Day 3 download appears to be broken, so I would recommend that should you wish to try it out yourself, you go to the discussion board and download the second day version. 

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