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Version: 2.0

Version: 1.0.0

Magical Panty Raid

"Magical Panty Raid" is a short game made in RPG Maker VX Ace. It focuses on the concept of becoming a twin to another character.

The player is tasked with searching for the undergarments of a girl of their choosing. Along the way they learn a bit about that girl's personality and eventually become an identical twin copy.

The game focuses on Brady, a young man who wants to revive the "panty raid" fad of the 50s/60s. To help him do this he's given a magic scroll that helps him break into any locked door. Brady chooses his targets from the nearby dormitory of the local all girls magic academy. Brady's objective is to break in and steal their undergarments, however, this does not quite go as he plans.

Brady - The player's character. A young man who wants to relive thequestionable stories his grandpa once told.

Pauline - Teacher’s Pet
Lucy - Heartless, spoiled rich girl
Meg - Sadistic School Bully
Ligeia - Goth girl who is into bad horror movies
Alice - Unpopular outcast
Shante - Attractive, outgoing Jamaican girl
Asaji - Shy Japanese girl with a creepy love of dolls
Bobby Joe - Feisty redneck redhead
Dawn - A girl hailing from a group of elementalists

Ms. Carter - The girls' teacher, a bright but scatterbrained young woman.

Ms. Harkgood - Current head of the school. A strict and non-nonsense individual.

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Review by Observin

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 03/13/2018

The concept are mostly the same about becoming twins, even though it has a bit different between route. But the contexts in it are alright. Some people might be bored because of the same pattern. But some are different from what you already see. I encourage you to find all ending.

(it has more than 16 if I judge from the number. However I'm not sure there's some mistake on number or not. )

Some transformation sections are pretty funny. Their stories are unique. If you are in the character stories, you might like this game. It doesn't have much for the game play, it has a little bit of puzzles. It's quite alright game in my opinion. 

It might has a little errors like, if you interact the same certain objects you might repeat the same event again (it's not that harsh, it's just little bit inconvenience. )

Review by Discharge

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 02/01/2017

Not exactly something you can get off to, but I liked it. Was able to unlock extra endings where you become more than just a twin by playing the quiz game. The other game, clown college, whatever that unlocks I'll never know cause level 3 is mean. I liked Alice.

Review by Jinseng

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 08/30/2016

I love this game and i'm just sad that I beat it (at least i think i did Ifound 16 endings total) every single story was so good I almost teared up at a few of the backstories with how sad they were, the writing is excellent though and my only complaint is that the game is finished I really hope to see more games from this creator as they have created and excellent piece

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 06/13/2016

Cute Short game. More like a Bunch of mini stories roled into one.

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