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The Order of Light

This is my first game, loaded with lots and lots of bugs, that may make your life hard.

Nonetheless I still try to exterminate them when ever I can and hope to make a working game out of it, some day in the future.

The game is about Niltaru and Hilde that go out on a journey after their friends had been enslaved and they rescued them.

They try to save the world from the witch Sintra that wants to have world domination.

Niltaru, a member of the order of light, finally gets her initiation into the order to be a full member of it.

But just at the time of the initiation something terrible happens. After fighting back the intruder, will

Niltaru and Hilde be able to rescue the worlds from the evil clutches of Sintra?

Niltaru: Main Heroine of the Story

Hilde(gard): Best friend of the main heroine, goes on the advanture with you.

Sintra: Villain of the story.

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Review by Firestar4555

Version reviewed: Final Version on 04/04/2021

kinda ok, till u get to the town across the sea, and run in to the 4 gaurd fight that u cant ever win at all, since they completely overwhelm you with in 2-4 turns

Review by Shayoko

Version reviewed: Final Version on 12/31/2017

Needs grammar/dialog improvement!

Review by blankmind

Version reviewed: Final Version on 12/29/2017

truly, one of the best games here. although it should have little to offer in terms of something new in terms of graphics, or sound The Order of Light still manages to insert some custom graphics, and sound creating pleasant surprise in this area, but still, the greatest strengths of the game lie in:


gameplay - fun, well balanced and paced with lots, and lots of unique quirks and mechanics with well balanced skills and abilities, making game extrmely enjoyable.


story - oh, boy the story. no, i should call it: THE STORY. well paced, full of choices, and choice based branching, filled to the brim with interesting, and multilayered characters, makes The Order of Light truly shining gem among other games. there also TONS of more or less obvious bad ends, hints to changes of the story... it's almost perfect.


the only drawback of the game are lots of bugs, but, fortunately - most of them aren't game breaking, but just amusing.


final verdict: 9/10 game setting high bar for any other production. definitely, recommended. get it, play it, and - if you can - support the author.

Review by ange37

Version reviewed: Final Version on 12/28/2017

Can you add the walktrough of the game. There are also bugs like the first village after the order was attaacks. Thanks

Review by McAron

Version reviewed: Final Version on 12/27/2017

Game has interesting premise but is BUGGY AS HELL: I can forgive a game braking bug that doesn't let you enter in one stopre at the beggining of the game or the fact that 'final' fight for enslaving maids is difficult. BUT! Why is it that when I am done with it all and come back to talk to Sintra conversation goes  seemingly normal but then protagonist approaches king and it repeats. After that I can't do ANYTHING, not move not go to menu NOTHING!
 Am I the only one with this bug? Because as it is game is literally unplayable.

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