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Version: V0.3

The Transformative House of Transformation Magic of Transmogriforia

This game is my first attempt at a RAGS Game, I have only just bought the full version and hope to make the game as good as I can, but as I said, first game so don't expect alot at first.

The basic premise is, if you pick up certain objects they will make certain endings activate.

Some items work on their own (producing instant endings), others react to one another, this can occur in two ways:

You pick up an item and it produces an outcome, you pick up another item and then pick up an item that causes and ending, but due to having the other item first it changes the final outcome.
(example: pick up Frying Pan, Fry Cook Ending, you pick up a Plate then pick up the Frying Pan, Fancy Restaurant Ending).

The other is to pick up two items that have no reaction on their own, but once you have both in your inventory the ending is played out.

Atm only one Item is active.

V0.3 has 2 Endings, one is Instant, othger requires picking up two objects that then trigger the ending.

In next update gonna either had a switch to unlock a new area, or an augment Ending, well two endings, an augment ending is as I said above, you get one ending for an item, or an augmented ending if you pick up that item while another item is in your inventory.


P.S. The long title is a bit of a joke, I wanted to have the word transform as many times as I could, not really thinking how it would make the name of the game a mile long, I might skim it down at a later date.

You are a Cop named Jake,

You are called to a house to pursue a suspect,

Sadly things arent as they seem,

Time to get TFed up.

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: V0.3 on 06/06/2015

Namely grammars and typos

No story. No background. No clues. Touch a thing and you are at game end, with a few images.

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