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Version: 1.4

The Hawkman
by IceHot

The Hawkman is an incredibly awesome game made with RPG Maker, and it is the living proof that the engine, when used with skill and passion, can give life to amazing artistic work.

This is the saga of Arugan, the single hawkman that survived the war against the humans that occurred years ago.
Follow the path of vengeance: devour the souls of pitiful creatures, crush both old and new enemies and, of course, make love with the lovely ladies that cross your way... all the way to destroy the human king and avenge your race, becoming the new emperor yourself.

Unlike most games of the genre, you control a single character: marching alone against overwhelming odds certainly serves to establish your status as a legitimate badass.

Your attributes don't grow as you level up, instead you get points that you can use to customize them the way you like.

The battle system is carefully thought out, all skills are impactful and all bosses require a different strategy to overcome.

However, what is most notable about this game, is the ability to devour the souls of your foes to become stronger, a truly unique and surprisingly fun feature.

With a deft writing that rivals even the greatest writers of our age and gameplay that puts AAA games to shame, The Hawkman offers an astonishing experience to those willing to give themselves in.

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Review by IceHot

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 11/15/2017

Sorry for the late reply, and yeah, the ice witch is supposed to be very hard as she is the last boss. Try grinding more souls and increase your speed/defense. I don't have a save with the stats I used to beat her anymore though. Also try playing around with the accessories, there is an amulet that increase your health by a percentage which can be very useful in the fight, also the berserker ring that gives life regeneration based on your attack, it will work even while frozen.




There is a spell that can disable the random encounters as long  you have mana to back it up. I will decrease the frequency next update, I know it can be annoying.




You have to find the 3rd sheet at the ice village INN. I forgot to make a thread, will make it now =P.




The cave is an extra boss, to leave the forest go to the tent and pick the rope, then use the rope to climb the hills. After climbing you go left then jump down.



Review by Mietitrice

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 10/02/2017

I know this has been up forever and that you may not see this even, but. How are you supposed to beat the witch, iwhen she does the ice prison she does 4600 hp even with the wings of power, dark shield, speed up on and then im frozen while she does another 3000 damage so i can't regen. In case you do see this, help please.

Review by tsubaru

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 07/30/2017

How do I get past the forest (after the orgy with the elves)? I am stuck at the crystal part

Review by srauls

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 02/07/2016

Like Bee said the encounters are to much and you will get to frustrated from getting from point A to point B. I like the story, but hitting an encounter every couple of steps I'm almost ready to give up on the game. This game needs some polishing before I would say it is complete.

Review by BEE

Version reviewed: 1 on 06/15/2015

Good mechanics and puzzles in this game. Enjoyable, even though the placeholder sexual content desperately begs expansion & visual aid. Though the battles are quite easy, thanks to liberal stat boost, they are encountered too frequently in the wild and can be frustrating when you're trying to get from point A to B.  On the whole, this game has the potential for greatness if developed well...

...since there is no discussion thread opened for this game, I'll just ask here: I'm stuck in the cave with all the levers (1 through 9). Found partially burnt sheet 1 and sheet 2... but then I have nowhere to go.



At the Ice Village INN? I thought I had to get past the levers puzzle to get through the forest to reach the Ice Village. I've explored all paths in the forest (including the elevated level using the rope. I'm stuck and unable to find the way to the other side.

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