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Version: Endless701 update

Version: Endless615

by Rfpnj


There is no transformation of the main character in this game. It is a game where the idea is to change the female character’s mindset. To let her get more sexually open through the breaking of her professional ethics. There is a fast-growing storyline about a MtF client that will see the first physical changes this year(2018) (mental changes, corruption)

 Feedbacks are very much appreciated! :)

More content will come in the future 

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Please download both links and unzip to same folder

You are a female Therapist


John Doe get 2 more weeks of content

Gloryhole in sex shop expanded

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Review by overseer

Version reviewed: Endless701 update on 08/08/2019

Like many others, I was genuinely not pleased with the update to such a well built game. 


However, unlike many others, I initially found this game in its infancy uploaded to gamcore.com, and the original is still uploaded there. It has ads, and a lot of them, but the site functions well.



Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: Endless701 update on 06/20/2019

I actually found the game better as a mindless fap game than what it's supposed to be.

As a narrative game, the earlier version of the game is actually better. (Note: You can no longer download the previous version--probably b/c the current dev doesn't like the negative comments and comparisons.) The stories and patient interactions were sometimes more twisted, and the execution was sometimes buggy, but they made more sense.

Now, for instance, rather than "Mary" embarking on a taboo journey we have "Mary" indicating her husband likes Femdom porn.  The resolution? . . . instead of "Mary" dominating her husband "Mary" dominates the therapist . . . . wait, what?? And you get that end regardless of what you tell "Mary." Which is basically a bug that just comes out of the blue. And oddly, "Mary" dominates the therapist the first time by essentially having her rape her husband.  Huh?? Not really sexy to me. Not even good pictures to fap to.

Some of the stories are unchanged from the previous version, but most are no longer as complete as they once were and they also make less sense.  Furthermore, now it's ALL about the therapist. Before, you could actually have the therapist be a good therapist and give good advice. Yes, you got the saintly end, but at least it provided the game with multiple play throughs.  By playing through again it allowed you to corrupt her and/or her patients at different stages and get different ends for the therapist. It was buggy, but not unsalvageable.

Now, the game is not about corrupting her or her patients, it's all about mindless sex and dominating the therapist in ways that rarely make sense.

Other problems.

There's no real dominance path in this one, while there was sort of a dominance path in the previous version.

Now, instead of having the option to play through and not deal with the landlord, you're forced to be raped by him since the game is designed so that you can't pay the rent. <facepalm> At least before, choosing not to pay the rent was a choice . . . an act of self-corruption or irresponsible money management. And it made sense that you might choose that path if you wanted to corrupt the therapist.

You also now have random bank errors. They make no sense and are included only to interfere with the therapist's ability to pay her bills. There are also threats of blackmail that seem to come out of nowhere.

So, if you like your fap material with a good story, the currrent developer has kind of ruined it. Don't ask me why . . . I just don't know. You can still fap to it, if that's your thing. It's just not anywhere near as good as it used to be. 

Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: Endless701 update on 11/06/2018

I just Unliked this horrendous mess. Does anyone have/can anyone point to a link to a version of this game from BEFORE it was ruined by the current meddler?


Review by mian_toris

Version reviewed: Endless701 update on 08/28/2018

Well this game has been ruined...

Review by Nemo

Version reviewed: Endless701 update on 08/27/2018


Still a buggy mess, and less and less entertaining with every iteration.  Play the original, skip the 'improved' version.  The new author just doesn't have the skills or storytelling ability to make this work.  


The new version is, with all due respect to the programmer,, a buggy mess.  It's much less fun to play than 0.15b because time and again you run into bugs, poorly thought out sequencing of events and odd formatting errors.  I like the idea of being able to play all content instead of having a time limit, but not at the cost of not knowing what's happening in the game.  Events trigger too soon or don't develop in a logical manner.

some examples:  a present arrived before she was willing to use it, and it showed up in her toy box afterwards with no way to employ it.  Same thing happened with the webcam- could not run all the way through because it's apparently now a one time event and she was not willing to finish the chain.  The webcam is in my toy box but I can't use it.  You can schedule a client for more than one day a week, which means you are stuck looking at the same content twice instead of fresh.  Clothing choices are not consistent in the way they affect events- they don't track consistently.  You see a picture of an outfit with no panties, and you get an event modification that indicates you are wearing them.  Stuff like this happens again and again and it ruins the fun.


Hopefully this will be set right soon, because this is too good a game to degenerate this badly.

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