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Fallout: Lust Never Changes

Fallout: Lust Never Changes


This is a VERY early proof of concept version of this project.  This is the kind of release that a lot of people complain about, it includes only character creation and a few locations that you can wander between.  There are no quests, npcs, or interactive content outside of the character creation proccess at this time.   The goal of this release is to get some initial feedback on the project as we get started working on it in earnest.  Future updates will include quests, NPCs, extensive naughtyness, combat, items, and a host of other features.


Please stop in the discussion thread and share your thoughts on the project.  All thoughts, comments, bug reports, and constructive criticism is welcome.


Update:  Hotfix to address some bugs that were reported.  Also added descriptions to base abilities.

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Review by GateKeeper

Version reviewed: on 06/25/2015

Version .01a


I'd prefer to avoid just taking pictures from the internet.  Too much chance that we will end up stepping on someone's toes.


Thank you for the links, I'll check them out later. 


That said, if you'd like to discuss things more, slip over to the game thread and make a post.  I'd be happy to chat and toss around ideas to your heart's content.




How much planning has gone into this?  I've been brainstorming this for several months now.  So there has been a lot of planning that has gone into this project.  And that's not even counting the time that my co-conspiritor has put into it as well.


The size and scope of this is a bit open at this point.  Minimum, its going to be on the same kind of scale as any of the games in the Fallout series.  However, we see no reason that we cant keep expanding the game once the main quest is completed.


About the Traits, I completely agree, but at the same time I intend to keep our options open.  Also, in addition to the regular Perks, I fully expect that there will be a host of sexual Perks created for the game by the time we are finished.


I'm actually largely unfamiliar with the Fallout 3/NV mods.


As for art, there's the possibility of some basic maps and backgrounds, but more than that is unlikely.  After all, I for one have almost zero artistic talent.


I'm glad that you have enjoyed the project so far, and thank you for the constructive criticism, I appreciate it.







In my defense, I said very clearly with this listing that there is little real content in this release and that this is NOT an alpha, but instead it is clearly listed as a CONCEPT release.


First, I'd appreciate it if you didnt call my projects (Or anyone else's for that matter) a "garbage project."  All of the authors here on this site spend their own time and effort to create something that they can share with the community out of the goodness of their hearts.  And unless you want to create a game to show us how to do it better, you're in no position to be spewing detrimental ignorance at anyone.


So lets create a bit of context here, unless you read much faster than most people, your target number of 10-15 minutes should be looked at much closer.  The average human being reads at a speed of 250-300 words per minute.  This project currently stands at roughly 6k words.  To read everything contained within this early concept project, at the high end of the average numan's reading speed, it would take most people roughly 20 minutes to read all of the content currently in the game, plus whatever time it takes for the player to create their character and navigate between locations.  Also, your "2 hours and never touch it again" is a bit off as well.  I probably had 4-6 hours of actual work into this release, then I probably have another hour worth of work into it towards bug reports and improvements since then.


The reason that many authors make early releases like this is for a little feedback and to get some of the great people around here to check for bugs that an author may have missed.  Thankfully, you are the minority here and I have already had several PMs and posts from individuals who wanted to share their enthusiasm for this project and report bugs that they found in the character creation system that I was able to repair now, instead of spending a month or more compounding the error until it would take hours to dig the broken code out of the game instead of minutes  (You all know who you are, and I cant thank you all enough for your support and help!)


Additionally, while you're writing a review that is generally unkind and unplesant, it also serves to make it obvious that you dont follow my other work.  In the time I have been working on various projects on this site, I have yet to abandon even one of those projects.  With one complete game under my belt, two others that see updates every 6 weeks (give or take), and two games in the top ten list of this site, you may wish to reassess your "alpha bullshit that never gets finished" comment, especially on the grounds that this is probably more content than any of my other projects have EVER had in their initial release.  I can understand a bit of frusteration about games that are listed as beta and only contain a couple hundred words, but this is not one of those situations. 


This project is clearly labeled, and there is ample warning in the game description.  Save your petty outrage for a project that actually deserves it.


Can anyone else tell that I'm tired?  And maybe just a tiny bit cranky this evening? 




Clothing system:


Right now, I havent even started to implement it.  However, I hope to have it in place for the first update (It will be added with the inventory system)  The clothing system will work much like the one in the games from the series.  However, unlike the games, I have every intention of expanding that clothing system significantly given time.  My intent is to add the first 2-5 clothing/armor options when the inventory system is put into place, then once that is done, it should prove simple to add a few additional items with every update.


Also, if you want to drop into the discussion thread, I'd be very open to suggestions for the kind(s) of clothes to include in the game as we move forward with the project.

Review by danglinhson

Version reviewed: on 06/24/2015

It's nice to see a promising project.But first,have you planned it throughly and make sure you aren't doing it on a whim ? How big are you preparing to make it ? With or without picture ? Will it be free roaming with a main quest or will it be a story with a few branches ? How often will erotic content appear (accidentally and deliberately) ? 


About making Fallout erotic text game, there are many sources for you to take a look at.

About the traits,Fallout 2 is all you need. Fallout 3 and New Vegas traits... half of them are too item dependent, while the other half have no effect on personality or gameplay whatsoever. 


Plus Fallout 2 traits sure give a retro feeling to gamers, aren't they ? 


Now you're going to make a EROTIC text game, not a normal text game, so traits like Sex Appeal and sexual reputation titles like Sexpert,Gigolo... etc... are very important, you might want to develop some branches -only- for those.

You might also want to refer to adult mods in loverslab and fallout 3 nexus,but personally I think you should just ask for help with the erotic content in forums or somewhere,request certain erotic situations you need,and focus yourself on the main storyline,that you will not be distracted and get bored with making the game.


Your project, although very early and basic, shows that you want to do it nicely,so don't be let down by the harsh words of others. I look forward to your future results.





Fallout 3 + NV adult mods are mostly to make the game similar to those erotic visual novels and erotic 3d animes,with the graphic quality good or bad depends on your graphic mods,so it's not that of a big deal,really.You don't need to pay too much attention at it. Truth be told, except for the graphic mods,the rest are a let down, they can't even be compared to just some erotic lines of text at Cat's pawn, Fallout 2 or some good mods for Neverwinter Nights.


About pictures,why waste your time to draw when you can just take it from some picture sites and put in a word of thank in your credit page ? for example :


In case you want some more pages to look for varieties, here you go:



Review by deadmanhunter

Version reviewed: on 06/22/2015

Great starting base, cant wait for the content to follow.

My only question is, whats the clothing system going to look like?

Review by Spino2308

Version reviewed: on 06/22/2015

A very firm base from which to proceed. all the elements are there they just need content. This will be a very decent game given time Well done

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