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Version: 1.0.1

Version: 0.1.15

Version: 0.1.04

Version: 0.1.03

Fallen Sky - Welcome to Purgatory

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and you play as a female protagonist who has found out her sister has become a slave.  Your goal is to enter the large shopping complex called Purgatory and find a way to rescue her.  The game does not have the usual transformations as other games instead you find your sister who has been transformed to some degree.

This is not a terribly long game or very open ended.  It does however feature 3 variations, each variation has your sister in a different part of Purgatory in a different state.

This game contains M/F, F/F, TG/F, M/TG, incest, gangbangs

This game may contain violence, coarse language and rather dark themes such as cannibalism.

Toward the end of the 21st century an asteroid passed by earth raining down shards of alien crystals and rock on the planet surface. The resulting barrage destroyed and contaminated large areas with strange radiation which killed or mutated all life within the area. With these places largely uninhabitable by normal life they quickly became thriving ecosystems filled with mutations as well as various alien plant life that had survived the long journey.

Society collapsed and anarchy ensued leaving the world a harsh inhospitable place filled with danger as lush jungle plant life slowly reclaimed the land it had lost. Nearly a hundred years later small outposts and towns have emerged where people struggle to survive in the harsh world.

Your name is Serana you grew up in a small safe town called Clear Water far from the radiation zones, mutations and raiders. The small town holds a population no larger than a hundred but the people have everything they need fresh crops, clean water and enough guns to protect them from the harsh outside world.

A month ago your little sister Serenity left the safety of the town seeking to explore the world. It was expected you wouldn’t hear much from her given the only communication between most settlements especially your own is crude handwritten mail delivered by passing traders. Still you find the silence unnerving and set out into the world to find her. After only a few weeks of traveling you get word that your sister has somehow became a slave and is currently residing at a massive complex called Purgatory the ultimate stop for every sinful denizens needs.

Here's a list of the endings and how to get them.


Ending 1 - Longing for the glory days

Speak to the Manager and let Serenity pay for her debt herself


Ending 2 – Incest and Swinging

Speak to the Manager and help Serenity with her debt then choose incest


Ending 3 – All’s well that ends well

Speak to the Manager and help Serenity with her debt then choose no incest


Ending 4 – Is the glass half full or half empty?

Find Serenity in Heavenly Pleasures as a well-endowed dickgirl and reject to help her when she asks


Ending 5 – Sisterly love

Find Serenity in Heavenly Pleasures as a well-endowed dickgirl and agree to help her when she asks


Ending 6 – The happy couple plus you

Find Serenity in Heavenly Pleasures as a flaccid dicked trap girl


Ending 7 – Stealing a spot in the slave cages

Fail at stealing 3 times at the casino


Ending 8 – Lords and Servants

Buy Serenity from the SAC with a golden ticket and reject being her mistress


Ending 9 - My Sister, My Slave

Buy Serenity from the SAC with a golden ticket and accept being her mistress


Ending 10 – The Family Life

Buy Serenity from the SAC (Small Alternate if you sell your womb)


Ending 11 - Brood mothers

Fail to rescue Serenity from the SAC


Ending 12 - The loyal harpy

Gather 12,000 credits and a golden ticket then choose to take Melody home with you


Ending 13 – The good, the bad and the insane

Gather 12,000 credits and a golden ticket then choose to take Yumiko home with you


Ending 14 – Together we serve

Fail getting Serenity out from Heavenly Pleasures using casual clothes


Ending 15 – The milk must flow

Save Serenity from Milk and Cream


Ending 16 – Welcome to the herd

Try to save Serenity from Milk and Cream with the help of the Saints of the Fallen Sky

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Albatros

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 04/23/2018

Sucks. Short, with all options, 15 minutes of play. Even half of the potential is not realized.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 03/14/2016

version 1.0.1

Lets say, Wow! It is unbelievable to see the once messy, newbie-writing, too-many-ideas-in-one-box and too-many-text-in-one-page game turns into something NEAT like this. A CYOA AIF with some nice elements of gaming.

To tell the truth, I remember this game. It had some nice erotic ideas, but I never expect this to finish because of its over aggressiveness, just like so many other conceptual games on this site. I was surprised to see this one turned v1.

I was simply hooked after starting the game. I played it 5 times for a span of 2 hours, getting 5 out of at least 16 different endings. The stories isn't very long. You are only given one in-game afternoon plus an evening to get your job done. It means that the goal is pretty focused. It was enjoyable.

For the author, I suggest adding more general bonus scenes, those you do not have to be-there-at-exactly-the-right-time to have something happened. Say, I really like the code I found. Oh, and I was hoping for something to happen in the modification department when I walk around with ten thousands dollars in my pocket.

Anyway, I think this is a must try for the 2016 spring season.


version 0.1.04

More ideas are added to the game... and the interface is getting messy. Too much text in one page makes it hard to read, especially if they are unformated placeholder. I think I won't be coming back until 0.2.

version 0.1.01

The game offers three routes at the very beginning and only one of them being partially filled. The game brankch off in such ways that it is like 3 different stories instead of 1.

Looking at the bright side of it, the first route has some interesting ideas which could be turned into interesting story. It is far too early to tell.

Review by Die Happy

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 07/09/2015

So far this looks promising. I like the setting and character setup.  The scetched out paths seem quite interessting.


Cant wait to see this fleshed out.

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