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World of Monsters

This is a game where you find yourself in a world mostly populated by monster girls and you have to make your way around and hopefully home. I plan to be something a zombie survival game but with mosnter girls instead of the undead.

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Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.09 on 01/10/2019

Stamina doesn't replenish at all for me. Can't do really any actions. Just aimless fighting with no goals. Also, you're missing images. Fought one of the cats in the forest and says missing rabbit1bat.png. Doesn't let me continue from there.

Review by darkestlink

Version reviewed: 0.05 on 12/21/2018

Very bare. the tutorial drags on and consists only of talking to the same two characters over and over again. it needs a skip button. sometimes when you enter the barn you get stuck there and this game sorely needs a submit ability for those who dont want to have to sit throguh a fight in order to see the tf. The tf itself is kind of bland with only simple description and a pallet swap. it shows a lot of potential but right now it needs a lot of work. I'm gonna keep an eye on it because it could be great when its more developed. 

Review by Unicron9999

Version reviewed: 0.03 on 12/08/2018

Can't play :< Every few seconds the error "Failed to load: audio/se/Cursor1.ogg" pops up.

Review by Blaziken

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 08/17/2016

er nice concept background
btw when tried to craft thing , one of se audio is missing
goes back to village and that guard lady back in position with same dialoque
key house can be used in battle then disappear and never come back~
for other maybe you're still making it right like dialoque on character

btw in this concept only fighting weremouse?
please add "submit skill" some may like to see their character transformed *cough* i mean died

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