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Version: 0.8.2

Version: 0.8.0

Version: 0.7.0

Glory Job Assesment

In a dark future the motherland overwatches your whole life. They set up a job assesment to determine which kind of job you will get.

Beast-Path, Scientist-Path, Scientist/Beast-Patch, Die of thirst-Path  and Futa-Path, Milk-Slave path are avaiable, Animal-Futa Path, Futa-Doc Path, Dignity-Path, Brainwash-Animal Path.


Don't mind if you run into the wrong ending. I can set up all ending triggers after I have completed all routes.


Please leave a feedback so I can improve my game. I do this game for you guys, so if you tell me whats good and whats not, its better for you all ^^

Be warned: If you don't like glory holes or impreg ... don't play it.


For further infos read the threat.

You life in a police state. The great motherland is watching every step you make, from cradle to grave. Recently you had your 18th birthday and to determine which place you will have in society, you have been send to a job assessment center. How will you decide? And how will that change your future?

You are a nameless female, but this isn't that bad, is it?

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Review by LordXorph

Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 11/04/2016

This was a really fun game, one that rewards multiple playthroughs. Keep up the good work!

Review by SwedishDragon

Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 09/01/2016

Was a fun game, albeit rather grindy after the first playthrough.

The "beast"/"animal"-paths really pushed my buttons.

A like from me.

Review by Klotidlak

Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 08/10/2016

I liked the game though if I were to consider it "real" there should be at least some variation in the questions that are given to you each day. Writing was indeed good, but else, after 1st play, it was only about discovering different endings (15 endings to discover).

Review by Trundle

Version reviewed: 0.7.0 on 01/07/2016

A clean interface with excellent descriptions. While the current content is not to my liking, choices ingame would have me believe a herm/SheM path is coming so i'm sure i'll  be back to check that out. All in all, deinitely worth keeping your eye on.


>8/22 update: Futa path is now complete, it's well written, sexy and a blast to play. For a newcomer, Hoheshaus has made something totally special here, and it's well worth play just for the futa content alone, there are two more paths coming soon, as well as a possible myriad of endings from mixing paths as they become available.


>1/7/2016 Update: Milk and Futa Mixture path has been completed, along with a healthy mixture of other content I've yet to breach. Author is still catering towards a certain subset of fetishes, which I find myself quite in the crowd of enjoying. As before, it still does require a little grammatical checking, but otherwise, the content is incredibly solid, well fleshed out, and for my tastes, incredibly enjoyable. 9/10 game.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 0.6.5 on 10/29/2015

Ok... So... Right now, at the moment, for me : This game is ''crap''.

Why ? Here's the simple reason :


While I don't know, if it does that on other browsers, this HTML game will **systematically** make Palemoon crash after the first phase of ''test(s)''... whatever you succeed the Mental test straight away or fail it but succeed on the Physical one, it will take Palemoon to hell.

I must also add that, for some strange reason(s), each pages seems strangely... heavy, like the HTML game is struggling to load them.


Whatever it is because of faulty coding or some incompatibility with Palemoon specifically, a more positive (and detailed) ''assesment'' will have to wait until the problem is solved.

N.B. : Note that while the download/file writes '0.6.5', the actual game says its version is '0.6.1' ?

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