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Version: 0.6.2

Adventure High

Adventure High takes place in a school that teaches Adult Students how to master their unique gifts for magic to survive in the wilderness beyond the city. The main character's gift, however, is that of Control, leading to the constant temptation for him, or her to use their powers on the people around them.

I can no longer export into flash, for some reason, so I have a new EXE version. There may be some issues at first; I will try to fix them as quickly as I can. You can find the current version here: https://hypnochanger.itch.io/adventure-high-hentai-game

Dan/Rosa: If you choose Male, you will play as Dan, and if you choose to be Female you will play as Rosa. He/She wanted to enter the school last year, but barely missed the 18 year old age limit before. Now finally able to join the school, they will have some hard choices ahead of them as they face the constant temptation to use thier power over others for their own benefit, or amusement.

Val: Val is a cheerful girl, with a fascination with 80's style. She is also Dan/Rosa's closest friend at the beginning of the game, and the first person to join your party... and perhaps, the first to fall under your power.

Sarah: Sarah is a powerful weilder of destructive magic, and will join your party early on. Although she has a lot of power, and confidence in it, she seems to have no aptitude or confidence in anything beyond destruction.

Ms. Rack: Ms. Rack is the Physical Magic instructor, and Val's aunt. She seems to go out of her way to keep Val out of trouble, but will not break the school's rules for her.

Mr. Drape: Mr. Drape is the Debilitating magic user, and sees not problem with using his magic on other students as a form of discipline. This year, however, he finally has Tenure, so you might want to keep on his good side.

Dr. Tiff: Dr. Tiff is the school's nurse, as well as the Support magic instructor. She is one of the most effective users of healing magic in the world, which has easily secured her possition as the schools nurse, but her bedside manner may be somewhat lacking. 

Jane: Jane is the Destructive Magic instructor, and one of the most laid back of all the school's facualty. She was chosen over even superior destructive magic users for her unusually calm attitude, but she might not be as safe as she seems...

Julia: Julia is an intelligent student who has a plan to graduate without once stepping foot beyond the safety of the first floor of the dungeon, and wants your help in carrying that plan out. Will you take her up on her offer?

Cassandra: Cassandra is a popular student specializing in debilitating magic. In order to keep her fans happy, she frequently picks fights with other students to demonstrate her superiority. 

Molly: Molly is a shy student with a gift for healing, and not a lot else. Not wanting to seem like a waste of time, she volunteers to help you learn to use your magic for some extra credit in Jane's class.

Erin and Eric: Erin and Eric are twins who operate a monster store. For most people, they offer services taming monsters for sale. For you, however, they are offering some work as a monster tamer as the monsters of the school's dungeon are unique from the ones found in the open. 

Rather than pasting the walkthrough every time, here's a link to the walkthrough. 


0.60 updates:

- 1 scene added to Bimbo lessons plotline.
- 1 scene added to Hospital Harem plotline.
- 1 scene added to Extra Credit plotline.
- 2 scenes added to Kate Charmed Rejection plotline.
- Transformed masturbation scene added for Sarah and Ashley.
- Transform spell can now be cast on Julia.
- Transformed masturbation scene added for Julia.
- Transformed Masturbation scenes for Molly and Jane for Jane's lessons plotline added.
- 2 scenes added to Jane's romance plotline.
- Kate can join party.
- 3 spells added for Kate.

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Review by Squirrelonomicon

Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 03/12/2021

This game is very good.  The characters are consistent, the writing follows a cohesive narrative even when the events are implausible.  Not to mention that the game is hot, too.


I really enjoy the idea  of being able to build relationships with characters organically while also having the ability to just throw it all away and take control at any moment.  The feeling of fragility that the characters have (aided by the strength of their backstories and characters)  makes me connect with them in a way many games on this website fail to.


Overall, the game is one of the best that I've played, and I definitely recommend that you try it.  It works on 32-bit capable macs through wine, just as a heads up to other mac-users out there.  To the people on current OS, I don't think wine works anymore, so you might be screwed.


Now because I am a greedy person who wants more from this free game, I will attach a list of things I would like to see more of.

  1. All of it.  The game is not finished yet, and only some routes have endings.  While all routes are pretty long and there are endings to be found within them, if you try to follow the default main path "tempted hero" to its completion, you'll hit a dead end.  The game won't tell you its over, but you'll stop seeing content after a while. This leads me to my second request
  2. Guidance.  While the game seems to be going for a more organic "Roleplay your character and see what happens" format, its very easy to lock yourself out of a good deal of content.  For example, you have to intentionally lose a fight to unlock Cassandra's "Submissive" path, or avoid certain notes (which are just tiles on the ground that trigger cutscenes) until you have the exact two party members with you that are in the exact correct state within their personal quests to begin Val's "willing slave" path.  While it's cool to have all of these hidden secrets, I would like a better way to find them that isn't reading through the wiki to find out these scenes even exist and then backtracking to figure out how to trigger them.
  3. Combat.  I actually like the combat.  The progression of "do thing to get better, rest to speed up" is fun and engaging.  However, it's also brutally hard if you're underleveled, which is a good thing.  I like being able to push the bounds of where I'm supposed to go, sneaking into later levels to get ahead, and occasionally getting punished by a fight that I can't win or rewarded with a ton of experience/progress.  There is even 1 character and at least 2 events that only trigger if you die to random encounters.  But for the majority of the game, if you lose, its just a quick return to the nurse's office and no real story.  While I definitely understand if this is on the bottom of the dev's priorities, I think it could be cool to see more "bad endings" or interactions like what happens when you lose to the plant girls for the different enemy types.  Or maybe even some sort of plot development with the nurse that happens as a result of waking up in her office so many times.

But yeah, these are my thoughts on Adventure high, sorry for talking so long

Review by vitegram

Version reviewed: 0.5.9 on 04/11/2020

All in all, I like the game.
The visual component is on top.
The plot is there and widespread, making the re-passage interesting.

There is also something that I do not like.
Fights. In my opinion, battles in such games are not needed at all. They are like cardboard in food - cheaply create volume, they can be chewed for a long time, but they are not good. Since the game already has an autoboy mode for companions, it is logical to add an autoboy for the protagonist. And it’s better to remove the fights altogether or add an item, give the result after a hundred fights.
The second point that I do not like is the ending of the endings too fast. There are not enough several mini-scenes showing the life of the protagonist after each of the "bad endings". This would double the aftertaste of the game.

Review by ghdhsdhh

Version reviewed: 0.5.6 on 08/30/2019

A truely brilliant game

Review by alguienquepasaporaqu

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 05/02/2019

Possibly the game i have played and replayed the most in this site. It seems development has currently paused, as core game is being ported to another engine. However, this version has a lot to do in it, and a lot of ramifications.


When replaying it, if looking for some specific events, use the guides. There are lines and scenes particulary difficult to get by chance or logic, as it is easy to mess up.


Its a fantastic game.

Review by EthanK

Version reviewed: 0.4.9 on 07/26/2018

This game has coma loooooong way since a much earlier version that I vaguely remember playing. The new artwork is fantastic and I had no problems with the writing which I can be quite critical of. There's a ton of content for a game with so few likes in the Alpha stage and it's very well done and is definitely worth a couple playthroughs . Seriously, play this game!


It has it's flaws to be sure, again it's in Alpha. The save system is... odd and the menus just feel off but they function well enough. The most glaring issue is how easy it is to miss things, simply not knowing what to do next or locking yourself out of content because of a decision you made very early in the game. I'm all for decisions having consequences but I'd like to see more than one way to trigger certain things.


Looking forward to future updates and love the track this is on!

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