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Version: 1.22

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Version: 1.13

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Version: 1.11

Version: 1.10

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Version: 1.06

Version: 1.05

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Version: 0.60

Version: 0.54

Version: 0.53

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Version: 0.253

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Version: 0.20

Version: 0.15 - Cumslut

Version: 0.13

Version: 0.12

Version: 0.11

Version: 0.1

Choker Change

Your boring job and your boring life are only interrupted by the occasional weekends with a prostitute that has become your friend beyond her profession. You use her services regularly, when she decides to change things up. And things certainly start changing.

Choker Change is a basic MtF transformation game from the perspective of the victim. The protagonist is addressed as "you" and lives through many different TF themes you can influence. In this interactive story, you'll be the victim 99% of the time. Don't expect to come out more dominant than you came in. If you want something like that, Choker Change is probably not for you. If you enjoy submissive, slow, forced transformation with terrible odds of resistance, come a little closer.

While transformation itself is inevitable, you can impact how strong you are changed and can decide if you don't want some things changed. You want to keep your dick and stay a shemale? That's absolutely possible. You don't like the big tits the game endowed you with? Well, you'll have to carry them for a while, but there'll be a chance to get a breast reduction. Your character is not perfectly mouldable as this is not an alter ego creator, but there are plenty of chances to influence the specifics of your transformation.

Will you succumb to femininity? Or will you come out ahead and eventually turn the tables on your captors?

The most prevalent transformation themes are male-to-female transformation, male-to-shemale transformation, slow transformation, forced/involuntary transformation, mental changes & mind control, bimbofication, cum addiction and race change (caucasian to asian). Some minor themes are maids, fucking your boss, lactation, tight/shiny clothes, submission, for example. Different play styles may cause you to miss certain transformations. If you do miss something you absolutely wanted to hit, don't worry. Just post in the thread asking for help. I have a tendency to respond to everybody, and even if I don't, there are plenty of friendly people around to help you out.

There is now a Google Forms survey that I plan to keep running for a long time, probably. If you don't like dealing with Google, I understand, but if you feel like voicing your opinion on my stories hosted on TFGS or elsewhere, I'd appreciate hearing it. Simply click on this link and fill out the questions, only if you're interested and have the time: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NcluzvD4bXF5yzc9CAK3RwW1Q-DPNZg0tmEYo_HuQ2A/viewform Please be honest and only take the survey once!

Somebody seemed confused so I'm putting some info about it here: I have also written multiple linear, traditional short stories. You can find links to them in this pastebin: https://pastebin.com/7fvprTTr

Old versions of Choker Change can be downloaded on the left. For the MEGA links, this folder contains all the old versions: https://mega.nz/#F!oFAjzbgS!DRyJNqouLLhn_aOVixhElQ

You - The Protagonist (of course!)

Bonnie/Bridget/Bunny - The Prostitute

Robert - The Boss

...and some others that might give away too much at the start.

Update 1.22:

  • One passage didn't yet have the reworked breast variables. Of course. Fixed that (though the bug made for much better writing).

Update 1.21:

  • Three broken if-clauses fixed. Of course.

Update 1.20:

  • Bimbo Sister Mode finally has content on the Plastic Fucktoy path. It runs until the end of Week 2, Day 3 and sports roughly 40,000 words.
  • Breast/Lip implants are no longer mandatory if you have above 7 Brain Drain/Addiction, unless the Forced Genital Change option is activated.
  • Drop shadow has been added to dialogue for Cumsluts, Désirée and Alternative Random NPC.
  • Reworked how some incremental variables are handled (breasts, lips...).
  • Cheatsheet added.

Update 1.13:

  • Pregnancy overhaul caused endings to fuck up. Fixed.

Update 1.12:

  • Various bugfixes.

Update 1.11:

  • One major and two minor bugs fixed.

Update 1.10:

  • Early Genital Change implemented (at the end of Week 1).
  • Week 4 Contraceptives scene improved.
  • Endings while wearing the Fetish Slut Choker have been made a little harder.
  • Tiny preview for the Bimbo Sis mode. Requirements are included in the Tutorial/FAQ in the in-game sidebar.

Update 1.08:

  • Yet another bugfix. Sorry. Here's to a bug-free 2017.

Update 1.07:

  • Another left over debug line caused problem and was promptly removed.

Update 1.06:

  • Fixed the Victory endings.
  • Fixed an issue with getting a vagina at the end of Week 3.

Update 1.05:

  • Old bug resurfaced somehow. Fixed.

Update 1.04:

  • Really huge bugfixes.

Update 1.03:

  • Multiple bugfixes.

Update 1.02:

  • Critical bugfix.

Update 1.01:

  • Bugfixes galore.

Update 1.00:

  • Here we are. Main story finished.
  • Some colour changes.
  • Some bugfixes.
  • Merry Fapmas.

Update 0.61:

  • Fixed bug in the Lucas Neutral encounter.
  • Fixed bug when using handcuffs on Week 4, Day 4.

Update 0.60:

  • The story now runs until Week 4, Day 4. Sorry about the small update, I don't know when the next one will be.
  • FAQ/Tutorial added to sidebar.
  • Some rebalancing (Week 4 slightly easier, Bimbo Week slightly easier; the Saturday Blowjob was way too punishing)
  • Fixed a bug where choosing Cumslut first would leave you with less money
  • Fixed a bug where the Week 3 Vagina Surgery didn’t work as intended
  • Fixed a bug where the Ass Implant Surgery wouldn’t give you an ass implant (kek)
  • Fixed miscellaneous small bugs (mostly formatting errors)

Update 0.54:

  • Fixed contraception bug
  • Fixed formatting error in Week 1

Update 0.53:

  • Some bugfixes (as always)
  • Implemented contraception for Week 4
  • You can now voluntarily get fucked by the fucking machine (dildo trap), even if you would normally be smart enough to avoid it.
  • You can now avoid visiting the brothel on Week 3, Day 5, and instead pick up a fifth client of your choice. To be given the option, you need AT LEAST Obedience 4, and you may not be the Thai Ladyboy.
  • Sloppy Slut modified to be a Cumslut tattoo
  • Tight Clothes fetish on Week 4, Day 3, with a penis modified. You can now choose to be humiliated by the experience instead of feeling like a goddess. If you have the Superhero Clothing fetish, your outfit will just get very tight and cause your boyclit to peek out of your panties for a similar effect. Text will say you feel like a constantly available slut. All of the text is flavour, and has no real gameplay difference, you just get the Tight Clothes fetish.

Update 0.52:

  • Several medium bugfixes. Fixes broken portions during the day at the Japanese-themed bordello.
  • Added four new tattoos: Sloppy Slut, Naughty Nympho, Voluptuous Vixen (Bimbo) and Princess Oral (Cumslut)

Update 0.51:

  • Several small bugfixes

Update 0.50:

  • Week 4 now available until the end of Day 3
  • Balancing/fixes (regular customers in Week 3 didn't pay any money, Week 2 - Cumslut was really tough on the Hunger near the end)
  • Formatting fixes for past weeks
  • New Tattoos (will be expanded further)

Update 0.45:

  • New scene implemented, as suggested by subli. If you don't lose the quiz, have less than 7 Brain Drain, and Bunny as your rival, she will have this new scene with you when she suggests you get breast implants. Hint: The 'Forced Genital Change' option has an effect here!

Update 0.44:

  • Fixed the new Settings option (only worked for Bonnie)
  • Fixed formatting changes in Twine/Sugarcube HTML

Update 0.43:

  • New Settings option for tablet users to disable the clickable pictures in the Clothing Choice scene at the start of Week 3
  • Bugfixes
  • Money fixes

Update 0.42:

  • Sugarcube updated
  • Bugfixes
  • Ass Lover gave you a pendant, but it didn't have a picture or description, which was fixed

Update 0.41:

  • Bugfixes
  • Little money rebalance

Update 0.40:

  • Week 3 completed (finallyyyyy)
  • Implemented hair dying at the end of Week 2
  • Fixed a bug in Week 1 (variable got twisted around)
  • Pussy acquisition has been modified (spoiler: you now only require Brain Drain + Addiction >= 8 to get the offer, and if you leave the option "Forced Genital Change?" active and have Brain Drain >= 5 + Addiction >= 5, a pussy will be forced onto you)
  • Probably some other bugs I fixed and forgot about, because I'm a humble motherfucker with a big-ass dick (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHvE2UV2xdw)
  • Updated to a new Twine version
  • Updated to a new Sugarcube version which implemented a super useful debug mode a couple months ago. Thank you Sugarcubeman! (Thomas Michael Edwards, aka TheMadExile, if I'm not mistaken)

Update 0.35:

  • Major bugfixes, even massives bugs from Week 1
  • Some Week 3 content for anybody willing to spoil themselves.

Update 0.30:

  • Cumslut -> Bimbo path runs until the end of Week 2/beginning of Week 3
  • Several rewritten segments, especially a couple with Lucas
  • Bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes
  • First larger implementation of the lisping feature, available for the whole week
  • Stat adjustments
  • Lip implant and piercing specific sex scenes/segments (might be expanded still)

Update 0.27:

  • Bugfixes
  • Formatting Corrections
  • Lisping after lip implant surgery now included

Update 0.26:

  • Revised some passages (e.g. Implant scene) due to request
  • Bugfixes
  • (Crushed) hopes and dreams that these bugs will stop reproducing

Update 0.25

  • Bimbo -> Cumslut path runs until the end of Week 2.
  • Third transformation and setup for new job at the end of Week 2.
  • Last name changes according to performance in Week 2.
  • Several rewritten segments, amended segments.
  • Butt stat (you wouldn't be complete without a juicy ass, would you?).
  • Breast-specific sex scene.

Update 0.20

  • Bimbo path runs until the end of Week 1. 
  • Static clothing/makeup system implemented. 
  • Rebalanced lollicocks/cum-eating (don't know if it's better or worse now). 
  • Update to Sugarcube Release Candidate 1.
  • Removed debug lines from TWO passages that I had forgotten in there, oh my.
  • The usual spelling corrections and small rewrites.

Update 0.15 - Cumslut:

  • Cumslut path now runs all the way until the end of Week 1.
  • Fixed a clothing-related bug on the Cumslut path.
  • Minor spelling corrections.

Update 0.13:

  • More font colour changes.
  • Minor bugfixes.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by renenarciso

Version reviewed: 1.22 on 06/13/2022

Pretty great, one my all-time favorites. This one has everything that I like in a game. I particularly love it that the author included a "quick genital change" option for people like me, who'd rather have a faster, "full" transformation into a woman, instead of spending half the game in a intermediate form. The only minor complain is the lack of pictures and gifs.

Review by Dranylis

Version reviewed: 1.22 on 04/22/2022

Definitely love the story. Unique and inventive. The one Draw back is no illustration. can't wait for future updates with pics.

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: 1.22 on 04/01/2020

yeah, not my thing at all... i stopped reading shortly after the choker was put on.  That woman is compleatly phychotic... it was such a jarring turn around. She went from a sweat girl who just happens to be a prostitute for whatever reason, to a total nut job who needs locked up for the safety of others. It threw me off and just made me not want to continue. 

Review by slaveonline23

Version reviewed: 1.22 on 04/18/2019

Realy nice game! great writing. But joining the call for more pictures!

Review by Bewbsftw

Version reviewed: 1.22 on 01/21/2018

Awesome game, great writing, nice fetishes, and good pacing, although I'd like a it to have a crapload more images. :D

Also, if I may suggest adding a pregnancy route, something like a preggo collar which makes pregnancies 30x faster. Would be fun as hell. :D

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