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Version: 0.10.7

Version: 0.10.6

Version: 0.10.5

Version: 0.10.4

Version: 0.10.4 rendered art

Free Cities

If you are using one of the art options, please update to the latest hotfix if one is available by downloading the latest version of the base game and placing it in the same directory as the .html that came with the art option. The .htmls file included in the art options are not always up to date.

The devblog includes the full changelog for each update. Please leave all questions, feedback and bug reports on the devblog. There is a thread in the develoment forum, here, but I check it much less often than the blog.

The Play In Browser button to the left is updated by TFGamesSite. I do not control those updates, and the version hosted is often obsolete. The game is a plain 10mb .html, and I strongly recommend downloading and playing the latest version.

I now have a PatreonPlease consider it a tip jar, not support for faster creation of more content. For now, this is fun for me and I will do it regardless of how much is or is not pledged via some crowdfunding site. My hesitations about setting up a Patreon were worry that it might drive the fun out of this; let's keep it a tip jar and nothing more, and that won't be an issue.

Free Cities is a text-based slave management game in Twine 2, and it's my first game. The player character buys, sells, trains, uses and transforms a stable of slaves. Unlike many of the games on this site, the player character has no transformation options at all, and is almost entirely out of focus. Most of the standard slave fetishes are present, but please note that the game takes a more realistic approach towards slavery, meaning that non-consensual content is a significant part of what's present.

According to the site's definition, this is a beta because it's playable. Personally, I'm calling it an alpha because it isn't feature complete and is still very buggy. If either of those things bother you I strongly recommend coming back later; the game is progressing rapidly.

These are the known bugs present across versions. I will keep this post updated; if it's included here, I know about it and don't need to be told.
  • Odd slaves with names like $activeSlave.slaveName will occasionally appear. This is usually due to bad random event code: if you can tell me what random event preceded the bugged slave appearing I can find the problem. When this happens, you should load a previous save.
  • Saving the game and then using the enter key will both reopen the save interface and advance play. To avoid this, click inside the game window after saving
  • Players will see the same random events more frequently than I'd like, because there aren't enough of them yet.
These things will never be added to Free Cities.
  • Detailed customization of the player character. I would love to add this but it would make coding scenes more complex than I can handle.
  • Slaves referred to as "he." This would be a huge coding hassle and push outside the bounds of author appeal. The in-game encyclopedia explains the Free Cities approach to slave gender in some detail.
  • Extreme fetishes such as scat and guro, and underage content.
  • Anything not likely to be medically common in the next ten years. This means no limb transplantation or age acceleration, for example.
  • Any content focusing on the player character's or his slaves' offspring.

Very little: this is an open-ended slave managment game.

The out-of-focus player character, implied to be male; and his chattel.

An in-game encyclopedia explaining the game world and how to play is included.

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Review by d101232

Version reviewed: 0.10.7 on 08/08/2018


but i do have some suggestions for the game

such as a cow bikini with a headband that as horns and cow ears attach to it and to go with a cow tail butt plug <- this could go with the cowbell collar that's already add and the bikini top can leave the nipples expose for milking(doesn't have to thought) 

another is a eastern outfit ie a kimono and/or china dress to go with the western outfit

thirdly a sultty cop outfit sense there is a school girl a nurse and maid outfit even business suit this just seams to fit

and finally a growth drug for height and maybe vagina because we already got boobs butt lips clit dick balls why her height makes it easier than surgery

especially when get a slave that's one cm tall 

oh and one more think i don't personally need it but for the people who do a imperial system option ie feet and inches


Free city is awsome the game well made the writing is execellent

the opinions between one hand and two and is nice and handy for those who just want to play to jerk off  

and those who want a slight business/economics simulator with there pornographic game

if there anything really missing from the it would be pictures al least for the events i was thinking of silhouette drawings of whats going on ie detailed or semi-detail backgrounds

silhouette people but that's just me other than that the game is really well made i'll give it a five star rating across the board


i have a few more ideas for free cities 

firstly a forthel (cafe +  brothel) which is a think somewhere in the states that could be something and could work

and secondly maybe more personnal assisant upgrades such as the sex mashine having arms a head set and can fuck like a real person


holiday events! like christmas or new years or even halloween this could come with outfits exclusive to the season so if fall ends the halloween outfit goes

this could be nice to addtion 



Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.10.7 on 06/28/2018

This is a big financial management game with a lot of custmization for your slaves, your buildings, your philosophies, and so on. Along with that you get short sexy interludes with your slaves where you enjoy the perks of your job. Can you play this if you're just wanting a bit of story and sexiness? Maybe, but this is really a management game. If this is your sort of thing then there's enough content here to keep you going for lots of hours.

Review by doomboot

Version reviewed: 0.10.7 on 03/01/2018

I like the game, but I think the UI could be a little bit better. A lot of hidden menu items and maybe a redesign in a letter relese would clear that up. Other than that I really like this game and have spent hours exploring and thinking how best to grow and manage things. I am looking forward more updates and content. When I get the extra disposible income I'll donate to the patreon. 

Review by Legionnas

Version reviewed: 0.10.7 on 09/18/2017

So far the game is excellent to play and very interesting.

there seems to be some sort of bug with the rule assistant system that keeps popping up ever time its used no matter what I try except for not using the rule assistant system which is annoying because that would mean having to go through each and every one of your girls to apply the right changes manually. here is one such example
SOURCE: Free Cities v

"Rules Assistant"

$XX=null, $XY=null, $implanted=null, $modded=null, $old=null, $pure=null, $slim=null, $stacked=null, $unmodded=null, $young=null

$XX=null, $XY=null, $encyclopedia="Personal Assistant", $implanted=null, $modded=null, $nextButton="Back to Main", $nextLink="Main", $old=null, $pure=null, $r=1, $slaves={"1":{"currentSummary":0},"3":{"currentSummary":0},"4":{"currentSummary":0},"8":{"currentSummary":0},"11":{"currentSummary":0},"12":{"currentSummary":0},"13":{"currentSummary":0},"18":{"currentSummary":0},"21":{"currentSummary":0},"24":{"currentSummary":0},"25":{"currentSummary":0}}, $slim=null, $stacked=null, $unmodded=null, $young=null

Review by Dragon_ANGL

Version reviewed: 0.10.6 on 08/10/2017

A very excellent game. 4.5/5, if only because it isn't "finished" yet.

I don't know why I haven't reviewed it yet, but...here it is. It's a sandbox game, meant to encapsulate just a few years before an apocalyptic event - the last few years of the Bubble, Living the Dream as it were, before a horrendous Great Depression that humanity might not make it out of. YOU (the PC) are never directly seen, this helps cut down on complexity (which is okay) and helps it be YOU the player, aiding with roleplay. Granted, it assumes that you are fit and smart enough to keep the arcology running.

Each arcology is a miniature city of its own, whether out in the countryside, in the midst of a decaying metropolis, just offshore like one of the few artifical islands currently around, or anchored to the sea bed, far out at sea. Each location has its benefits and consequences, so if you prefer lower slave costs, go Urban or Rural, but if you prefer high social independence, offshore or oceanic is the way to go.

As you develop your reputation, you can help lean the society of the arcology to what your slave ideal is: Hucows, youthful or mature, pregnant slaves or buttsluts, and so on. One important thing to note, is that ALL slaves are regarded as female. 'Bitches' and 'Sissies' are females, as well as musclegirls, girlcows, and MILFs, even if they have a cock. Personally, I tend to go for Paternal, Arabian, Pastoral, Asset, and Purity, since there are 5 society chances maximum, and some negate another society choice (Youth and Mature choices are opposed, for example).

Different types of transformations are allowed, whether you prefer implants, growth hormones, and/or surgery.

Different events are within the game as well, from Random Non-Individual Events (dealing with the arcology as a whole, or your interactions with the arcology), to Random Individual Events (dealing with you and your slave(s)), to Scheduled (storyline) events.

Speaking of the storyline, there IS an overarching line. The arcology you are part of (spoiler, highlist to read) will come under attack several times. Keeping cash available for options and events is highly recommended, as well as upgrading your arcology.

Yes, the game is in Beta. But..it's also in constant development, from the main creator as well as many modders with the GitHub, of which the main creator occasionally adds in to the main game, so the player doesn't need to go collect all the mods on their own - that said, the added content has a toggle ingame.

Lastly. For those with bug reports, suggestions, or other comments, the blogspot is a much better place for them than here, as the creator has stated.

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