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Version: B

by Kotep

It's your birthday, and you wake up to find that your girlfriend (who is a sorceress, but that's no big deal) has turned you into a girl (which is also no big deal.)  Things get interesting, though, when you find that she's left three gifts for you, from which you'll pick two, and be transformed accordingly.

A quick Twine CYOA-style game with branching paths and six endings.

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Review by Senko

Version reviewed: B on 09/21/2015

Hmmm bit short for a proper analysis major drawback so far in my opinion is that the choices don't really seem to match the endings. You at one point are given the choice of girly, slutty, classy but as far as I can tell the outcome seems to be impossible to get a "normal" girl ending you can be a housewife, a stripper, excessively horny, a ditz and that's it. I'd have thought classy + girly in some combinatio would = normal girl but apparently not. On the other hand the content is well written and enjoyable.

Review by Arael

Version reviewed: B on 09/21/2015

The writing is great. The story is short, complete, and erotic. The only (minor) critique I have is that the consequences of the choice of presents is not particularly obvious—but then as the player you can just experiment, trying out different choices and discovering the (kinky) results.

Review by gearlordex

Version reviewed: B on 09/20/2015

Nice and short, but it is to the point and describes your transformation(s) well. Great game overall!

Review by jb2323

Version reviewed: B on 09/19/2015

This is a great, if short, CYOA game. Pretty much all the praise goes to the writing. It's descriptive and fun.

Review by Slarkki

Version reviewed: B on 09/19/2015

Tame and very short 'game'. Not really my type of game but I see no reason why people shouldn't give this a try. Due to the shortness, tameness and very limited choice pool I can't actually 'like' this one but someone else may very well find it to suit their tastes.

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