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Alice in the Darkness (Demo)

Alice in the Darkness is a work in progress remake by Satsuki of their original game of the same title. It features original character illustrations and horror inspired gameplay.

Rikuya Fumizuki (name choosable) has fallen into a strange, alternate world, with no memories of how he arrived. Even stranger is his new appearance: a blonde-haired young woman, whose physique is not a good match for the challenges he'll soon face...

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Review by Ayami

Version reviewed: Demo on 03/20/2018

Good game, but will this be updated?

Review by benwolf0

Version reviewed: Demo on 09/23/2015

this game was a lot of fun keep up the good work.

Review by aaronexe

Version reviewed: Demo on 09/23/2015

Scarier than any of those tragedies known as "Five Nights at Freddy's" and I only made it to the third map before I had to stop because MY heart rate went up.

Review by soap1

Version reviewed: Demo on 09/21/2015

Like most people have been saying the demo is short, but what the demo does in that short amount of time gets me hooked and wanted more.

While going through the story you encounter dangours wildlife or areas most of which can kill you right away. Finding away around these events is key so is keeping your hreat rate from going to high by walking into cold water springs or standing still.

So far I like the direction this is going and hope to see more / it be completed.  One complaint is all the death screense seem to be the same regardless of how you died. 


If you like RPG maker type games where its drop down and you can control you character you most likely enjoy this just out of it being comparable. 


Play th is game!

Review by Sharl

Version reviewed: Demo on 09/20/2015

Gee, judging by the crying going on in some of the other reviews, I thought for a moment there that I had wandered into the wrong website. Fortunately, a quick check confirmed that it was still "tfgamessite.com" and not "everygamemusthavebimbosex.com". Similarly, a check of the game itself confirmed that there's at least one transformation present and thus the game is where it belongs.

This demo is short and to the point. You begin at Point A and proceed from there to Point B, then to Point C, and so on. At each point, there is a puzzle or brief challenge which must be solved before one can proceed to the next point. The puzzles present in this demo are all very simple and one won't find much in the way of challenge thus far, but it is a demo and one which begins at the earliest (and one may assume easiest) point in the game; the difficulty will hopefully increase as the game progresses.

The original artwork the author did for the game is quite nice and the technical aptitude they use to perform neat tricks with the Wolf RPG system is pretty interesting. Some of the traps are sudden and mercilessly brutal, which may be a problem for those who are determined to have a flawless playthrough on their first attempt. For those of us who prefer to explore all of the side paths before proceeding (including the game overs), this is kind of a blessing in disguise.

My interest has been sufficiently piqued to keep an eye on this one and hope that future releases are quick and offer more content before cutting off. That said, if you're simply cruising for a game in the hopes of seeing some boobies and stale lesbian sex, keep cruising -- this one isn't for you. However, if a game which combines some kind of acid trip Wonderland, a TGed hero(ine), and Clock Tower-style survival horror sounds interesting, then by all means take this one out for a spin and see if it sings for you.

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