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Version: 0.0.7

Ashes to Ashes
by Yaxy

Ashes to Ashes is a daily routine game that follows the Life of former Ron Normin, who finds himself in the body of a female student of Rebecca Ashton (Private) High School. he has to come to terms with her body, his own sexuallity and if he really wants to be a girl... and he has to find out why the heck he is a girl all of a sudden.

The Character Creation is intended to be somewhat confusing. SLS did complain about this in the thread and deobfuscated it in the thread. :roll:

This is still a concept!

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 10/14/2015

A story telling game with a few unimportant choices here and there. At the current stage, it seems like more a tutorial to me, and in that sense it is good where you get a hang with your character, timetable and everything one by one.

I get the feeling that there is a long way before any real content is coming out.

Review by swickdick

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 10/02/2015

interested in seeing where this goes.

Review by hellgate2

Version reviewed: 0.0.11 on 10/01/2015

to figure out the game play once then you will see how the questions change your character and the corresponding order of each question affect each part . not really sure where the game is going with out more content

Review by Blauz.

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 10/01/2015

I tried it, too. It is well worth my attention. In fact I will be watching for updates. 

I found this game by looking at the usual places (Games Posted on the Home Page), wondered about the reviews and read the thread (my download is limited so I can't just grab everything). 

One plays a pupil who is none too loved in one's class and who has as of now to run a test to determine sex, heritage and physical attributes. That test is a fresh uproach and quite interesting. I think there will be some more hints either in the game or in the thread about which choice nets what result, but flying blind is for now fun, too. 

What ever happens to he new you is yet to be decided in the next update. 


Review by Jupiter

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 09/30/2015

I tried it. Not worth your time. No transformations happen. 

Nothing really coherent or understandable is going on so far. I'm not excactly sure what kills the main character or why your character is makeing these choices. You have no way to gauge one choice against another when litterally they are just colors like blue, red, brown, etc. The review before this one praiseing the writeing style makes me suspicious of its origin. The writeing seems to me more like somebody who knows the story in his head more or less but forgot to give that information to the reader. So things just happen.

Also starting out with a random hitler reference, seemingly without purpose doesn't make much sense. I'm not offended by the word hitler, but it seems so out of place.

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