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Version: 1.0c

Tales of the Drunken Cowboy, chapter 1

Tales of the Drunken Cowboy is an adventure/RPG hybrid, which will put players in the Shoes of Celeste Blake, a famous mercenary, and her struggle against her VI corrupted by a virus. The theme is mainly mind control and bimbofication (although one of the npcs will go through a M to F transformation, if you happen to take on a certain quest), so it's very lightweight on the TF side. As with all my games, this isn't password protected, so feel free to look around (and see my terribly poor scripting abilities).

Note: I use RAGS 2.4.14 The game should run fine under the 2.4.16 version, but if you are experiencing problems, you can try downloading the 2.4.14 version from my blog:


Another thing: there is also a web version for this game, which doesn't require the RAGS player (it might have some bugs, but someone helped me to make it work, so it should function as intended). Some things to keep in mind if you opt to use the web version:

If you use the IE and want save/load double click runit.cmd. This should start the server and the IE automatically. To stop the server activate the window and press a key.

It requires Firefox version 22 or later and IE version 9 or later. Haven't tested other browsers yet, but it uses afaik only standard web APIs, as long as they are supported we should be good.



Should the link ever stop working, check the wiki

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.0c on 08/28/2016

The old TotDC famous for her well paced story in a relatively free medium size world and numerious interesting mini-games.

You are a famous bounty hunter that is tricked with an affected virus in your inplant core what is trying to corrupt your mind any time and you are on your way to rid of it. There is a careful balance on erotic material and focused game play. There are hot pictures from time to time. The open world is also carefully shaped so that you are not facing the big bad boss when you are still green.

If you are having trouble with the game, there is a walkthrough covering most of the game.

Review by ares76

Version reviewed: 1.0c on 08/27/2016

as much as I love this game, it has one of the most fucked up dead end I have seen!!....at one of the main mission brach, with Demon kidnapping and the building under construction, I just hit hard that fucking dead end!!...took hours and all possible ways of hiding( stalls, crate, cabinet, shadows, inside or behind) and still same shit dead end!!...at least update the Wiki page and delete that cheat from version 0.7( Damon inside crate, Celeste inside cabinet): it's worthless and works no more, just a useless hint to add up to the misery of hopeless trying!!!

Review by JohnnyOla

Version reviewed: 0.94 web version bugfix on 05/03/2016

This is absolutely one of the best erotic games i have played, and that, in an unfinished state. The story is very creative and believable which is sort of rare in this genre, the characters are fun and well crafted and make you want to spend time with them and explore their scenes no matter if erotic or otherwise, the world is cohesive and intriguing, but sadly most planets are not as fun to explore as the starting planet, but the starting planet alone already offers enough in itself to make this game worth your time. The best part about this game is the creative idea of alice, having the "villain" within you makes for a great dynamik, and in my first playthrough i spend a lot of time talking with her, in each new area i just spam the "talk with alice option" anxious to find out what she has to say. It is a great way to keep "tensions" high during exploration. 

As of this version, the game has no major weaknesses which is why me and a lot of people are so eager to find out more. Luckily mdqp gives weekly updates on his blog, which at least gives hope that this game will get finished or at least an update, even if he avoids giving any time frame, but it feels like we are close to the conclusion of this game and i'm dying to play it. 

Review by Chimera50

Version reviewed: 0.94 on 10/05/2015

Easily one of the top 5 games in this entire database; extremely well done and worth multiple playthroughs to see how things go. 10/10

Review by renonymous

Version reviewed: 0.94 on 10/03/2015

Tales of the Drunken Cowboy is a futuristic space odyssey about a woman trying to stop a rogue/virus AI from turning her into a bimbo cockslave. Every erotic scene featuring a character is accompanied by pictures of the real life nude models they're named after--yes, including the game's alien races. In addition to an actual, cohesive plot line there are upgrades to find/purchase, side quests to succeed and to fail at, characters to pursue serious relationships with, and challenging fight sequences. A lot of work must've gone into this game as I've already spent probably 40 hours exploring the various paths. It's easily the finest eroge made on RAGS and I would defend Tales of the Drunken Cowboy to the death for its right to be ranked among Corruption of Champions, Masculine Mystique, and other masterpieces of erotic gaming.


I've been a huge fan of this game for a while and I'm glad it's finally on tfgames so I can tell everyone here: PLAY THIS GAME!!

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