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Version: V0.2

Version: V0.1

X-Change Parody (Name not set)

(I have no idea where this game will go, that is if it will be short or long, atm it's not very long, I work on it every few days, mostly when not doing anything else, sorry for the lecture up front but I want to let people know I want to see it concluded and I want to spell and grammar check it myself, but I am not in a good place emotionally and this has been a terrible year for me, deaths, injuries, work pressures, sister hospitalised and put onpalliative care and just yesterday my folks dog was put to rest at 13, sorry to lay it on thick but seriously I am a human being and shit happens, I am not getting paid for this I work on it when I'm feeling like writing.)

You follow Simon, a high school loner who has one friend, Clark, a nerdy kid with a plan to create a serum to turn his bullies into girls. after Clark gets covered in and transformed by his own serum, Simon must make some difficult choices, will he take the only flask left back to Clark, or use it for his own means, also how will Clark's new image and personality influence Simon, lots of choices and lots of sexy fun most coming soon.

ATM there is roughly 5-6 pages, mostly concerning Simon and Clare, sex included, there are headings for more choices but I want to hear from the community on which path interests them most, so head over to the forums and I will try to get a poll up and running, I will try to keep working on what takes my fancy, the poll is just to give me an idea of the direction to head, it will not guarantee what I will work on. Note: I want to add pictures eventually but am not sure if I will find the right ones to make it work, I try to get pictures that match together to create a coherent visual experience.

Update: V0.2 - Now Up!

To soulessbox: Changed, I actually forgot about Version number , thanks, hopefully I can get some new content up soon.


Just a warning... I have written this story without editing or spell checking, and so sadly it is not written at top quality, please, please, please!!! Get over it, I got other things in my life to consider, like how I need to buy 6 boxes of paint for the next round which is in 2 weeks. (Paint = Paintballs btw)

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Review by soulessbox

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/04/2015

For what there is its well written and an interesting start. I would suggest a change in version number however as a full game this is not. So far I would give it 2/5 however I would expect this to increase as more content is added.

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