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Transformania Time


Note: This game will no longer receive gameplay/mechanics updates, and the version number instead represents new content added in the form of characters.

Welcome to Transformania Time(TM)! Today we have two eager contestents competing against each other for a hefty cash prize! What's the catch? Well, let me tell you this: this experience CHANGES you! I can guarantee that neither of our contestants will step out this door the same person that they stepped in as! And I don't mean in some kind of metaphysical or emotional way like other game shows. What do I mean? Well, it won't take you long to find out, I can guarantee you that! Neither can I say how either will be when they leave--it's different for absolutely everyone! So... let the games BEGIN!!!!!

Compete against other contestants to see who can postpone their own slow transformations the longest while the loser of each round transforms dynamically, bit by bit.  This game comes with a number of community-written characters, and the character creator tool can be downloaded from the forums thread.

Here is a list of all the characters in this game, with their authors, number of stages, and their transformation. Characters are split into Players and Opponents. Characters new to this update are in bold.


Player Characters

  • Brenda Hawkins, by yoshielder. 69 stages, TF to anthro dog
  • Brianne Smith, by AC. 41 stages, pregnancy
  • Buck Bicorn, by yoshielder. 85 stages, TF/TG to chaste anthro unicorn
  • Buster Matthews, by yoshielder. 100 stages, TG to Asian woman, then TF to anthro bee
  • Carrie McCarthy, by Skin_Fetish. 68 stages, TF to giantess BBW
  • Chad Roman, by yoshielder. 75 stages, TF/TG to sissy maid
  • Charlie Pelletier, by yoshielder. 80 stages, TF/TG to fox princess
  • Dave Muster, by Judoo. 60 stages, TG to pregnant woman
  • Dominic Jones, by fakey. 70 stages, TG to pregnant black woman
  • Doug Wallstone, by yoshielder. 64 stages, TF/TG to bunnygirl
  • Eddie "The Ruffian" Clyde, by yoshielder. 80 stages, TG to policewoman, then TF to centaur
  • Erika Lenst, by Questiondeca. 65 stages, TF to naga
  • Janice Mercer, by yoshielder. 80 stages, TF to anthro cow
  • Kenneth Simmons, by yoshielder. 81 stages, TG to Asian woman, then TF to tanukigirl
  • Kurt Krump, by yoshielder. 81 stages, TG to headmistress, then TF to catgirl
  • Lillian Desmond, by Varn. 112 stages, TF to succubus
  • Lucas Robertson, by yoshielder. 68 stages, TF/TG to werewolf
  • Malcolm Montalvo, by yoshielder. 92 stages, TF/TG to alligatorgirl
  • Matty Jenkins, by Hyghonfire. 75 stages, TG to Asian woman
  • Maxwell Slim, by Styz. 80 stages, TF/TG to slimegirl
  • Morgan Faye, by Unit0. 72 stages, TF to sexbot
  • Murphy Suder, by yoshielder. 90 stages, TF/TG to alien woman
  • Niko Katsaros, by Imperator Mentus. 43 stages, TG to bimbo
  • Richard Carlisle, by 11. 59 stages, TG to tomboy
  • Robert Scope, by Judoo. 74 stages, TF/TG to sexbot
  • Ryan Lykos, by Cynewolf. 79 stages, TF/TG to pregnant werewolf
  • Saturn Grier, by yoshielder. 80 stages, TG to Korean woman, then TF to cyberpunk anthro fox
  • Sethe Serpe, by .......... 48 stages, TF/TG to lamia
  • Slate Stintman, by yoshielder. 81 stages, TG to nerd
  • Spencer Hawthorne, by yoshielder. 73 stages, TF/TG to anthro fox
  • Will Strong, by Calypso. 82 stages, TG to masochist

Opponent Characters

  • Alphonse Beckiton, by yoshielder. TF to lizardman
  • April Eastwood, by Cynewolf. 89 stages, TF/TG to various themes
  • Bernie Thoreau, by yoshielder. 70 stages, TG to bimbo
  • Brad Stone, by yoshielder. 68 stages, TG to shy woman
  • Bree Supinius, by Yoshielder. 95 stages, TF to anthro sheep
  • CarolinePlessica, by Judoo. 71 stages, TF to mannequin
  • Chandler Jacobson, by HeWhoIsMany. 48 stages, TF/TG to alien woman
  • Charles Killjoy, by Judoo. 109 stages, TF/TG to bimbo
  • Chase Gramen, by yoshielder. 79 stages, TF/TG to catgirl
  • David Draco, by Questiondeca. 133 stages, TF/TG to anthro dragon
  • Deryl Grungot, by Judoo. 46 stages, TF/TG to fairy
  • Dexter Feiselberg, by yoshielder. 80 stages, TF/TG to anthro cow
  • Faye McKay, by yoshielder. 70 stages, TF into anthro pig
  • Franklyn Fritzstein, by yoshielder. 91 stages, TF/TG to anthro dinosaur
  • James Lensfester, by Judoo. 79 stages, TG to pornstar
  • Jason Blytley, by yoshielder. 69 stages, TG to riot grrrl
  • Jenny and Janny Talbot, by Feo Takahari. 37 stages, TF to naga
  • Jimmy Stoddert, by Lentil. 50 stages, TG to schoolgirl
  • Joe Rack, by yoshielder. 68 stages, TG to futa
  • Johnny Toogood, by Lot. 59 stages, TG to punk
  • Kara Hoovester, by Judoo. 99 stages, TF to centaur, then TG to centaur stallion
  • Lian Chiu, by yoshielder. 79 stages, TF to anthro shark
  • Luke Silver, by Feo Takahari. 77 stages, TF/TG to succubus, then body horror
  • Dr. Magnum Roux, by yoshielder. 80 stages, TG to online influencer
  • Mel St. Claire, by yoshielder. 65 stages, TG to sissy
  • Nick Leeson, by Donjo. 74 stages, TF/TG to catgirl
  • Nigel Whitfeld, by Feo Takahari, 53 stages, TF/TG to anthro lioness
  • Nikk Sethis, by Judoo. 62 stages, TF to catgirl
  • Portia Mason, by null. 55 stages, TF to amazon
  • Stella Sutherford III, by yoshielder. TF to elf, then TF to anthro rat
  • Tiffany Keen, by yoshielder. TF/TG to dogboi
  • Tyler Shissell, by yoshielder. TF/TG to futa
  • William Miller, by yoshielder. TG to Asian schoolgirl

Dec. , 2020: New Character and Newish Fixes


Added Malcolm Montalvo, updated faulty characters.

Oct. 25, 2020: New Character, New Revisions, New Way to Play

Added Fae McKay. Reformatted Buster Matthews, Dexter Feiselberg, Murphy Suder, Spencer Hawthorne, Stella Sutherford III, and Tiffany Keen. I've also added a new 'mode' of playing: pressing F4 in the debug menu will skip the minigames and apply two stages to either you or your opponent. This is an unintended way to play this game, and as such, I will not reveal how to do this once the game's changelog is updated.

Sept. 20, 2020: New Character and New Old Characters

Added Saturn Grier. Reformattted Buck Bicorn and Chase Gramen; mostly typo fixes, but there's an interesting bit of flair for Buck... Also attempted to fix the author links for all the characters. They should all go to authors' TFGS account, save for my FA link. If you want your author link changed, please message me.

Sept. 11, 2020: Bugfix

Fixed online version; the game should no longer freeze after rounds. Also removed some duplicate characters.

Sept. 11, 2020: 12 character update

Yoshielder here, and this is my first update! There's been a lot of new characters added in the seven years this game has been active, but I'll only include characters new to this current content update, which includes 12 characters. While the game will continue to update whenever new characters are released, I will only update this IGDB entry once there is a sufficient amount of characters to count towards a 'content update', maybe 6-10, so to not flood the homepage with new updates. More info on each character can be found in the Characters tab.

  • From Cynewulf, we have April Eastwood and Ryan Lykos.
  • From .........., we have Seth Serpe.
  • From Donjo, we have Nick Leeson.
  • Finally, from yoshielder (it me!), we have Bree Supinius, Charlie Pelletier, Jason Blytley, Joe Rack, Kurt Krump, Lian Chiu, Dr. Magnum Roux, and William Miller.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by blehtastic

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 08/15/2020

It's a pretty good game, with lots of variety. It's less of a game and more of a collection of minigames, but it gets away with it because the game itself is so hot if you find the right transformations. I just wish that there were epilogues for both players. 

Review by SnowCones

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 06/04/2020

Enjoyable for several minutes. The minigames are fun, however, some of them are brutaly difficult. There are many well written transformation scenes but they take forever to unlock. 

I would reccomend people to check this out, if they have plenty of free time.

3/5 decently entertaining. A good middle.

Review by Azerty666

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 05/14/2020

A really good game. I just wish there was a sandbox mode so you could play the tfs without having to spend time doing the mini-games.

Another improvement would be that you could also play the NPC (I hope you know what I'm trying to say), since there are some TFs that are specific to you or to the NPCs.

Review by TenbatsuNo

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 10/31/2018

The concept is really cool in itself, but even on easy, the difficult is just over the top. I have absolutely no chance in memory because I don't have a perfect memory and take more than the 10 seconds for the AI, Sequence is over in less than 2 seconds, dont even have time to type the buttons even when I remember all of them. Moving target just doesn't work. Tracking is broken too, especially on phone. The roulette is a loss no matter how fast I get the right color since the AI gets more point than possible. Onmy a few of games are possible, but still not easy even on easy difficulty, you culd even say its hard.


Tl;dr : Tone down the difficulty pls, like way down.

Review by hawkmappro

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 02/27/2018

This was a really enjoyable game, I played through all the options just to see as much content as possible.

Idk if the author will see this but one thing that would be really amazing to see in the game is a sort of sandbox mode; where you can quickly apply the transformations to charcters you've already played through, without having to go through the whole "story mode" just to revisit some of your favorite tf scenes.

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