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Slugs and Bugs: Invasion

The "play in browser" version on this site, does not have pics.  For the full experience, please download and try it out!


This is an interactive novel/experience, like my other titles.  If you think my hard work is worth at least a dollar, please support me on Patreon!  In this project, one plays as a woman named Justine Day.  All of my interactive novels fall under the same story arc, this title, chronologically, is the 8th and final title in the series.  Hope you enjoy this, and please "like" any of my projects you enjoy on here!



If you like this finished title please 'like' it and consider supporting my Patreon (even one dollar a month would help me).  This is not only an interactive story, it is an interactive experience!  I went to a lot of effort to create a dark ambiance once the Invaders arrive.  You have an option of skipping the intro. In this interactive novel, you will find mind control, corruption, bondage, rape, conversion, and a plethora of other squicky, icky, slick and sticky manipulations.  Other than typos my first attempt at this is complete.

Also, do not forget to check out my other contributions to our community!  Thank you!

You a Justine Day.  A midwest American woman that grew up in a small town.  Once you got out of college, you moved to New York City, and what a change!  But, there are much darker changes awaiting the beautiful Justine.  Can she escape the insidious Slugs and Bugs?  Or... will she join Them?

Justine Day, Kately Addams, Marlena Kress, The OverMaster, and many other characters from my intellectual properties!

Review by nfm22

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 05/25/2022

This one never gets old for me.

I love the storytelling and the transformationa. It keeps me wanting to make the wrong decisions just to see the outcomes of it.

I just think the ending is a little bit underwhelming. Idk what I was expecting, but I kinda felt disappointed. That is not a reason not to download the game though.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 11/01/2020

I want to say that this game is great but i canot

Simply at horror sex stories i do not tolerate high amount of text, its distracting and cut the story feelig into pieces.

(reading is one of my hobbies)

Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 11/01/2020

This game is hot as hell if you're into nasty alien domination and corruption. Good writing and loads of photoshopped art (doesn't hurt that I have a massive crush on Justine Joli), with sound that sets the scene without intruding.


BUT SKIP CHAPTER 1!!! Chapter 2 is a much better start.


Chapter 1 a SLOG. The first 30-40 pages introduce 25 characters, one after the other after the other. By the 10th I'd completely stopped caring, and by the 15th I was just clicking through. Not sure how the author expects anyone to remember, let alone care about, this endless conga line of faces. You get flashbacks in chapter 2 to remind you who they are, anyway.

Review by Latex Vaporeon

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 05/26/2018

Damn i love this novela from chapter 2 starting. The pics fitting well and looking perfectly as hell

But. When i click on contents table => Dreams => Snake Bites the last pic of the ending dream sequence has a error 404 - for me the pic would be the best part to end that because seeing her fully transformed into a snake with her new skin color and pussy. Can´t wait to see more chapters or dreams and games of you

Greetz Latex Vaporeon (Eidothea in the chat)

Review by lord_rashiel

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 11/01/2017

"Slugs and Bugs" is a beautifully written, beautifully illustrated erotic mind control interactive novel with some of the hottest smut I have seen in a long time. Anyone who is not too squicked out by the main theme should definitely spend a bit less than 10 hours to experience this story.

Full review can be read here: https://beliar-cos.blogspot.lt/2017/02/slugs-and-bugs-review.html

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