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Version: 0.6

Life under a curse
by AnonSP

Until last night, you were just an ordinary guy working in IT. But yesterday evening, you met a strange but magnificent demon, that gave you the power to tranform your own body and change the mind and flesh of all your friends. How will you live your life, now that you are cursed ? Will you transform everyone in sex-crazed bimbos ? Will you become a girl or keep your cock ? It's up to you !


A quick word of advice before you start : the game is fairly linear and is closer to a Choose-You-Own-Adventure book than an actual video game. However, all your choices will have consequences. If you're a bit lost in the game, remember to use the Look at yourself link on the left pane : it will list all your current stats, your state of arousal and contain link to the bios of all the characters you already met (along with their current state of transformation, if applicable).

Oh and the game is still in early beta, so expect a few bugs and/or grammar mistakes and typos unfortunately.


The game seems to be very buggy when played on Edge or IE.

I'll try to solve this issue but in the meantime I recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome instead. Sorry for the inconvenience...

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Review by iamadam

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 10/15/2018

Fun to play with nice progression system! 9/10 just becuase it was a tad short.

Review by Darquesse

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 05/09/2018

Very good game so far, I hope it will keep getting updates

Review by she231mle

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 03/28/2018

This is so good! Nice gammer, hot story, good amount of pictures but not over done or completely unrelated to any of the previous ones.

Review by darkdesigns

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 02/14/2018

Was not expecting this game to be this good.  Really blown away by what's here so far, great job!


Some things, though, that I kept thinking while playing:

*It would be nice if rather than just a female character's breasts growing everytime they slip further down the path, that their ass might grow as well, or something to that extent

*I really want the option to betray Sam in some sort of way, after agreeing to help them

*Would be really cool to be able to just hang out and chat a bit with a few characters while in the Den, or explore around a bit.  Love the story progression, but I think the game would feel that much more full if there were downtimes where the player could just interact with characters without advancing the main plot. :)

*Also wouldn't mind an opportunity to change our path choice (Dom/Sub/etc.) at some point down the line.  I started out Dom and liked the interactions, but near the end of this build I started wanting to turn my character Sub (specifically around the Sam encounter)

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 01/07/2018


Little new to add other than the pathing threads getting more interesting as they begin to tie together into the end game.




Still improving along very nicely, despite its beta state. Almost all of the errors I noticed before have been fixed and the change of colouring is easier on the eyes now in this version. The story is still quite good writing with the manipulation of events still being almost entirely up to the player as they progress through.

I was also amused when I saw that if you are careless some transformations and events do end up happening without the player having a choice to punish you or reward you for how you've been playing the game.

Please continue, I would like to know how you intend to tie all the pathing threads together into the end game.


Not bad for an early version submission. A few grammar errors and small fixes required, with the colouring on the black background being a bit harsh on the eyes at times but that's more nitpicking than anything else.

Please continue, I am curious to see where this leads to.

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