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Version: 0.1 Twine Demo

Version: 0.2 RC2

Ideal Intentions (Working Title)

A researcher at the biomedical giant UltaGenics lab is subjected to a serum that takes users from normal to their perfect Ideal. Unfortunately, he was injected with the Ideal Woman serum. Now he must avoid detection to keep himself from being a "Black Project" and deal with his new body.

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Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.1 Twine Demo on 01/27/2017

This is not a release candidte.  Not enought to do. There are place holders in almost every store.  One can't meet new npc atthe bar.

Only meaniful linteraction after the prologue when a waitress is wit the cook but it is the same scene over and over again.  I do like the organization of the game. When one can buy items, go to the  beach and become corrupted the nthe game will become good.


Review by ADIDAS

Version reviewed: 0.2 RC2 on 07/03/2016

I really like the direction in which this game is heading but it shoots itself in the foot at a certain point when all you can do in the game after your transformation is go to work and workout in the gym. You can't buy different clothing, style your hair and there are no sex scenes implimented yet. I realize this is a work in progress, but just to leave it at this point for several months really is a shame.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.2 RC2 on 12/10/2015

I like Cursed so I went on with the download. The text looks ugly and messy. Too much text with little paragraphs. Nonworking </br> html tags everywhere. 

Then I recognise that it says rags version 3 at the top. Obviously my 2.4.16 rags player not fully compatible with the game. I get the rags 3 player and the problem is solved. Yet I have to say that the 3.0.60 beta rags experience is rather unpleasant at this stage.

The text are still a little bit too plenty with rags 3 now breaking down the wall into paragraphs. The direction wheel is missing, not sure if it has anything with me installing the rags player in custom path. I wish there is a skip button somewhere so that I do not have to redo the 30 minutes prologue.

Review by anon321

Version reviewed: 0.2 RC1 on 12/01/2015

Just in case the "Cursed-like" tag didn't tip you off: This is a life-sim, where you have to annoyingly micromanage your personal life.  It's puzzlingly not in the description, so you might get caught offguard like I did.  If you like life sims like Cursed, Femsim, or any of the others, this is more of the same.  The pictures are good quality, the writing is decent enough, and you get the content that you expect.

Downsides: If you don't like life-sims, you won't like this game because it's more of that.  There's not much content yet in a genre that relies on myriads of random content to be enjoyable, so it's rather dull atm. 

As before, if you like life-sims, keep your eye on this one.

Review by agnostic

Version reviewed: 0.2 RC1 on 12/01/2015

Game reminds me a bit of FemSim which is one of the beat games on the site. So far I'm enjoying what's in this game. Keep up the great work.

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