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Version: 1.02

Gotta F 'Em All
by frjap

You are a healthy male in a world with monster girls, what are you waiting for? Gotta F 'em all!

The world is loosely based on Monster Girl Encyclopedia by Kenkou Cross

All rights reserved.

Game contains Loli and all sort of abnormal content!!

Player discretion is advised!!

I'm sorry about the broken link, I hope this fixed it.

1. See monster girl

2. Fight and win

3. ???

4. Profit!

5. Rinse and repeat.

Adrian : The main character.

Maybe someday.

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Review by A11oSapi3nX6

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 06/23/2016

First off I think the game is good if not straight foward.  The first boss battle with arachne should be mandatory to get to the world screen.  Most battles are easy, bosses and certain enimes are not.  I am currently stuck on the mysterious doll level not being able to beat her or even fight her for that matter but I need to beat her to get the item to beat the lich that I should have gotten upon beating anna's skeleton. Which is horribly frustrating, and as far as I know the abandoned village is a closed level not being able to get out until you beat the lich and return to normal.


All in all the grammar errors are noticible if you are looking for them, but not too bad as to be unplayable.  I also like how you give credit to all the artists that made the images

Review by Flaming_Potato

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 03/28/2016

WHERE do I START. This game is.... unique. First off, you can't go into very many peoples' houses. There are some, you just have to look hard enough for them. Second, this was either translated from Japanese or just written somewhat badly. Most of the actual words are okay, but there are so many punctuation errors. Overall, it follows the "You TF, You Lose" mentality, which I'm not against, it's just that it makes it hard to get through the game without bad ending. The battles are somewhat confusing at first, but I've cracked them:There are two menus. The first menu has two 'battle' options and one 'item' option. These don't matter. The 'item' button does not do anything, and the battle buttons do the same thing. Just select 'battle' and select the monster you're fighting. It will then take you to a second menu-this has 3 or 4 buttons. The first three are battle commands, and you choose from the 3 of them what you think will let you win. The fourth button, when there, is usually an item button-this one actually works. If you have the appliccable item, you can use it to help  in or even automatically win the fight. However, there is not an item for every monster. Storywise, it is hilarious. There is literally no way to take this game seriously. On the other hand, it has a very put together plot line-screw & defeat everything, whilst searching for 5 treasure chests. I have found one in the demon castle, but I was unable to open it or defeat the main demon. Overall, I would give this game an 8/10. One point off for the bad English, and another point for the general try & fail concepts of the fights-once you figure out what to do, just do it over and over until the monster dies. Works especially well on Boss Monsters. All in all, though, it is a good game at heart, and I would like to see more content added.

Review by Fearnought

Version reviewed: Demo on 12/04/2015

Well... what can I say.... beggining was epic, well everything before leaving home was, expecially song... but after leaving home it's pretty confusing, I was told some secret by the little girl... which I have no clue where to use, I tried to be persistent in many places without any result... also if while trying to enter houses it makes sense you can not, and the door to the shop used to explain mechanic of the game, inability to enter inn with the same explanation as for other houses sounds wrong.

Next are battles and everything related to them, I didn't get why while choosing battle gives 3 choises, 2 of which are battle which are 100% identical, and the third one is items... which were told are not present inside the game, why there are choises then? About pictures, the main thing which is needed here, it's a way to hide text window to fully see pics, currently they are cut up and pic for arachne becames a mess which is hard to understand. then there are winning and losing scenes, they are too short, so short that they feel totally anticlimatic, I don't mean they should be long, but what I saw there currently obviosly not enough, for short fights the scenes need to be a bit longer, and it would be nice to get more details here, while for boss fights scenes should be at least moderately longer and there need to be a lot of details present.

On the side note, after leaving a house I didn't get a single reason to even smile, hope it will change in later updates when main story will be implemented.

Review by darth123

Version reviewed: Demo on 12/03/2015

Well it's a pretty okay start so far. I like the concept. Battles seem to go about smoothly. 


Only major complaint is the lack of length and build up in scenes. Kind of anticlimactic when you win a fight. The scenes just sort of happen very quickly instead of being a well polished scene that will envoke the emotion that you are looking for. I understand it is a demo so hopefully it improves.


The game has the potential to be a good game.

My hope is that you take it by the balls and put effort into it and make sure what comes out is good.


I will keep my eye out for this in the future but I would like to see it expaned more in terms of longer, descriptive scenes along with the other additions you plan.


I wish you the best of luck and I hope the game becomes great.

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