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Version: 0.2.2

Version: 0.2.1

Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.8

Trap Hotel

You are driving late one night when you spot a hotel on the road. You decide to stop for the night, but one night might not be all you stay. Welcome to the Trap Hotel, a free place for guys to stay… and if they are really lucky, they might even leave as masculine as they were when they arrived. Really… really lucky.

Enjoy the free amenities, like a gym, a pool, an independent theater, the hotel bar, a spa and a masseuse… and maybe even more.

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Review by RMK99

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 03/08/2018

God but to short.

Review by Rayman699

Version reviewed: 0.1.8 on 12/16/2015

This game has become a lot more better because instead of simply copy pasting what happened according to the original image CYOA, it is now fleshed out with details. This significantly improves the game!!!

Review by Bambi87

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 12/07/2015

Not bad, could go far though. While I was looking for a bit more discription for each activity, it was also nice that it wasn't a page or two long. A "what do I look like button" would be a good addition, as I was looking for one. Was disappointed that I got to the end and the "summary of what you look like" was blank.  Needs work, but seems to have some potential if continued. 


Version 0.1.1

Got a "what do I look like" button, the summary worked at the end, kudos.  Again, Might trying a bit more detail in the desc. of the changes, without going into full page reads.  Anywho, Glad to see the quick response, which shows promise of improvement and future updates. Worth a quick look, with enough options to keep you going back and trying other routes.

Review by Ichigo3924

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/07/2015

First review, here I go.


So, the game itself isn't really much of a game, per se. More like going through a bunch of diferent options, which have certain results that affect the character, which I actually like. It doesn't give much replayability, seeing as there's about six options that affect your player (some hidden ones you can unlock as well), and you only get to choose four options each day out of the maximum six days.


Still, the writing isn't bad, no grammmatical errors or poor writing, just very sparse, more dercriptive passages would be good. The other only real problem of the game that I can really put forth is that you can't see how the changes affect your player overall. There's no appearance screen or anything, there is a placeholder at the end that sugests something's in the works, so hopefully an update will be out soon.


Again, not entirely bad, just something to go through and be done with in about five minutes, a nice simple game. Could use some more description for the scenes, actually get a story written instead of a statement of what happened, if the creator decides to show what happened with his words, the game would be vastly improved. Keep an eye on it, I don't see it changing much, but at least the promise of the appearance summary at the end is enough to whet my appetite.

Review by ntns55

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/07/2015

I like this game. Not really much of a game, and it really needs more content, but at least there is more than 2 pages. Looking forward to a little more meat :D

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