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Magical Camp

In Magical Camp, you play as a young loser who through a twist of fate finds himself trapped in a boot camp for Magical Girls. Now he has to hide his true identity and somehow find a way to escape before the psychotic camp director finds him. Fortunately, his fellow campers seem happy to help him improve his disguise, but how far is he really willing to go?

I want this game to be a hybrid of sorts between Runes of Chaos and Prisoners of the Elder One. Gampeplay is divided between socialization with the camp inhabitants (each morning and night) and combat (which takes place during the day).

Current Version: 0.4.5e

If you like this game you can support it's development at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HLFMagicalCamp

Or at subscribestar: https://subscribestar.adult/magical-camp-games

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Review by PvtRyan96

Version reviewed: 0.4.5e on 08/11/2019

To preface, consider that this game's merits are compelling enough that it's obligating me to write my first review despite having been a semi-regular consumer of games of this nature on this site for several years now.

Anyway, I discovered this game after having missed it through scores of searches for TG-themed games. I didn't even find it directly, but instead as a reference in another game's description (Better Earth, I think), saying that the author took Magical Camp as an inspiration. I went in expecting nothing, and was rewarded with (for now) 15 hours of hilarious, tailor-made narrative purpose-built to titilate and entertain in equal measures. If you haven't played it, the description is wholly accurate -- you are a man disguising yourself as a magical girl, slowly losing (or... perhaps gaining?) yourself to a glacially-paced feminine transformation of which every step of is carefully metered out in tiny doses and packaged inside unique scenarios. It's not, say, Corruption of Champions, where the open-ended nature of your transformation necessitates the transformation scenes being as adaptable and plain as possible in order to work.

No, this game has very, very linear transformations. You can miss out on some, but there's plenty to be had. Of course, that comes with drawbacks/mixed bags, too. Namely, it's not always clear how to get the transformation you want and what's in store if you take a particular action, though the game's pretty good about giving you transformations you'll like if you play like the girly girl you are inside (whoops did that slip out?). Also, a hefty amount of the better transformations are gated behind losing to the various bosses of the game, so that doesn't sit the best with me. It's hot to have it forced upon you to an extent, but the reality is that you have to rip and tear through a dungeon to get to a given boss, pop your insta-lose key item (thank goodness that's a thing, by the way), get the transformation, wake up back at home base, then turn on the debug option to disable encounters (which is only toggle-able at home-base), quickly dash through the dungeon again, then fight the boss for real to advance the plot, which is a bit annoying. In my blind playthrough, this was made worse by me not knowing if the narrative operated on a Persona-like calendar system, or if it just gated my progress until I completed a story event that opened more up. So, I didn't know if I was "wasting time" or not by losing to the boss and taking an extra day to beat any one given boss. Also, call it a gamer pet peeve, but using debug options as to not be frustrated by having to do this whole ritual for every boss also feels slightly dirty. I'd like it if there was some option to somehow beat the boss while also still letting them "get a shot off" on you, like through a dialogue option in a scripted sequence (perhaps about dodging the dying boss's desparation attack or something; that's how I would do it, personally).

That said, it's worth it. Personally, I would highly recommend going through that whole song and dance to get as many of the transformations as possible. They're quite well-written and tease you in just the right way (and some come with unique CGs; so don't miss out). To segue that into a slightly different topic, I feel like I have to compliment this game seeming like the creator really wracked their brain for different ways to split up the transformation from dude into magical girl into as many components as possible. Off the top of my head, body hair, hairstyle, willingness to wear hair ornaments, facial structure, shoulders, waistline, hips, legs, breasts (several times), ass (pls give more ass growth opportunities), nipples, professional aspirations, penis size (several times), and more are all distinct bite-sized feminization transformations to undergo. Of course, that leaves me to discuss the ugly reality that it's quite the necessity that you indeed keep your penis throughout the game so far. If you think about the nature of the game, you have to understand that that fact is absolutely necessary -- otherwise the premise and tension would fall apart. So, understand that the pussy is quite out of reach, and that your character not wanting/resisting the transformation narratively is really the best part, even if you don't share those feelings. In that way, I'd encourage a new player to think of themselves as a sort of muse for the PC rather than self-inserting into them, helping "slip" them girly thoughts.

Anyway, beyond that, I have to highly compliment the writing. Digging into it would be unforgivable spoilers, but it's tailor-made for a late-millenial weeb-material-consuming internet-savvy audience, so while your mileage may vary, I was the victim of a several laugh attacks throughout. The game world is charming, too, and the lore is simultaneously unobtrusive and fairly well-thought-out. Perhaps that's just the four-ish years of development time at work; I don't know, but what I do know is that it's a comfortable and entertaining fusion of magical girl, sci-fi, high fantasy, weeb culture, and cute degeneracy. I wouldn't have it any other way. The party, likewise, is colorful and endearing, and also both comedic and well-developed (even for the game being about... half-done, by my sandpaper-level rough estimate?). Let it be known, my favorite (spoilers) is Veronica, and I implore the author to give her more dates.

In terms of gameplay, it's largely an RPGmaker affair, but it has unique elements to it. There are no levels to gain, since all your power increases come completely from your story actions/interactions, which makes grinding wholly unnecessary and helps the game stay balanced, but at the same time, it also means that you might get frustrated that enemies who gave you trouble two hours ago... still give you trouble now, even though you've clearly powered-up since then. There are also a couple of frustrating design decisions I take issue with. Namely, the game doesn't give you many ways to deal with enemies that constantly inflict you with stat-down conditions (which are semi-common); secondly, I feel very strongly that this game should not confront the player with as many luck-based instant-kill moves as it does. These are annoying in any game, but I find them especially irritating here. Instead, I suggest that they be replaced with either a "doom" status condition like in some RPGs that can be stalled or cured before it claims a character's life, or certain-kill multi-turn charge-attacks. Either case gives the player time to prepare and adjust strategy to compensate accordingly, instead of getting stuck in the nauseating loop of reviving party members to 1 HP and praying the enemy doesn't so much as blink in their general direction during that turn. Thirdly, some animations take far too long to finish (a late dungeon has an enemy that can attempt to inflict poison to every individual party member with a somewhat-lengthy animation) and slow down the battles significantly. If those three things were addressed, the gameplay would climb from fulfilling about 80% of its potential to about 90%.

However, on the whole, this game is a solid 8/10 even on a bad day, and I found myself simultaneously shocked at just how meaty the game already is and immensely hungry for more once it was all over. It is perhaps one of the best games on this site, or if not, it's at least one of if not my absolute favorite; I need to spend more time thinking about that. What I don't need to think about, however, is my willingness to shill this game to the people I know that would be interested in it. I hope this game gets far more exposure than it has been up until now, because it's quite deserving of it.

Review by ImYomYom

Version reviewed: 0.4.5e on 06/02/2019

I really like this game! 


It lacks of RPG elements, but it's pretty enjoyable. I found my self last night playing until 5AM, so... Yeah. It's a little bit addictive.


The mobs fights are not that great, you're going to get bored of them slowly, but in the first hours they're AWESOME. Maybe the rewards are not that amazing, but reading the dialogues of Natalie, Alice, Victoria, Isabelle and even Eric it's really good! 

If you don't speak english, or lost some detail skipping dialogues, probably you will not know what to do and will just kill mobs out there because why not. But hey, there's plenty guides on the forum!


Overall, it's a really, really good game. 9/10. The boss fights are REALLY AWESOME.

Review by Suning

Version reviewed: 0.4.5e on 06/02/2019

i have to agree with Red-XIII, while the game as an adventure (datesim) game ( which is going by events and talks with different routes) this game is 10/10. But as a RPG this game is pretty much what rpg maker offers in standard, i always turn combat off because not only it is a waste of time, but also you earn nothing worthy for it. gold? the shop items are not that good and since there is no level and no skill learn against monster neither status upgrade by fightning mobs, why bother with them? don't get me wrong, i am not complaining about the game just saying that only boss fight are kinda fun but normal mobs are pretty much useless...


So combat wise 5/10

Date sim and other stuff 10/10

overall i will give a 9/10 from this site since i really like the game



huh seems like people doesn't understand what i mean.

@Coder_01 @velvetalabaster

no i never said the combat is bad or unbalanced i do like the boss fight and i know you can obtain new with events and yes even with skip combat you still can get the map skills since it counts as you did the battle except that you don't obtain gold.

My point is how useless the adds are, if it were only a boss dungeon the game would be almost the same let's face it, the mobs are almost useless. there is shop that you can use gold yes but equipment in there are not THAT better than the ones you get in the dungeon.

and what i mean the RPG it self is standard, well it is something that i wouldn't give high rate because yes it IS standard but that is not a complain just something that i wouldn't give a +. I would give a 7 for combat it were boss only since the dungeons itself are just a waste of time.

i know most people doesn't like grind, but this game doesn't even have a reason for it like most RPG does, if you grind and get expensive equipments and high level in other RPG games the boss battle will be way easier and faster.

Of course i am not saying i want this game put a grind system, just saying that at least make the battle for adds useful like gain extra status  for manual battle, shop has more variety of equipments specially when you try the no TF route which is the harder since your status won't increase a lot.

Review by Coder_01

Version reviewed: 0.4.5e on 06/02/2019

Just chiming in to say that I consider this game to be one of the better on this site.  Further, I think it's perhaps *the* best that is still under active development.
The amount of content, number of variations and degree of interactivity are, collectively, quite impressive.  You'll rarely find games with more content here, and those are typically very linear in progression with few variations.  You'll often see games which tease the promise of greater variation, but how often do those fizzle out and become abandoned before having 10% of the content already found in Magical Camp.
If this game were abandoned tomorrow, it would still rest in the top 10 of games people should try when they first discover these forums.  With continued development I think it stands to become 'the best', a highly subjective award which nevertheless recognizes the sheer amount of work put into the game.
With regard to "the shop items are not that good and since there is no level and no skill learn against monster neither status upgrade by fightning mobs, why bother with them?"
There are at least 2 elements akin to a level in game, one ability scaling power with the number of cores you've absorbed and the other with the number of 'magic anomalies' absorbed.
There are also several occasions where your character gains access to new powers/abilities or can take advantage of new tactical opportunities in a dungeon by overcoming non-boss encounters.  In many cases these are often hinted at with flavor text after encountering or defeating the first of a give type of enemy.  If you've gone ahead and disabled encounters, however, you will not see any of these.

Review by bob.bob.jjjj

Version reviewed: 0.4.5e on 06/02/2019


I think you're completely misinterpreting where the 'bad combat balance' comments are coming from. it's not that people are finding the game too hard, quite the opposite in fact. The game is mind-numbingly easy. Like you mentioned, the game isn't level-based and any party can pretty feasibly take on any boss...but when the main lore/in-game incentive for the cores and social events are the character getting stronger, and most of the other transformations come from losing combat...this is a bad thing. It makes the rpg aspect a cakewalk with flavour text at best, and, for people like me who really like to get into character, detrimental to the experience at worst as it makes all the transformations effectively voluntary choices rather than the inevitable spiral it wants to be.

To clarify though, I absolutely love this game. it's one of my favourite on this site and the writing is truly excellent. but it's simply a fact that the combat is poorly balanced, and I've taken to pretending natalie can't heal and never dodging enemies to make it a little more reasonable.

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