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Magical Camp

In Magical Camp, you play as a young loser who through a twist of fate finds himself trapped in a boot camp for Magical Girls. Now he has to hide his true identity and somehow find a way to escape before the psychotic camp director finds him. Fortunately, his fellow campers seem happy to help him improve his disguise, but how far is he really willing to go?

Current Version: pre-0.5.0d

If you like this game you can support it's development at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HLFMagicalCamp

Or at subscribestar: https://subscribestar.adult/magical-camp-games

0.5 pre revision d:
-reduced total file size by converting several of the new music tracks into more appropriate formats
-added new skill combo to new area's mid-boss
-reduced the stats of the new area's boss and flunkies slightly
-resorted bestiary entries for new event area
-added descriptions to several enemies who lacked them
-added descriptions and skill to a new core
-changed Veronica's Marble Sceptre's ATK to 20 (was 15), MAT to 15 (was 20), and added the chance-based DEFdown mechanic from the Imperial Sceptre (75% likeliness, not counting LUK values)
-changed Veronica's Silver Mace's ATK to 5 (was 15) and MAT to 25 (was 15)
-players can no longer go on dangerous missions (like the Mermaid Caves mk2) or do similar side-content (like Watanabe Inn) while the new event is being prepared
-fixed various battles using incorrect enemies
-fixed battle flames during the event not resetting when escaped from
-fixed tileset issues on some maps
-fixed music issues in the new big event
-fixed players not getting the key and notebook at the end of the quest given one particular outcome
-fixed Yoshida's Spell-Reflecting Stance not working correctly
-fixed the accidental renaming of the ganguro version of Isabelle ("GanIsa") and also fixed her stats
-fixed the Mimic Core not taking Eri's actual teammates into account
-fixed the Serpentine Core being unsiphonable when gained during the event instead of the regular way
-fixed Rania not counting as a party success
-getting two of the same secret weapon is no longer possible + that weapon now has a description and proper stats
-removed the new NPCs Agedia and Sally until further notice since they were not supposed to be available yet to begin with
-Grammar and spelling fixes, ho!

Review by dandan1234

Version reviewed: 0.5c on 04/04/2024

Really hope this can continue until full completion one of the best hands down


Review by red_

Version reviewed: 0.5c on 11/03/2023

This may be the best game on the site. Gotta reiterate what the other reviewers are saying: this is not quick fap material. It's horny, lots of great TF material, and the mechanic around coaxing you into the TFs is really smart and well executed. And I don't normally say this about a horny game, but the characters are really fun and memorable??? Like, I'd want to play a game like this even if it weren't horny and TF centric. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it is, but like... this is just really fun. The gameplay is fun. But it's got stretches where it's not as focused on the erotic aspects and that's actually just fine. Just know what you're getting into with it.

It's sad this game is over for now, but I'm holding out hope that there might be new content someday, or maybe a remake in another system. But even if that never happens, this is a treasure.

Review by Siriys

Version reviewed: 0.5c on 05/22/2023

Is this a new update? Isn't that a website glitch? Hooray!!! Hooray!!!

Review by WendyJ

Version reviewed: 0.5 on 05/04/2023

A sad day indeed.  The game is officially on indefinite hiatus.  I've been playing it for ages and believe it to be one of the best adult TF games on the internet.  While the link here is broken, there is a working link to the current version of the game, 0.5 bugfix 08a on the last page of F-95 zone's Magical Camp discussion page.  At least it's the last page for now.  Devs, please get better.  Nothing is worth your health.  I pray you eventually come back to the game, even if you say you probably won't.


Thanks for all the DAYS of fun you gave us with this game.



A fun, engaging, at times silly, way to pass the time.  Easily my favourite out of what's on this and one other site I frequent.

I've read quite a few of the reviews posted here and ... while each has valid points, I still feel this is a fun game.  No, it's not a game on par with the big money titles.  However, how much have you had to pay for it?  Sure, you can donate ... and I have, but you aren't required to do so just to play it.  It is, however, a bit of fun fluff.  It's very replayable, the music doesn't nag -- Except in one dungeon.  When I've had my fill of swarms, I can turn them off ... wish I could pick between 0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or  full on swarm, but I'll take what I can get.  The dialogue is cute and has even had me laughing, which says something.  One or two of the puzzles were enough to get me actually thinking.  Hey, this is supposed to be fun!  Well, it was, I just didn't want to think back then.  There are characters you love, characters you hate and characters you love to hate.  It even has its frustrating moments.  Yet, for all that, it has me coming back again and again.

Yes, it has been getting a bit darker, yet I do have faith in the developers.  It was getting on my nerves when I couldn't get my shards, darn it!

For all it's faults, and it has them, like all games do, it ranks up there in my number one slot -- and not because of the genre, but because it's FUN.  I don't have to run from something when I'm incapable of fast and accurate button pushing, OR make welll timed jump after well timed jump etc ... and failed time and again, as has happened in LBA, another of my faves.  It challenges my mind, not my failing reflexes.

On a scale of 1 through 10, this one gets a 9.5 for sheer replayable fun.  Hey, no-one's perfect.  Even the son of god lost his temper with the money changers in the temple and god lost his with the Garden of Eden, the great flood, as well as Sodom and Gomorah.  As I said, NO-ONE is perfect -- me especially.

Well done.  I look forward -- WITH BATED BREATH -- for the next installment.

Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: 0.5 on 04/12/2023

Notice: The game is Currently on Hiatus, as the Devs are suffering from Burnout. Untill Further Notice, 0.5 is the final version. Sad, I know, but the Devs hope to one day return to this amazing game. (Source: The Magical Camp Discord)

This is, by far, my favroute game on this site. It is one of, if not the best game this site has to offer. If you're a fan of RPG's like Earthbound, and want a fun game where the MC slowly becomes a female (or not, depending on the players actions), with a well writen, funny, and engageing story, loveable characters, monster girls (both friend and foe), (somewhat optional) Combat that's sometimes tough, but fair, and boss' that often require strategy to beat, as well as over 30 hours of content (at minimum), then you defenitly need to play this game.

I recomend playing blind for your first time, and accepting whatever happens to you, but there is a wiki that was a boon for when l got stuck in a certian water level. It helped me get my character to become the cute Girly (Magical) "Girl" "She" is today. And who knows, maybe in a few updates, I'll be able to fully convert her into a girl. (it's possable in the current version, but only if you take spesific steps, some of which I did not take)

Now, a review isn't complete without a basic summery of the content. Sure, you can read the fetish tags and the description, but still.

The game revolves around a guy who happens to find himself stuck in a camp for training magical girls, and to avoid a fate worse then death, crossdresses and pretends to be a new magical girl. From there, the player can decide their fate. Will they escape with their masculenity intact? (Yes, it's actualy possable, but takes some work) Or will they embrace the oppertunity, and become a powerful (and cute) Magical Girl, along-side their quirky comrads?

Edit: or, in other words: The Basic plot is: Guy finds himself transported to a Training Camp for Magical Girls, and has to crossdress or be executed (or worse) by the camp staff, (as there's a very strict No boys allowed rule.) and to not seem suspicious, has to pretend to be a magical girl until they either find a way to escape, or become a magical girl for real. (It's a game with many lewd moments, the option to either slowly feminize the protagonist or keep them as a crossdresser, many endings (mostly bad ends for losing certain battles) and a very fun plot and a loveable cast of characters that l won't spoil. In short, it's my fav indie game, and i'm excited for whenever they post the next update, as there will be alot of new content added/ things changed. (Though it will sadly break older saves) So l recomend waiting for 0.5 to officaly release.

There are 2 ways to get transformations in the game:

1: "Accdentaly", either by loseing to certian enemys* (most just give fun game overs) or being given them by events/NPC's (for example, the hair loss tf at the start of the game) (Accdentaly is in quotes cause you can intentionaly go for them by looking at the wiki, so the Player intended to transform, but the PC didn't) (These are the vast majority of the Tf's in the game) *most of these TF's are avalable by other means, so don't feel forced to lose to boss' (though you should at least once, as it causes some fun/kinky things to happen, and there's a poison bottle item spesificaly designed to let you do this.)

2: These are more intentional, though more as a side effect of the PC's actions in their atempts to get stronger. That's all i'll say, as it's a Core feature of the game, and kinda a spoiler.


TL;DR: This is my Fav Game on here, and possably the best game on this site, and well worth a download.


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