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Version: Beta 4.2

Version: Beta 4

Version: Beta 3

No Money Down Blues

You are Matt Mason: a nearly thirty year old supermarket clerk. You're overweight, directionless, and still a virgin.... and your life seems to be going downhill from there.

But now a strangely fortuitous meeting with an old high-school acquaintance seems to be guiding your life down an entirely different path...


see changelog for info

Please submit issues/bugs on the forum thread. Thank you!


"Praise" for No Money Down Blues:

"Terribly written." -sathirran

"...i'm starting to think a women might be writing this" -TheeSpongeman

"...uncomfortably awkward." -Nova25

"...a true shame." -karactr

"...that-option-no-one-picks-unless-forced..." -HypnoKitten

"I'll say this... you will abandon ship..." -Zer0zero

*disclaimer: reviews may have been taken out of context for purposes of humor...
except that first one; that person REALLY hated it.


Inspired by:

Important note on unwilling/reluctanct MtF change:
This game is not about resisting the involuntary MtF change. The story is about the experiences you have after the change(s) and how you deal with life in general. The change or changes are 'given' to be accepted since the serum has a mental-influencing component that forces the affected person 'automatically' accept the change(s). If you are looking for unwilling/reluctant MtF then I'm afraid this will not fit your interest. However, you will be able to resist and/or avoid any and all sexual activities (so yes, you can make it all the way to the end as a complete prude if you want). The exception to this is if you allow yourself to become Emily's obedient 'pet' because then you'll do whatever she wants.

You find yourself changing in all senses of the word. How will you handle it? Will you seek out the truth, revel in your burgeoning new life, or capitalize on the opportunity?

Matt Mason

Toby Backon

Shaw Hershel

Patrick Ritter

Emily Backon

and more...

BETA 4.2

  • Added day at the b-movie set with Kara where you can join her as a 'co-star'
  • Added more content to Venica/Wolfe Pack route ("not owned" route and Harlen the bartender)
  • Fixed journal/diary bugs preventing proper showing of stats and added more entries (still in work)
  • Fixed up some issues with dinner scenes with Ritter, Kara, and Dave
  • Added "in work" notice to all* the dead ends (*may have missed some)
  • Added more to Shaw's sexual interactions and fixed up some of the old Shaw content
  • Does anybody care about this shit?


  • Transitioned the entire monstrosity to Sugarcube 2 and converted to Twee. (what, you don't care about that?)
  • Whole heapin' mess of typos, grammar, and spelling errors corrected.
  • Fixed a fudge-ton of bugs, including two major logic snafus that prevented story progression.
  • Updated the UI to be more mobile-friendly and "prettier" with added text size/spacing options.
  • Added a journal that will log your day-to-day (naughty?) activities and tally sex acts. (in work)
  • Choices, consequences, and behavior are all now better balanced with the ongoing use of personality stats.
  • Your inner and outer dialog is being updated to account for the above as well (dommy, subby, innocent, lewd, etc). (in work)
  • The clothing you choose to wear will matter more pretty much all across the board (being peppered in).
  • You can now escape from the domination of your 'friends' into a completely new branch after your first TF. (in work)
  • And, related to the above, the murderous Wolfe Pack of Venica & Bros will (ironically?) treat you decently.
  • If you want the choice to stay trappy, the Pack is where you'll be happy (or still go full TF). (in work)
  • Emily is still an overbearing super bossy bitch. Can't be helped. But you can skip a lot of it now.
  • Ritter has had several of his scenes extended and a bunch of character development added.

New controls:

  • The + key will increase text size, the - key will decrease it.
  • The left arrow will go back a page.
  • The right arrow will select the first available choice.
  • The 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys will select the first, second, third, or forth choice respectively.
  • The ` or ~ key will hide the screen with an image of a spreadsheet.
  • The ESC key will close any pop-ups/modals in-game.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by daisycyoas

Version reviewed: Beta 4.2 on 10/26/2018

tl;dr excellent MtF game focused on submission and willing MtF, still good for those into putting up a little bit of resistance before submitting (but only a little!). Takes a while to pick up the pace and doesn't have many pictures. Story type, no grinding or sandbox/simulation stuff. Lots of choices to make.

The good:

+++ Your choices matter in this game. Yes, most of them don't change anything important and there is some heavy railroading at certain points of the story, but there is still a lot of choices that are meaningful or at least feel meaningful during your first playthrough. I'm giving this 3 "+" signs despite the occasional railroading because longer games with choices like that are a rarity.

++ No grinding.

++ The game is quite long and remains interesting from start to finish. If you're into its listed fetishes, obviously.

+ There are four important characters you will interact with, and two (maybe three) of them make the story fun to get through. Would give this point even more "+" signs but Toby is such an inconsistent mess of a character I almost put this in the "In between" section of my review, where I list the things that are neither very good or very bad but still worth mentioning.

+ Interesting initial transformation phase. It's definitely not one of those games where your character turns into a supermodel in the second scene and keeps riding the cock carousel for no reason until the author runs out of ideas.

+ When you choose to act like a slut, it really does feel like it was your choice. This is not one of those linear games where your character is forced to have sex with specific characters to progress the story. The transformation part is railroaded, but what you do with your transformed body is mostly up to you. Being able to refuse is great because nothing ruins the game as much as clicking "NO" and seeing your character do "no... YES!!!".

+ The author did a pretty good job at making the initial changes your character will go through feel gradual and relatively smooth.

In between:

+/- Technically not related to the game, but the Synopsis and Plot tabs (and even the title) are a bit misleading, which may discourage potential players. Yes, you start as "Matt Mason, a nearly thirty year old supermarket clerk", but that job won't matter in the game. Which is great because playing as an "overweight, directionless virgin" doesn't sound too attractive. 

+/- No nsfw pictures.

+/- The transformations affect the personality of your character. Some people may like it, but if you hate it when your character acts like you don't want it to act, there will be a few scenes in this game that will put you off a bit. None of them will force you to have sex with someone you don't want to, though.

+/- You have some control over how girly you become, though there is only one kind of "girly" in this game. The bright pink kind.

+/- If you like to be in a sex scene with every second click, you might dislike this game, or at least its beginning. The story starts slowly, but it's good enough to pay attention to it, and its pace becomes close to perfect in the middle of the game.

+/- The game has multiple endings (and a few dead ends), which is good, however most of them feel rushed. Those endings make you feel like most of the events and choices you made after meeting Doug for the first time didn't matter. Worst part about this is that those choices are presented alost like they're marking the beginning of another "chapter" of the game, so you get your hopes up only to be surprised by a sudden ending.

The bad:

- Toby's is more of a plot device than a person. Should be one of the most important characters in the story but you barely pay attention to him because his personality is very inconsistent.

-- Certain events happen with little to no buildup, the player is often faced with a choice between acting like a huge slut and flat out refusing to do something, with no "moderate" option in between.

Final mark: 8/10

Review by Teraebdal

Version reviewed: Beta 4.2 on 07/02/2018

One of the best games on the site in my opinion, it's great to see the author expanding the story, character interactions and PC descriptions, those are the areas the game lacks a bit in. It's well written, scripted nicely, the UI looks good, the author clearly knows what they're doing with twine, and has some good ideas, so I hope the current progress continues.

Review by c4t_but7

Version reviewed: Beta 3 on 01/04/2018

Good game. It's very hot. I absolutely hate grinding in these games. Jerking off while trying to move the story forward is absolutely retarded. Thankfully that is certainly not the case here. Some storylines are left hanging though. But still 2 thumbs and my dick pointing to the stars.

Review by Extrauser

Version reviewed: Beta 3 on 12/30/2017

I really liked the game. I dont agree with those below. A must play in my book,

Review by ThisFeelsMan

Version reviewed: Beta 3 on 12/23/2017

You made me laugh with the characters, made me love them, i got dem feels. The moment Em does the chocolate i felt so betrayed that i had to create an account only to tell you that you created a hole in me that won't heal. Thank you.

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